Crossfit vs. Bodybuilding


When it come comes to going to the gym, there’s more than one way to get fit and strong. In this segment we clear up the difference between two popular training styles. Crossfit vs. Bodybuilding.

What’s the difference between bodybuilding and Crossfit. Aren’t they just lifting weights?

We’ve been asked this quite a lot.

And yes. They’re both about lifting weights but in different ways.


Crossfit vs. Bodybuilding: What’s the difference?

For good health and a strong physique, it is very important to train properly for your age, experience and your overall needs and goals.

But what is the best way?

Nowadays there are a lot of different methods of working out. You can focus on cardio, or take up a sport like boxing.

Then, there there’s going to the gym and lifting weights.

While it’s been around for quite a while now, Crossfit has only gotten more mainstream in the last few years. And even today, people may know the term, but a lot of them aren’t sure what it really means.

To help clarify things, we shall compare Crossfit to the very well-known sport of bodybuilding. After all, pretty much everybody knows what bodybuilding is. If not, just remind yourself of what Arnold Schwarzenegger did before getting into acting.


Defining Crossfit and Bodybuilding

The first thing to cover is understanding what crossfit is in comparison to bodybuilding.


crossfitAccording to its definition, Crossfit is a kind of fitness program that doesn’t conform or tries to train a person to be proficient in any of the ten general physical skills.

These skills include stamina, strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, power, self-control, and a few others.

Therefore it is not a standardized type of workout. But rather it is a varied type meant to provide functional strength and conditioning in various ways.



bodybuildingOn the other hand, bodybuilding is “the use of progressive resistance exercise to develop body musculature”.

So basically, bodybuilding focuses on building muscles. But more specifically, sculpting the body to make each muscle stand out.

That’s why Arnold Schwarzenegger’s physique was not only muscular, it was very defined as well. At least during his prime.

Today however, bodybuilding is also known for, in general, heavy usage of supplements and sometimes steroids. This is accompanied by heavy lifting of weights. The goal being to develop body strength and muscles.


Summing Up the Definitions

From the basic definition of Crossfit and bodybuilding, we can see that Crossfit focuses on functional fitness. Meanwhile, bodybuilding is mainly about heavy lifting and sometimes hardcore workouts with the goal of developing ones muscles.


Who Each Sport is Meant For

Another important issue in determining the differences between Crossfit and bodybuilding is to understand for whom each of the sports is for.

When it comes to Crossfit, its official site states that it is basically designed for almost anybody.

It is for “for police academies, military units, martial artists, or other elite and professional athletes,” as well as for “children, firefighters, moms, navy seals and grandmas”.

Bodybuilding on the other hand isn’t made for everybody.

Anyone can start bodybuilding. But you’ll quickly notice that a lot of gym goers who start out in the sport drop out after a few months. The stronger willed may religiously workout for a couple, maybe three years. But after that, they stop as well.

bodybuilding-competitionCommitment to bodybuilding is essentially for individuals who want to gain strength and size. This is one reason a lot of women shy away from it. They don’t want to get “too bulky”.

Someone who isn’t ready to lift heavy weights regularly. And, sacrifice junk food for a cleaner diet with the purpose of building lean body mass is not the one to choose bodybuilding.

When it comes to serious bodybuilding, there are often two kinds.

One which includes those who are doing it professionally and those who do it on a part time basis. Of course, there are also a lot of recreational bodybuilders.

Professionals are individuals who compete in events, or get modeling contracts from their bodybuilding. Recreational bodybuilders, have regular day jobs and participate in the sport because they like it and it makes them feel better.

The same goes true with Crossfit. With a lot of people enjoying the camaraderie of other Crossfitters.


The Workouts

Finally, we also have to be aware of the kinds of workouts each one has.

This is where they differ a lot.

Crossfit is often done in a gym. Though you can improvise as well. There are a lot of Crossfit gyms around the U.S. and they’re fitted with the basic Olympic style weights, power racks and bars.

Crossfit workouts can vary quite a bit. And you only need to go to YouTube to see different variations of people’s workouts. Because there’s no other goal than functional fitness, getting fit and strong, and having fun, you can arrange the workouts almost any way you want them.

Many Crossfitters have a popular Workout of the Day (or WOD), where they often share the workout they did with other practitioners.

One of the best things about Crossfit is its sense of community among its members.

Bodybuilding workouts are more traditional. Though you can say that many Crossfit exercises are derived from bodybuilding exercises. If you have proper equipment, you can workout at home. But often, you’ll need a gym.


Closing Thoughts

Crossfit and bodybuilding are very similar in that they involving lifting weights and getting stronger. But,
there are a lot of differences between the two sports.

It is essentially better to evaluate your heath and body condition, as well as define your goals before choosing which to go for. Trying each one out for a few workout sessions is a great way to get a hands-on feel.

Despite their differences, there is nonetheless an important similarity between the two. That is they are both geared towards the benefit of a healthier lifestyle.

If done correctly, these types of workouts can control high blood pressure, obesity and high cholesterol levels. They can also ward off diseases like osteoporosis and arthritis.

Working out whichever way you choose helps improve your mental health. It makes you feel good with yourself and your figure. Engaging in physical activity can also reduce fatigue and make you concentrate better during the day and sleep better at night.


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