Do Thermogenics Work?


You’ve seen a lot of people in the gym using them or talking about them. But before taking any of these supplements, you want to know, do thermogenics work?

Thermogenic products are essentially fat burners. They help speed up our body’s metabolism by increasing the heat level in our bodies. This results in more fat burned.

And while they seem to work well for a lot of people, they don’t always offer the same results.

Below, we explain this supplement a bit further. See why it works for some and less for others.


Do Thermogenics Work?

This is a question a lot of people trying to lose weight ask.

The quick and simple answer to this question is this, if you use the right thermogenics the right way, it will work well for you.

Probably not the answer you wanted to hear. But, we’re just being honest with you. Simply put, if you use them incorrectly, you could take all the thermogenics in the world, and you won’t get the results you expected.

So what does it mean to use thermogenics the right way?

pre-workout-thermogenicIt means you need to use them in addition to a proper diet and regular workout routine.

Again, probably not the answer you were looking for.

If you thought that thermogenics were magic pills which you could gulp down daily and automatically burn fat, then you’re out of luck. They’re not.

This is because you can only achieve weight loss through proper diet and physical exercise.

Thermogenics however, play an important role in boosting your metabolism. This makes them helpful when it comes to the realm of losing weight.

Using the right thermogenics in this case means using one with proven effective fat burning ingredients. A reputable brand is also important, so you’re sure there are no impurities and the ingredients are pure and true.

Therefore, if you are doing all these and taking your thermogenics, the answer to the question, “Do thermogenics work?” is yes.


Effects of Thermogenics on the Body

Different fat burning ingredients have different effects to your body that aid in fat loss.

Caffeine, kola, guarana, epinephrine replacements and yerba mate are some ingredients you’ll find in the thermogenic products being sold in health and fitness stores.

These components work by activating our sympathetic nervous system. In doing this, the body is able to have increased energy expenditure and metabolic rate. Most importantly, it releases the stored fat in the body.

When these ingredients are taken in the form of supplements, they also have the advantage of increasing your performance during workouts and exercises. They also greatly enhance your body’s ability to burn fat.


Weight Loss Results

According to research, these supplements might not work the same for everyone. That’s because there are a lot more factors involved in fat loss and how much calories the body burns.

Some of these factors include age, weight, gender and exercise intensity, just to name a few.


Physical Factors

slim-and-in-shapeTo give you an example, a student would have better results compared to an elderly person.

This is because a student is more active that an elderly person.

Additionally, the student, being younger has faster metabolism in general. Our metabolism, just as with most of our organs and body functions slow down as we age.


Exercise Intensity

Also, as mentioned earlier, exercise is a very important part of weight loss. And therefore it plays an essential role in you seeing results after using the thermogenic supplements or its ingredients.

Someone doing light intensity workouts won’t see the same results as someone doing HIIT or another kind of high intensity training.


Ingredients in the Thermogenic Supplement You’re Taking

One other thing that might affect one’s results is the combination of ingredients in a supplement.

There are combinations that will enable you to get only a 7% boost in metabolism. Then there are others that might give you a boost of up to 30%.

It therefore boils down to how you are using the fat burning product and the ingredients that are used in making the product. So choosing the right brand and what they contain is crucial if you want to see optimal results.


Side Effects of Thermogenics

thermogenic-fat-burnerWhen used naturally, thermogenic ingredients do not have very serious side effects.

However, there are certain common side-effects you might experience when you start taking thermogenic supplements.

One of the side effects a lot of people get after prolonged use of these supplements is anxiety. Caffeine is one of the ingredients that results to this.

Strong ingredients such as synephrine and ephedrine can also cause panic attacks.

If abused, these ingredients can also be very addictive.

Some of the symptoms you may experience when you’ve become hooked to these fat burning supplements include:

  • dizziness,
  • headache,
  • fatigue
  • and sometimes, the feeling of flu-like kind of symptoms.

Insomnia is also a common symptom of addiction to fat burning supplement.

Most of these supplements also cause gastrointestinal problems. This happens when the supplements irritate the colon leading to diarrhea and pain in the abdominal region.



In conclusion, thermogenics work. They’re excellent in helping you lose weight. That’s why they’re referred to as fat burners.

However, it is important to use them in combination with exercise and proper diet. This gives you the optimal results for your effort and their cost.

Just as importantly, it’s crucial to avoid using it in excess. And as always, it is a good idea to seek a doctor’s approval first before you decide to take these supplements.


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