Eat To Live Diet Plan Review


Looking to lose a bunch of weight and get healthier. The Eat to Live Diet Plan may be what you’re looking for.

This is a diet that advocates healthy eating and takes out foods that are considered “unhealthy”. In doing so, it allows you to eat what you want without bothering as much on the amount. And still lose weight.

If you think that’s for you, then read on.


The Eat To Live Diet Plan

“Eat to live” is a book by Joel Fuhrman, an American author, speaker, and physician who advocates for a “micronutrient-rich” diet.

With an aim to shed down 20 pounds of body weight and improve health, the Eat to Live Diet Plan is a six week diet program.

This diet focuses on helping improve our overall health by reducing carbohydrate intake and the amount of oil we ingest from meals.

As such, the program takes away many of our favorite foods including meats and dairy products. Yes, these are all out of your meal plans.

Instead, Fuhrman says to replace these food products with raw vegetables. Using approximately one cup of beans/legumes, and four fresh fruits each day. Canned fruits are also not part of this diet. So say goodbye to these fast to prepare foods.

Veggies that are cooked or steamed are allowed. But only on the condition that they are fresh and natural foods such as green vegetables, cauliflower, peppers, tomatoes, and mushrooms. These can all be eaten in unlimited quantities.


Sticking with the Eat To Live Diet Plan

eat-to-liveThe choice to stick to this plan is often personal and based on your own decision. After all, it isn’t the easiest to stay with.

The goal being to obtain the finest health for your body.

In essence, it is not enough for your body to wait for surgery, medical care, and drugs to take care of it. This plan is a replacement or pre-emption of the medical tragedies that may come due to where our current eating habits are taking us.

It tries to avoid the future effects of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

This plan has its difficult part as it clearly takes away the foods that may be among your favorites at the time you begin the diet. Some of these include meat like beef, pork and chicken. Also, if you like cheese, milk or other dairy products, it will take some control on your part.

These foods are known to be among the most popular because they’re flavorful and we derive pleasure from their good taste. That is, often without minding about their effects on our health.


Avoiding Foods that Can Harm

Dairy and meat products are often considered healthy. But there’s also the argument that they are high in fat and do not contain any fiber.

Foods made from grains that have been refined have also had their fiber taken out.

Juice from fruits and processed carbohydrates get directly into your blood stream. And by bypassing the digestion process raising our blood sugar and thereby increasing the risk of metabolic related diseases.

For that reason, food items like such animal products, processed foods and any snacks between meals are prohibited in this plan.


The Issue with Oils and Fats

eat-to-live-cookbookAnother issue to understand is that not all oils do contain nutrients from the original source. As such the plan takes out most of the oils we’re familiar with like vegetable oil and canola.

Instead, there are what you can use for your fat source,

  • A number of raw seeds. For example, a tablespoon of ground flax seeds.
  • Avocados. Around two ounces each time.
  • And nuts. About one ounce of raw nuts each time.

These are all part of this plan.


Other Foods You Should Limit

Other food items that you can still enjoy while on this diet plan, but in limited amounts include:

  • A single cup of cooked whole grains
  • Or, starchy vegetables like squash or corn.

Fortunately, if you’re a meat eater on this diet, after the first six weeks into the plan, you can start enjoy meat once again.

After six weeks, meat is slowly reintroduced together with olive oil, non-fat dairy items, and refined carbohydrates.

Throughout the diet though, there is no added salt allowed, no refined sugar of any kind, minimal alcohol, and minimal caffeine.

There is some flexibility when it comes to alcohol and caffeine. Though you are limited to a glass of wine per day, and one cup of coffee daily.


A Summary of the Eat to Live Plan

It is a 6 week diet plan, with the goal of losing 20 pounds of more during that time. More importantly, it is trying to get the healthiest you can be.

And this involves,

  • Limiting animal products to minimum.
  • Dairy products are off limits.
  • Getting rid of salt and oil from your diet.
  • Removing refined sugar from your diet. This included juices, and syrups.
  • Only minimal caffeine and alcohol.
  • Few grains are included.
  • Also no snacks in between meals.
  • Eat up on vegetables. And junk the processed foods.
  • Add beans and raw nuts for your protein and fat sources.


Closing Remarks

In a nutshell, the diet, which comes Fuhrman’s book, advocates for a high nutrient-per-calorie plan. He believes this is the way to weight loss.

Simply put, it is eating foods that have a high ratio of nutrient content to calories.

This is because Fuhrman believes, that the reason behind obesity and overweight problems is not eating way past what we need. Instead it is getting higher proportion of calories from fat and carbohydrates that have been refined. And, consuming a low-nutrient diet makes the environment suitable for diseases to flourish.

Therefore, avoiding eating too much of high-calorie foods and replacing them with nutrient-rich ones is what the Eat to a Live diet plan is all about.


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