Is Sriracha Bad for You?


It’s gaining popularity among hot sauce lovers because of the sweet and tangy taste it has that complements its heat. But is sriracha bad for you?

In this article, we take a look at this condiment that’s gaining popularity.


What is Sriracha?

sriracha-nutrition-factsYou like your food hot. But you don’t like using the same old hot sauce all time. Here’s where sriracha comes in.

In essence, Sriracha is a hot sauce that originated in Southeast Asia.

It is basically a chili sauce with a bit of a kick. Its flavor is also different from that of the hot sauce we’re accustomed to here in the States. It has a tinge of sweetness that goes with the tangy and hot.

Sriracha is made from chili peppers, garlic, distilled vinegar, salt and sugar. And its actual name is Sri Racha, which is a name of a province in Thailand.

Here in the U.S., sriracha has gotten quite a bit of following in the past 5 or so years. Though it’s been around since the 1980’s.

The most popular brand is that which has the logo of a rooster, which is that of Huy Fong Foods. And the bottle is red and green, which makes it look like a chili pepper.

But in reality, sriracha is a generic sauce, much like Worcestershire sauce is. And there are a lot of brands available, much like there’s A1 and Lea & Perrins for Worcestershire sauces.


An Alternative to the Same Old Condiments

sriracha-with-mealsThere is a new condiment on the streets. It is one that can taste a lot more fun than the normal old ketchup or mustard.

Some say it’s better than your regular old hot sauce or Tabasco sauce as well.

When it comes to food as well as condiments, we often like to try and taste new flavors. And having the same of taste each time is something that’s just not human nature.

One reason is that is can get boring. And our taste buds will get tire of it.

I remember when I gave up on ketchup, it was an emotional day. But not because I stopped enjoying the red sauce.

Thankfully, sriracha sauce can be an easy replacement. It has matching colors and gives you a zesty kick to anything you eat.

But as much fun as it can be to lather your food in sriracha, you’ve got to wonder about whether or not it’s healthy to do it.


Is Sriracha Bad for You?

Well, like everything, the answer is yes and no.

Keeping It in Moderation

If you’re smart about how much you consume in a day, then you don’t run the risk of harming yourself with how much sodium is in the little bottle of sauce.

Each teaspoon of sriracha contains around 100 grams of sodium. While this doesn’t sound like a lot. It really depends on how much you use. Remember, this is just one teaspoon. Though for most people that’s more than enough due to the heat it brings.

There aren’t many real dangers to consuming the sauce. Though, because there isn’t any real risk to doing so you may run the risk of having too much of a good thing. If you don’t try to drown yourself in sriracha sauce, though, you’ll be fine.

It’s Actually Good for You

In fact, consuming it can actually help you out a bit.


sriracha-ingredientsSriracha sauce is made with chili peppers in it. This means that you get a good level of capsaicin when you enjoy your sauce enhanced meal.

Capsaicin can help increase the metabolism and your general health. This is mostly because your body is going to try and fight it.

A mild irritant, capsaicin can create a tingling sensation that most people enjoy when they consume spicy foods.

But, it’s one that your body wants to fight off.

So while your body is improving your metabolism by fighting off the effects of eating your meal with sriracha sauce, you get to enjoy the spicy taste.


Along with the chili peppers, there’s also garlic inside the sauce.

Now, garlic has been a polarizing vegetable recently, with people either saying it’s been used in medicine for thousands of years. Detractors meanwhile, say that it was what actually helped get people sick for all that time.

Either way, the garlic in the sriracha sauce isn’t enough to do more than add some great flavor. And this helps lean the argument towards healthy rather than not.

Xanthan Gum

The last and most significant ingredient to the sauce is the gum that helps give it its texture.

Xanthan gum isn’t a danger to anybody who can stand corn, wheat, soy, or dairy, because those are what it is made of.

If you are allergic to any of those, then you know to check the labeling on the bottle, and we trust you to take care of yourselves.


Our Verdict

sriracha-hot-chili-sauceSo with the question on hand with whether or not sriracha is bad for you. The answer, as with everything, remains that it only gets bad for you if you take too much.

Too much hot sauce can lead you to feeling lousy. It can cause gastrointestinal distress and for some put them in the toilet for a while.

You can get yourself sick with too much sodium, upset your stomach with too much chili, or wobble your digestion with too much garlic.

All of the ingredients have a little something that can upset your body.

But unless you use a lot of it, or drink an entire bottle of the sauce in one day, you probably won’t experience any of these.

So go ahead and enjoy sriracha.


How to Make Sriracha Hot Sauce at Home

As with most commercially sold products, you’ll find a few items that may sometimes be not too healthy. They often contain a tad bit much sodium as well. This is usually for prolonging the shelf life as well as enhancing the flavor.

If you want to be able to make your own sriracha at home. And later adjust it to your own palate, here’s a great sriracha hot sauce recipe you can follow.


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