The Best Window Fan: Stay Cool in the Heat

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When the warm months come, using the air conditioner isn’t always a practical option because while it can cool your room or home down, it also makes your electricity bills go up significantly.

The best window fan uses the wind and fresh air from outside to help cool down your home’s interior. By pulling air from the outside, you get a breeze of air that lowers the temperature inside the room.

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Selection of window fans that you can easily set up at home

Many of these fans also allow you to go the other direction, in pushing the warm air out of your home. Together, it not only reduces the effects of the warm weather but also promotes circulation of new air.


Bionaire Twin Reversible Airflow Window Fan with Remote Control


Best Window Fan: This Bionaire unit is our top pick when you want to be able to use the air outside to help cool down your room without having to use an air conditioner. This device comes with 2 fans and features a reversible air flor feature.

It is equipped with twin fans each of which using 8.5” blades. The left and right fans can be controlled independently of one another so you can have one running at high and another running at low. Or, use one to cool your home and the other in exhaust mode. Likewisem you can have them both at the same settings.

For convenience, you can change the all the settings and control the fan via the push button panel on the top side along with the LCD. The fans each have 3 speeds – high, medium and low, with the medium and high giving you a good amount of air flow and breeze into any room.

This twin fan is designed for windows that are between 24” wide and 37” wide. It comes with extenders that allow the width variation just mentioned.

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Holmes Dual Blade Twin Window Fan, White


Cheap Window Fan: Homeowners who are on a budget and don’t want to spend much can still get enjoy the cooling benefits of these type of fans. This one is the cheapest among our window fan reviews coming in at around $20.

Like the unit above, it is a twin fan system so you get dual fan blades which are positioned beside one another. This helps with increasing the air that’s drawn from outside in order to help bring down the temperature inside your room or home.

A few things to note about this fan when comparing it to the Bionaire model above are:

  • This has 6” long blades: this gives you blades that are 2.5” shorter, which also lessens the air it pushes through.
  • It has 2 speed settings: you get to choose between high and low only.
  • The 2 fans are have a single control: unlike the device featured above in our review, the speed switch here controls both fan at once so you can’t set them independently of one another.
  • This Holmes window fan is manually reversible: while it lets you use it for air intake as well as an exhaust. You do need to turn it manually, which means pulling the device out of your window frame and installing it the other way around for switch between using it for intake and exhaust.

Designed for double hung windows as well as sliding ones, this offers a medium amount of airflow to large rooms.

It doesn’t have the convenience features nor the power of the Bionaire unit above, but it is much cheaper and comes with all the functions needed to help cool your home using less energy.

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AirKing 9166 20″ Whole House Window Fan


Single Window Fan: This is a high performance fan that’s designed to cool your entire home. Unlike the other units in this review, this one only has 1 fan, while the others come with dual fans.

It does not come short of power nor features though.

Designed for windows that are 26.25” high and have widths that are between 27” wide to as much as 38” wide, this is a fully reversible fan that is controlled electronically. This means you can easily switch it between bringing air from the outside into your home or make it function as an exhaust.

In total you can use 3 speed settings for intake, and another 3 speeds when it is in exhaust mode. The controls are made using the dial that’s in the middle of the fan grill, right at the center.

Designed for pushing in a lot of air, the blades run at very high speeds:

  • High setting: 1,600 rpm (revolutions per minute)
  • Medium setting: 1,450 rpm
  • Low setting: 1,100 rpm

This offers coverage of as much as 3,500 cu. ft. per minute of air at the highest setting. Meanwhile, the steel guard keeps you and your kids safe from the revolving fan blades.

The drawback of such a powerful motor and spinning blades is that it can get loud as well. At the highest speed, it does make quite a bit of noise.

Offering high amount of air flow ability, this is what you want to get if cooling and breeze is your top priority.

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Holmes Dual Blade Twin Window fan with One Touch Thermostat


This unit, the Holmes HAWF2043 Twin Window Fan, is very similar to the Holmes window fan featured earlier in our reviews above. It comes with a dual fan setup with each of the fans using 6 8.5” blades.

The larger blades give it more cooling ability compared to the unit above. It does also make it a bit larger in size. The entire fan (excluding extenders) measures 25.9” long and is 13.5” tall. It is 5.7” thick giving you something that’s sturdy as well.

The size however doesn’t affect where it can be set up though, as it fits the same 24” wide to 37” wide windows. The unit does come with 2 extenders a smaller one (3”) and a bigger one (7”) so you can properly fit in into your windows.

Aside from extra power this also comes with better a better user interface. The buttons and controls are easier to use and offer extra features.

You still get the 2 speed settings and the ability to use it for air intake from the outside, as an exhaust or exchange air with the outside.

It does however offer a nice extra in the form of thermostat control. On the top side of the push button panel, there are 5 temperature settings: 60℉, 65℉, 70℉, 75℉ and 80℉, that allow you to set the fan to.

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The best window fan can really help lower the temperature in your home. You can use them independently or in combination with your air conditioner. With the latter, the A/C doesn’t work as hard and also saves you on electricity bills.