15 Delicious Healthy Pizza Recipes You Can Make at Home

Healthy Pizza Recipes

Who doesn’t love pizza?

And while you can go over to the nearest pizza parlor to get a greasy pie, why not make your own healthier version at home?

We’ve compiled 15 delicious healthy pizza recipes you can make at home. This way you know what’s going into your pie and that it’s healthier than those that are store bought.

Depending on what your family likes and what your current diet calls for, our list covers everything from vegan pizzas, to gluten free versions.

For those who don’t like the dough, we’ve also included a few healthier ‘pizza dough’ alternatives.


1. Vegetarian Carrot Top Pesto Pizza

This vegetarian creation from Spoonful of Flavor switches out the traditional red sauce for some pesto. Don’t worry, it’s still topped with some tomatoes.

The great thing about it is you make the pesto yourself so it’s fresh.

Made with a combination of healthy ingredients including basil, walnuts and olive oil, the pesto is topped over naan breads giving you one more non-traditional pizza ingredient.

This makes for a great appetizer when you have guests or want to snack on something healthy


2. Summer Squash Pizza

Summer Squash Vegetable Pizza

With layers of thin zucchini and yellow squash ribbons, this is a no meat variation of the red tomato sauce pizza by Love and Lemons. Perfect for summer, you get the refreshing flavors from the corn, squash and zucchini.

Of courses there’s the gooey texture from the mozzarella so cheese lovers can still enjoy what they love more with pizza.


3. Easy Thin Crust Pizza

Easy Thin Crust Pizza

There’s nothing more traditional that the thin crust tomato, basil and cheese pizza. How Sweet Eats shows us step by step how you can create your own delicious crispy pizza crust at home. This way you know exactly what’s in it.

For toppings, there’s some additional crushed garlic to add that extra kick of flavor to the tomato and cheese.

With a total cook time of only 30 minutes, you have your own 10 to 12 inch pizza at home for you and the kids.


4. Broccoli Rabe Pizza

Broccoli Rabe Pizza img

If your kids aren’t into veggies, try getting them to eat some with this Broccoli Rabe Pizza from Marin Mama Cooks. This recipe uses pre-made pizza dough so you spend less time making it yourself. It also adds some red pepper flakes for that extra kick and a duo of cheese combining mozzarella and parmesan.

This is one way to get your kids to try some greens. They all love pizza.


5. Skinny Mexican Pizza

Mexican Pizza img

With a good heaping of healthy avocado, this Skinny Mexican Pizza from Snixy Kitchen combines a rainbow of food colors from peppers, olives, tomatoes, avocado and yogurt. All great ingredients if you’re looking to eat healthy.

These Mexican themed pizzas use corn tortillas rather than pizza dough. Depending on what you’re for, you can choose the size of your tortillas.


6. Vegetarian Tandoori Naan Pizza

Tandoori Naan pizza img

How about a taste of India?

This Indian inspired vegetarian creation from Healthy Nibbles and Bits offers a combination of flavors that we don’t often get with other cuisines. Using tandoori paste and naan breads, it is topped with non-fat Greek Yogurt together with goat cheese for extra flavor.

This is another very colorful dish that lovely to look at, delicious to eat and healthy for the waistline.


7. The BEST Homemade Margherita Pizza

Margherita Pizza

Blogging Over Thyme’s homemade Margherita pizza lets you construct your own dough and toppings to make the original pizza. This is a crunchy thin crust pizza that uses healthy olive oil, tomatoes, garlic and basil.

If you’re just starting out in pizza making, this recipe is a good place to begin as it’s very detailed.


8. Thai Tofu Pizza

For more Eastern flavors, Cristina from Begin Within Nutrition brings us a flavor of Thailand. This is as colorful as they come. Instead of the usual red tomato sauce, she makes her own peanut sauce. It is also loaded with red peppers and strips of carrots.

This is a vegan pizza recipe that doesn’t include any meat. It does however have protein in the form of cubed tofu.


9. The Best Gluten-Free Pizza Crust Recipe + Green Vegan Pizza

Green Vegan img

No gluten, no meat. This is vegan offering from Gourmandelle loads you up on your leafy greens to make sure you get your vitamins. The spinach and broccoli replenish your vitamin C, E, B, A and Ks, as well as give you a dose of folate and iron to give you energy.

Just to make sure you aren’t short on protein, there’s also tofu to help build your muscles.


10. Pesto Potato Bacon Pizza

Pesto Potato Bacon Pizza img

This creation from Shutterbean is one’s for those who can’t get enough of bacon. It surrounds the bacon with some healthy ingredients like walnuts and greens from the pesto.

This is a complete meal combining protein, carbohydrates and healthy olive oil for the fats. The bacon provides that nice smoky flavor to the dish.


11. Easy Sweet Potato Pizza Crust

Sweet Potato Pizza img

This pizza recipe from i food real is for those who want to skip the dough. Instead, it uses sweet potato to create a crunchy crust. On top of the sweet potato crust are onions, bell peppers and broccoli florets.

There’s also lean ground turkey to provide protein to the dish. To keep the calories down, it also uses low-fat mozzarella cheese.


12. Cheesy Zucchini Pizza

Zucchini Pizza img

When you don’t have time for a lot of prep, this healthy recipe by Eat Live Run lets the oven do the work. Layered with thinly grated zucchini and sprinkled with garlic for extra aroma this is an easy to make dinner dish that you can make while doing something else.


13. Zucchini Pizza Crust

Zucchini Crust img

Taking the zucchini a step further, the Pancake Warriors use this healthy vegetable to make the crust. This is a great alternative if you’re trying to lay off dough. It’s definitely much healthier to use zucchini as the crust not to mention much lower on calories.

This delicious light dinner also throws in some flax seeds and hemp hearts to add more healthy polyunsaturated fats, omega-3s, fiber, calcium and magnesium to your meal. They also give you a good source of plant based protein.


14. The Cuban Pizza

For meat lovers who want a taste of something different, try out this Cuban pizza from Erica’s Recipes. It makes its own beer pizza dough and combines bell peppers, mustard and along with different proteins to make it a whole family meal.


15. Quinoa Pizza with Stone Fruit, Chiles, and Queso Fresco

Quinoa Pizza

Healthy as it is colorful and bright, this Quinoa pizza finishes our list.

Yes, you didn’t hear wrong, quinoa crust pizza.

This gives its tons of nutrition that dough doesn’t normally offer. Plus it’s filling too, so you don’t end up craving for more food. The quinoa gives you loads of iron, vitamin B6, magnesium, potassium, fiber and protein. It also offers a good amount of healthy fat for the heart.