Foods that Boost Metabolism Naturally

Foods that Boost Metabolism

Losing weight is something that most of us think of doing. Unfortunately, due to all the sitting, eating in a hurry and lack of exercise, it isn’t something that’s easy to do.

The good news is that there are foods that boost metabolism naturally. By eating the right types of foods and skipping the unhealthy, processed foods we are able to help our bodies be more efficient as burning calories, trimming the fat and providing us with more energy.


What is Metabolism?

Metabolism is the biochemical process that allows our bodies to respond to our environment, grow, reproduce and repair damage. Nutrition is the key factor in maintaining a healthy metabolism as it is necessary in the breakdown that produces our energy levels.

There are necessary chemicals our bodies need but cannot create itself so we must get those from the food we eat. These chemicals or nutrients are essential for the metabolism to function properly and keep our bodies healthy.


Metabolism and Weight Loss

A lot of people blame their metabolism on their weight. This belief is somewhat true as metabolism does influence the body’s basic energy needs; however it’s the food and beverages that we take in that determine the weight.

Metabolism processes the foods we consume into energy. This process is completed by taking the food and beverage combining them with oxygen and converting them into the energy our body needs to function. There are foods that help boost this process.


Foods that will help boost metabolism

Life today is often fast paced leaving us little time to prepare nutritional meals. Many of us rely on frozen foods or processed foods that are quick and easy to prepare and serve.

We also love food and drinks filled with sugar and other additives.

We can eliminate some of those unhealthy foods from our diet and replace them with healthy nutritious ones. These foods will stimulate our metabolism and trigger fat-loss hormones.

This along with adding exercise and reducing stress levels leads to a much healthier you.


1. Red Beans


red beans

Red beans contain resistant starch that repairs the lining of your intestines. They help you to fight inflammation, cancer and other harmful bacteria.

Red beans have also proven to help lower insulin and with their high fiber content. Dietary fiber is a nutrient that helps make us feel fuller. Thanks to this our hunger pangs are curbed and we don’t go around looking for unhealthy food. The slower digestion also helps regulate our blood sugar levels.

Beans are also able to help your body system lower cholesterol and triglycerides levels. The vitamin B and zinc in the red bean boosts testosterone which helps increase energy and build muscle.


2. Garlic



Garlic is part of the allium family which includes onions, leeks, chives, shallots and scallions. Research done on garlic shows it boosts testosterone providing more energy.

It can be consumed by chewing (which may not give your breath a desired odor) or by crushing and chopping to put in foods you cook. Beneficial enzymes are released from garlic consumption such as those that assist in lowering cholesterol levels.


3. Milk



The director of The Nutrition Institute, Michael Zemel, conducted a study on milk and found the calcium consumed by drinking milk helps the body metabolize fat easier.

Low fat or fat free milk is an ideal mix of nutrients. These nutrients repair tiny muscles and reproduce electrolytes so your body can feel rejuvenated quicker.

In addition to helping our bodies metabolize fat better, milk gives us a natural source of calcium which helps keep bones strong.


4. Whole grains


whole grain img

Whole grains make your body work harder to break them down than white bread or pastas do. When the body has to work harder, it burns more fat.

The whole grains with the most benefits are brown rice and oatmeal. Whole grain breads have a higher nutrient density, including vitamin B, mineral and fiber. The higher density is the reason the body has to work harder to break it down.

The good news is that most ‘white’ foods like rice, bread and pasta have whole grain versions. The next time you pick up a loaf of bread or think of cooking spaghetti, try the whole grain version instead of the regular white bread or spaghetti.


5. Egg Whites



It has been proven that egg whites that are high in amino acids will help to boost metabolism.

Eggs are full of protein and vitamin D. The whites of an egg give your body all the essential amino acids it needs for growth and repair. They also contain a stimulate to help dilate blood vessels which will improve circulation.

Eggs have recently gotten a bad rap because of the cholesterol content in the yolk. Studies have shown however that eggs are among the healthiest foods around, as long as you don’t eat too much.

If you want to get protein and limit the fat content, stick with the egg whites.