Best Supplements That Increase Blood Flow and Circulation


Blood circulation within our bodies is one of the most important factors for health. And the best supplements that increase blood flow can help you if you’re experiencing any issues with this matter.

Our blood circulates throughout our bodies. It is important because blood not only carries nutrients that our organs and muscles need, but they also carry oxygen which is essential for them to survive.

For men, good blood flow to the male reproductive system is also important to achieve erection for sexual intercourse.


Why Blood Circulation is Essential to Life

Blood starts out in our heart which pumps it to our lungs to get filled with oxygen. The blood then returns to our heart which now pumps the blood to all our organs.

Once it reaches its destination, the organs deplete the nutrients and oxygen in the blood. It uses these to stay healthy.

When depleted of oxygen and nutrients, the blood then works its way back to the heart, where the entire process of refilling it with oxygen in the lungs starts over again.

Anyone with low blood flow or poor blood circulation will experience symptoms.

Some of these symptoms include weakness, fatigue, getting cold easily and feeling sleepy all the time. The reason is that the organs aren’t getting enough nutrition. So, they all perform poorly.

Unfortunately, if blood flow gets too low, your organs, including your heart and brain may not get enough oxygen. This not only disrupts how they function, but can damage and eventually cause them to fail or die.


Best Supplements to Increase Blood Flow and Circulation

Below are some of the best blood circulation supplements that will help fix issues that are related to poor blood flow. Our list includes both supplements as well as vitamins for blood circulation.


1. Coenzyme Q10

coq10-supplementsThe first on our list is Coenzyme Q10 or CoQ10. This supplement helps improve and maintain overall circulation in our bodies by inhibiting blood clot formation.

Its ability to do so helps protect our arteries as well. Coenzyme Q10 does this by preventing LDL cholesterol from oxidizing.

The good news is that our bodies have natural stores of CoQ10. The bad news however is that this gets depleted as we get older. For this reason, taking the supplement helps as we age.


2. L’Arginine

L’Arginine is another supplement that works because of nitric oxide. L’Arginine is an amino acid which is converted in the body to nitric oxide.

It is matched and sold with other ingredients to combat a variety of conditions and ailments. Plus, L’Arginine can also be purchased separately.

As such, its use in promoting circulation health includes promoting healthy blood pressure and increasing blood flow to the body’s extremities.

This supplement will help anyone who is experiencing sensations of cold or tingling due to poor blood flow.


3. Cocoa Extract Supplement

CocoaVia Daily Cocoa Extract Supplement claims to be effective for increasing blood flow. The product is based on the nutrients found in the cocoa bean.

Among them, it is specifically a flavonoid, or pigment, which has significant nutritional value, found only in the cocoa bean.

This is because it contains nitric oxide, which is a brain neurotransmitter that plays a role in promoting blood flow by enabling blood veins and capillaries to relax enough to allow blood to pass through.

CocoaVia Daily Cocoa Extract Supplement is presented in bar form.


4. Fish Oil

fish-oilEating fatty fish like tuna, sardines and salmon is a great way to improve blood circulation. If you don’t like eating fish or can’t get a good amount in your diet, try fish oil supplements.

The Omega 3 fatty acids present in fish oil helps blood circulation by protecting our blood vessels. Specifically, these are DHA (docosahexaenoic
acid) and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid).

Fish oil comes with the added benefit of fighting inflammation and blood clots. This makes it valuable in preventing atherosclerosis.

Studies have also found that taking fish oil supplements regularly help reduce blood pressure as well as triglycerides.


5. Circulation Essentials Varicose Vein Formula

Circulation Essentials Varicose Vein Formula is a supplement designed to treat varicose veins and inflammation. Both of these conditions are causes of poor blood flow.

Circulation Essentials contains a number of plant based chemical nutrients. Most of these are found in citrus plants. These include Diosomin, Calcium Ascorbate (vitamin c) Hesperidia, Rutin and Quercetin.

These components are included for their perceived ability to reduce inflammation, strengthen blood vessel walls, or both.

Circulation Essentials also includes Pine Bark and Grape Seed extracts. Pine Bark, which comes from a specific type of pine tree, contains a plant based flavonoid, abbreviated as OPC. This compound has been demonstrated to effectively treat varicose veins.

Grape Seed extract is also a source of OPC. However, it also includes vitamin E and linoleic acid (an essential, i.e. can’t be produced by the body, omega 6 fatty acid) for treating varicose veins.


6. Resveratrol

grapes-red-wineResveratrol is the reason why red wine is said to be healthy for the heart. This compound is what gives the wine’s grapes their color.

It also benefits us by keeping the cells that line our blood vessels healthy.

Resveratrol also promoted lower LDL cholesterol and has been proven to help control blood pressure. It does the latter by helping our blood vessels relax.


7. Solaray Circulation Blend

Solaray Circulation Blend contains cayenne and Butcher’s Broom. Cayenne is the red powder made from grinding up hot red chili peppers. It is included in Circulation Blend because of its ability to warm the digestive track. And, in so doing increase blood flow.

Butcher’s Broom meanwhile, is a shrub that is native to Europe. The plant’s roots are used for medicinal purposes. It is used for blood flow issues because it works to narrow the blood vessels.

Although this may seem counter intuitive it must not be confused with the narrowing caused by plaque buildup.

The effect sought by the use of Butcher’s Broom is to narrow the veins and arteries is in order to prevent blood pooling. Thus, this promotes its free and steady flow.


8. Celery Seed Extract

Now Foods Celery Seed Extract Veg Capsules contain celery, Horse Chestnut seed extract and Hawthorn extract.

Celery itself includes 3nB, which is a compound that promotes healthy blood flow. This is especially true in the brain. It does this specifically by supporting healthy veins and arteries.

Horse Chestnut seed, which is also included in the extract is present because it contains a substance that acts as a blood thinner.

Hawthorn extract meanwhile contributes to better blood circulation by reducing bad cholesterol and triglycerides. It appears to do this by promoting the freer flow of bile from the body.


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