Coffee for Hangover: Does It Work?


Everyone’s got their own hangover cure. And one of the most popular ones around is probably getting a cup of joe the morning after to soothe your pounding head. But does coffee for hangover work?

Whether you’re a beer drinker or enjoy wine and liquor, you’ve probably at one point or another had one too many to drink. And this often means feeling a bit off from your usual self the next day.

Coffee has been said to be one of the best remedies for curing hangovers. But until you’ve tried it for yourself, you won’t be able to tell if it falls under the myth or truth category.


Drinking Coffee for Hangover

cup-of-coffeeAfter a night on the town with your buddies and having a bit too much to drink. You may find yourself in not the best of shape the next day.

We all have over indulged on occasion. And, as a consequence, woken up the morning after looking for a remedy for our hangover.

If you are wondering whether your morning cup of Java can help with the headache and nausea you’re feeling at that very moment, then…

The answer is yes.

In fact, a combination of aspirin and Java can help with your morning hangovers. As simple as it may sound, the combination of these two things, which are commonly found in our kitchen counter and medicine cabinet, work.


How Coffee Helps with Hangover

When you drink, the ethanol in alcohol produces acetate. Acetate is a byproduct of the liver’s metabolizing the ethanol in alcohol. And this compound is a major contributor to your headache the morning after.

Also, once the body converts ethanol alcohol to acetate, the acetate starts circulating around your body through your bloodstream.

Around this time it works to give you energy. This is why you feel good and are able to keep going once you’ve begun drinking.

However, this is short lived.

When the acetate runs out, you go into a shortage of that energy supply. And in small doses it gets you tired. But if you drink a lot frequently, you get more symptoms of withdrawal.

In the short term, acetate sounds great. It gives your body and brain that extra boost of energy. However, it also causes inflammation, especially to the liver where it is converted as well as the brain, where it goes later.

This is among the reasons why we experience headaches after excessive drinking.


The Coffee and Aspirin Combination

coffee-beans-roastedIt is for these purposes that both coffee and aspirin work well for hangovers.

Coffee helps wake your body up. It counters the ‘tiring’ effects from the alcohol and night before. Aspiring meanwhile aids in relieving your throbbing head.

Combining Java and an anti-inflammatory like aspirin blocks the acetate which helps with the headache.

Aspirin also takes care of the other inflammatory reactions that pop up when you drink too much alcohol.

Alcohol is considered a toxin by the body so as it’s trying to get rid of the toxic ingredient, inflammation crops up.

Taking an Aspirin the night before isn’t the best idea because it’ll wear off before you wake up. And, and if you are intoxicated to the throwing up stage, it won’t help you any if it doesn’t stay in your system. So, the best advice for when to take Aspirin is when you first wake up the next morning.

Java meanwhile helps because it’s a stimulant. The caffeine in coffee helps counter that groggy sleep deprived feeling you get after sleeping off intoxication.

Because alcohol interferes with our body’s normal sleep cycle, you will feel tired after a night out. One of the reasons is because you didn’t get a good night’s sleep. The downside to Java is that it is a diuretic. And since you’re already partially dehydrated from drinking, it can aggravate the situation.

This is why it is important to drink lots of water in addition to the Aspirin and Java. This will help hydrate you.

If part of your headache and nausea is due to dehydration, the water will take care of the dehydration issue making you feel better.


Other Tips

hot-coffeeA downside to drinking coffee when you’re hung over is that it can be harsh on the stomach.

Coffee is acidic, and when consumed on an empty stomach can cause irritation. If this is the case, try drinking a dark brew or a cold pressed coffee.

Both are known to be gentler on the stomach.

Keep in mind when you’re recovering from a night out, before you start trying to get rid of your hangover symptoms, make sure you’re sober again.

Taking anything while intoxicated, and particularly certain pain medications can produce dangerous byproducts and results.

When your body is trying to get rid of alcohol, it is going to process everything differently than it normally would. This difference in processing is what creates the byproducts which are dangerous.

The other issue if you start trying to feel better before you’re sober is that caffeine can make you feel more alert. But, you’re still impaired though you may not know it. This is because you won’t feel tired at the moment, but the body really is. It’s like ‘running on fumes’.

The best thing for a hangover is time. After a night of drinking, your body needs time to detox. It naturally does this. But doing so does take some time.

If you can, during this time sleeping it off is your best bet. Java and Aspirin will help if you have something to do and you can’t sleep the hangover off.


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