Can a Pregnant Woman Drink Wine?


This article tackles an age old question. Can a pregnant woman drink wine?

Some moms say no, others say yes. You’ve seen mothers who did drink and those that didn’t drink while they were with child.

But what’s the real answer behind it all. Should you or shouldn’t you?

We tackle this question once and for all. And get an answer.


Can a Pregnant Woman Drink Wine?

We’re going to go with the experts on this.

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists reiterates that consuming wine during pregnancy should be avoided.

In addition, the American Academy of Pediatrics reports a zero tolerance policy on drinking during pregnancy.

And the same is goes for the American Pregnancy Association.

All three groups, along with many others say that the only safe way to go is to have no wine while you’re pregnant.


What Research Says

pouring-wineUnfortunately, we aren’t going to get much from the studies.

There are studies that say drinking wine while pregnant exposes the child to risk and abnormalities.

Meanwhile, there are a few studies which have shown that light drinking while pregnant is safe.

And their research shows no adverse effects.


What Moms Say

To finish this comparison, we went around surveying moms.

Again, we got a lot of answers on both sides. Though the abstain from drinking wine group won out when it came to counting the votes.

That said, there are still a lot of moms who said it’s okay to drink. The ones who say it’s okay said about 1 to 2 glasses of wine a week.

Our survey results seem to coincide with what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found. Their study observed that 1 in 8 pregnant women in the U.S. said they drank at least 1 alcoholic beverage in the past month.


Here’s Our Take on Drinking Wine During Pregnancy

Regardless of the alcohol content in your favorite wine, it is not safe to drink when you are pregnant. It can cause complications.

And from our point of view, as difficult as it is to keep yourself from your favorite glass of white or red wine during the 9 months, the risk of a lifetime of health problems for your child isn’t worth it to us.


Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

pregnant-momFetal Alcohol Syndrome can develop when a pregnant woman drinks.

While this condition is often noticeable shortly after a baby is born, there is no cure for FAS. A child born with FAS will have it for the rest of his life.

The birth defects can include mental retardation or impairment, and physical abnormalities.

When an unborn child is exposed to alcohol, it can harm his developing brain and body. The child can later experience behavioral problems, learning disabilities, and a variety of health issues.

While excessive drinking increases the risk of FAS, there is no type or amount of alcohol that is completely safe.

If you do not want your child to be at risk of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, you should not consume wine during pregnancy.


Babies Can Have Other Health Problems

Alcohol use during pregnancy can increase your child’s risk of vision problems, hearing problems, heart conditions, and brain damage.

Unlike FAS, these conditions may not be apparent when your baby is born. You may not know the full extent of your child’s health issues until he is older.

These issues can drastically affect his quality of life, and they cannot be reversed.


Pregnancy and Birth Complications

empty-wine-glassWine can cause complications with your pregnancy and childbirth, too.

One example is the risk of premature birth. If you drink, you are at a greater risk of premature labor and premature birth.

Alcohol also increases the risk of a low birth-weight baby.

Even if you carry the child to term, he or she may be very small when they are born. Low birth-weight babies have a higher risk of health problems, especially when they are young.

An unborn child who is exposed to alcohol may not survive at all. You may have a miscarriage, or you may have a stillborn child.

These risks are increased with alcohol use, even when mothers are otherwise healthy.


Why Wine Is Unsafe During Your Pregnancy

You may be surprised to learn the alcohol content of most popular wines is higher than the alcohol content in beer. While the alcohol content in wine is lower than most forms of hard liquor, it is still not safe to drink when you are pregnant.

There is an easy way to explain how alcohol affects an unborn child.

Anything an expectant mother consumes crosses the placenta. When you drink wine, the alcohol will get into your baby’s bloodstream. He or she will have the same blood alcohol level as you.

As they are very small, and not fully developed, this can cause many disastrous consequences.

Moderation is not the key to safe drinking during your pregnancy. When you want a healthy pregnancy and a healthy child, you should not drink at all. Stop drinking as soon as you learn you are pregnant, if you have not already taken this step. You can have a healthy newborn.


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