Cheap Bench Press: Get Strong and Build a Wide Chest

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Getting a solid, cheap bench press lets you keep some cash so you can purchase a enough weights to build muscle. This type of workout bench is probably the most popular type of home gym because it doesn’t take up as much space as some workout machines or power racks.

Another factor that they are one of the most ideal options for beginners and some intermediate lifters who want to be able to workout at home is they cost much cheaper than many other home gym options.

Except for one of our picks below, all the other products in our reviews here don’t come with any weights. They include just the bench and the rack which is often the standard with most manufacturers.

This is one reason it can be practical to purchase an affordable bench press so you can use the rest of your funds to buy the weight plates and bar.

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Compilation of low priced bench press options that will let you lift and save some cash


Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench with Leg Developer, Gray/Silver

Very affordable this bench is designed to fit Olympic bars. It comes with the barbell uprights separate from the bench which allows you to use them in tandem for building up your bench press or separately by working on accessory exercises like dumbbell presses on the adjustable bench and military presses on the barbell rack.

Both the bench and squat stand setup are constructed with heavy duty steel tubing what make them ideal for holding large amounts of weight. The bench is rated by the user’s manual for a maximum of 750 lbs., including the weight of the user. Meanwhile the squat rack allows for as much as 300 lbs.

The bench also includes a leg developer apparatus. The leg machine includes 6 foam padded rollers that let you rest the front and back of your ankles as well as the back of your knees when doing leg extensions or leg curls. When not in use, you can also detach the leg machine for more freedom to use the bench.

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Competitor CB 729 Olympic Bench

Budget Bench Press: With the lowest price among our best cheap bench press reviews, the Competitor Olympic Bench comes with an all black paint exterior. Measuring 67 inches long, 45 inches wide across the bars and 50 inches high, this is a good sized unit that is pretty much at par with the rest of the cheap bench press picks on our list.

Designed for use with a 7 foot Olympic bar, the 2.5” by 2.5” steel frame is built to hold a good amount of weight. In total it is rated for 600 pounds in total capacity. Both the bench and the upright racking setup are adjustable with the bench’s back rest able to switch easily between 5 positions (upright, flat, decline and 2 inclines).

One major difference between this bench and the Body Champ above is that the bench and barbell rack on welded together in this unit. As such you can’t separate the uprights from the bench. This can be good or bad depending on your preference.

On the good side, you never need to adjust the distance of the rack to the bench since it will be fixed. It also offers more stability and cohesiveness since both components are integrated as one, so they’ won’t move from one another when doing lifts.

On the flip side, you won’t be able to do squats on the barbell rack since there is no space to get into between them. The same goes for other exercises like standing military presses.

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Marcy Diamond Weight Bench with 100 lb. Weight Set

Bench with 100 lbs. Weight Set Included: This set with get your started on your road to a bigger bench as it comes packaged with 100 pounds worth of weights. Unlike the 2 above, this is a standard sized bench which means it accepts bars that are 5 feet or 6 feet in length.

On a best for the money basis this is one of the top candidates because you already get a set of weights along with it, with pretty good poundage at that. This makes it quite cheap considering how much weights cost on a per pound basis.

That said, you will want to consider your weight lifting goals with this one more than any of the others in our inexpensive bench press reviews here because its steel frame is rated to 300 pounds. This makes the load capacity lower than some of the other benches on our list. The decision ultimately though is whether or not you will need more weight capacity in the future. That said, the uprights offer a good amount of space between them.

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Marcy Diamond Olympic Bench

Best Cheap Bench Press: Very solid and stable when you workout on it, this is a strong, well built workout bench that also happens to be affordable.

You will want to note that it is much wider than the rest of the benches here (65.5” left to right) because it has plate pegs at the ends of each side for storing the weights. Otherwise, its length is around the same as the others at 65.75”.

If you’d like to be able to do squats along with your bench press workouts, you’ll be glad to know that this equipment uses a 2 piece design where the barbell rack doubles as a squat rack that can be separated from the bench itself. The uprights are likewise taller than the ones the others have in this review.

At 64.5 inches high, this makes it easier to rack and unrack the bar when doing standing exercises like squats, military presses and lunges.

We also like the fact that it includes a preacher curl pad and bar attachment so you can work on your bicep exercises as well. An added plus is that both the preacher curl setup and the leg developer can both be removed if you want to use the bench for core exercises or dumbbell workouts.

One surprising thing to note is that the bench does not go to full flat. It maxes down to around 5 to 8 degrees or so but isn’t able to get to 0 degrees, which is flat. It also has the same type of quirk when you try to completely go upright. It will not reach 90 degrees, but gets close to 85 degrees.

Overall, we like the features on this unit as it has more to offer. We also like that it’s very solid with a 600 lb. capacity on the rack and 300 lbs. on the bench giving you a lot of room to get stronger. This makes it the best value for money option for us.

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Gold’s Gym XRS 20 Olympic Workout Bench

One of the few workout benches at this price to offer spotter bars, this Olympic bench offers extra safety when lifting without a partner. The spotters are adjustable and moving them up or down is quite easy and quick.

What you get with the XRS 20 is the adjustable bench along with a squat rack. The 2 components aren’t welded together which lets you use the bench and rack on their own individually or together. Like most of the others, you will need to supply your own bar, in this case an Olympic sized one, and also the weights.

This 2 piece gym equipment is rated to a total of 600 lbs., with 300 lbs. for the user and 300 lbs. for the weights. It also comes with both the leg machine as well as the preacher curl attachment. This allows you to get a complete upper and body workout and not just stuck to doing the bench press.

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