Starvation Diet Results


What is the Starvation diet?

We take a look at this extreme method of weight loss and see how it works. We also take an in depth look at the starvation diet results, focusing on both the good, bad and the ugly that comes with it.

As the name itself will quickly tell you, this diet is not for the faint hearted. It takes a lot of will power. But more importantly, there’s a lot of monitoring needed. You need to be able understand the limits of your body and know when your body is telling you it’s had enough.

Otherwise, you could go too far.


What is the Starvation Diet?

waterAs mentioned earlier, this is an extreme way of losing weight. This diet looks to shed pounds quickly but drastically cutting the amount of calories you consume.

Depending on how far you take it, it could be a complete elimination of calories for a certain period or cutting the amount of consume by half.

By severely cutting the amount of calories consumed, you are able to lose weight faster. Typically, you’ll see results in a few days.


Starvation Diet Results

You’re probably reading this article because you want to find a way to effectively lose a lot of weight.

Alternatively, you may be reading this because

  • you you’ve gone on a hunger strike,
  • are enlisted into survival training,
  • detest your figure when you look in the mirror and want to simply remove that fat,
  • or just want to test the limits of your body for research or adventurism.

Whichever it may be, it is generally accepted that a great number of people who are looking for results of the starvation diet are overweight and out of shape.


What Happens When You Starve Yourself

It’s true that the human body can endure great lengths of time without food.

But once malnutrition begins affecting it, the body begins taking its toll. From this point, it quickly becomes weaker and weaker.

If you are already aware of the Minnesota Starvation Experiment, then you know that the effects are more far reaching that just weakness and fatigue.

What happens when a person is put through starvation? When you hit a certain threshold, the effects aren’t only physical. It also leads to immediate deterioration of mental health. And, behavioral disorder to the point of insanity.


Signs of Starvaion

The first sign of starvation on the body is excessive urine output. This is assuming that you’re at least drinking lots of water as a supplement to the food you’re not having.

If you aren’t drinking water, you’re already in more trouble than you know. It takes longer for the body to starve. So, if you’re going without water, then you’re in trouble much earlier. Going on a prolonged period of dehydration will eventually damage your organs and lead to death.

So, if you’re on a starvation diet, it is essential to keep well hydrated at the very least.

The urine can also be noted for the presence of ketone bodies. When the body is falling short on its glucose levels, it will begin searching for alternative sources of energy in the body. These come in the form of fatty acids. This condition is known as Ketonuria.


Using Fats as Alternative Source of Energy

starvation-dietWhen you are starving, fats stored in your body is the key food the body turns to. When it begins to consume fats because it’s run out of glucose to use,

These fats become the alternative to the nutrients the body uses which comes from our daily diet. Ignoring water too, as part of starvation will begin to affect the kidneys.

If the required daily intake of water is repeatedly ignored, the result is eventually going to be kidney failure. Something everyone should, at any cost, avoid.



When dieting, there are a number of different methods of starvation. You can cut out food completely. Or, only to a certain degree.

Sustaining oneself through starvation without entirely cutting down on food diet is semi-starvation. This is when you’re only reducing the amount of calorie intake your body needs in a day. To a point, it’s like extreme dieting.

During this phase, a person experiences weight loss. However, there’s also the possibility of depressive feelings and a mixed feeling of loss of appetite. This is what happens when you cut calories to an extreme level.

Of course, craving for food is the pre-dominant influence that begins altering a person’s behavior to the point of obsession. Signs such as these are transmitted by the body to the person to make him or her aware of the lack of nutrients in the body.

It’s one of our body’s warning signs telling us it needs and wants sustenance.


Weight Loss and Weakness

Over the course of time, as the body fats are fed upon by the body itself, a person experiences weight loss and weakness.

While the body tries to sustain itself through fats, fats alone aren’t enough to supplant the requirements that would keep the metabolism of the body active.

Hence, the body slows down as a natural response to the decreased activity in the metabolism. Here, we see the body already turning into survival mode.

It tries to figure out how to balance the energy processes of intake and expenditure. This is what’s known as adaptive thermogenesis.

By cutting down on energy used it, our bodies are able to save whatever energy supply that’s still left.


Our Thoughts on the Starvation Diet

Naturally, one has to decide the purpose of undertaking such a measure.

Are you willing to sacrifice your health and body to look better? To the point where starving yourself may affect your body.

Mindless starvation is harmful. It can lead to prolonged damage to the various organs and systems of the body.

Controlled starvation exists in the form of fasting or restricted dieting. This controlled approach yields much better results providing longevity and improvement in the body’s metabolism.

So it’s important to know whether you want to kill yourself or just exercise your body with a controlled diet.

While the starvation diet is a very effective way in losing weight, we consider it to be an extreme measure. And we believe that you should only do it under good supervision. Or, if you really know what you’re doing.

Otherwise, we recommend using simpler, less taxing diets. There are a lot of them that work in helping your lose weight. There’s no reason to go to extremes.


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