Best Wool Blankets

The best wool blanket is a great investment to get for your bedroom. It does cost more than your regular blanket especially if you get one that’s made of high quality.

However, it’s well worth it.

The Best Buys

Below is a list of the products that stand out. They’re our top picks. For more information on each we’ve included reviews of the products at the lower part of the article.


Benefits of Wool Blankets

As mentioned earlier, they aren’t the cheapest. However, they’re worth every penny. Here are some reasons why.

  • It is made from natural material, and biodegradable. Wool is made from the fleece of lambs and sheep. Because fleece grows back, it’s totally renewable. Additionally, the fine fibers that make wool are biodegradable. They decompose in soil within years.
  • Wool both warms and cools you. This is something unique with wool. It adjusts to your body temperature so it keeps you warm when the weather is cold. And cools you when it gets hot.
  • Soft, breathable and comfortable. These are what you want in a blanket. This way you can sleep tight at night.
  • Strong and resilient. As with anything, we want what we buy to last for years not weeks. Wool is durable and elastic allowing it to stand up to time.
  • Easy to maintain. It can be washed by machine, but do check the product you buy first to make sure. They don’t wrinkle. And, don’t retain odors from moisture or sweat. Plus, they’re fire resistant.


Best Wool Blanket Reviews

Woolrich 66 by 80-Inch Cavalry Blanket

Best Wool Blanket: Our wool blanket reviews kick off with our top pick. This is a lovely companion that helps keep you warm when you need it and reduces the amount of humidity when it gets too hot.

Made from 85% wool and 15% nylon, we like the quality and craftsmanship that have gone into this blanket. It is made in the USA and measures 80 inches by 66 inches.

The size makes it about as big as a queen sized mattress so it’s really meant for a single person’s use, though if you don’t use up that much fabric you may be able to fit it for 2 people.

The material is elastic as well as durable. You do have to hand wash it or dry clean it to keep its consistency.

Very nice looking, these come in blue color with a hint of orange patterns. They make for great gifts and will help keep you warm whether you’re in bed or on the couch watching a movie.

The one drawback for this product, is its cost. It’s not the cheapest item out there, but I guess you’ve already expected that with wool blankets.


Woolrich 60 by 84-Inch Gettysburg Blanket

This is a more affordable blanket that falls under Woolrich’s historic period civil war blanket line. This is very similar in many ways to the one above, though it does come with a different design.

The blanket is predominantly gray in color with a black stripes near the edges. This is a more classical design pattern that.

Also you’ll want to note that this on is made from 80% reprocessed wool and 20% nylon. This offers a slightly different mix with more nylon which is one reason it is cheaper.

More importantly, the wool for this blanket is reprocessed. By this it isn’t new wool.

New wool, or virgin wool, is the wool that come from the lamb and hasn’t been used for anything else. This type of wool is the best being fine in texture and very soft. It is also the most expensive type of wool.

Reprocessed wool meanwhile is recycled woo. This means the material has been recovered from fabric that has been processed whether woven, spun or made into certain types of garments. In reprocessing, the fabric is broken down then mixed with other material, in this case nylon.

The reprocessing reduces the quality of the wool as it has been cut, woven then broken down in the recovery process. As a result it is not as soft, and a bit rougher too. Still it is comfortable and offers similar qualities in terms of warmth, being water absorbent and durable. Note that reprocessed wool has never been used/worn by anyone, just made into something before and broken back down.

As a result you get a slightly less expensive item in this product.

Nevertheless, this 84 inch by 60 inch blanket comes with excellent quality and soft. It offers good warmth and isn’t too heavy.


SE BI60802GR Grey 3-Lb. Warm Blanket, 60″ x 80″ with 60-70% Wool

Cheap Wool Blanket: If you’re looking for something that isn’t heavy on the budget, this blanket comes in at under $20. This is much cheaper that most wool blankets because it is a blended fabric.

Unlike those above which have been blended with nylon, this one uses much cheaper poly-fiber. It also contains less wool at 60-70%. The remaining 30-40% is poly-fiber.

This is a great option if you like the feel and warmth of wool but aren’t exactly excited about shelling out a lot of cash for that type of blanket.

This product weighs 3 lbs. and measures 80 inches long by 60 inches wide. It provides a good amount of warmth, and is very cozy.

The low cost also lets you pick up more than one should you want to since it’s priced quite economically. This is something you can use at home or bring when traveling or going somewhere else like camping or fishing. It will help keep you want and is very durable.


SE BI64847GR 4-lb. Warm Blanket, 64″ x 84″ with 80% Wool

For a bit more wool, this blanket also from SE offers 80% wool and 20% poly-fiber. It comes in grey color and is similarly priced as the product just mentioned.

This one, with its slightly bigger size of 84” long by 64” wide, and inclusion of more wool in the fabric is a better value for money option considering they cost just about the same price.

Do note that because of the extra length and width, plus the added wool in the material, this blanket is heaver by a pound over the one just mentioned.

The SE blankets are also much easier to maintain as both of them can be machine washed, whereas the Woolrich ones need to be dry cleaned or hand wash so as not to degrade its quality.