Best Weighted Vest: Adding Weights to Your Workouts

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Whether for weight loss, strength or sports performance, the best weighted vest allows you to move naturally and perform functional exercises with more resistance. Unlike weights or machines where you won’t be able to move with your normal range of motion, weight vests let you walk, jump and do bodyweight exercises as you normally would, but just make them more challenging.

Our strength training vest reviews below list a number of different products that fit various workout needs. They all differ in weight so you can pick out the one that fits you current fitness level. Don’t forget to leave allowance for future gains so you can scale up training without having to buy a new vest.

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Compilation of weighted vests to make workouts tougher


Best Weighted Vest Reviews

ZFOsports – 40 lbs. Adjustable Weighted Vest

We start off with this 40 lb. training vest that’s adjustable. The device is very well built with the garment very strong and the seams put together well. It is likewise comfortable and doesn’t chafe which makes it effective for workouts since you can train without being in any discomfort.

While 40 pounds is the maximum amount, it can go much lower that than, which is one of the reasons we have it in our best weighted vest reviews. The vest itself is layered with pocket that close, and in each pocket you can choose to insert a weight bag, or not.

The weight bags allow you to set the amount you want to use. Each of the bags are filled with sand that weigh 2.5 lbs. As such, you can adjust the total poundage of the vest in increments of 2.5 lbs.

The pockets are lined up in both the front and back of the vest so you get an even distributed feeling when wearing it. Horizontal straps allow you to wrap the device around your torso to fit snugly.

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Cross101 – 20 lbs. Adjustable Weighted Vest

If you feel that you don’t need that much weight, then this lighter model lets you load it up to 20 lbs. This is often a good option if your main goals are either cardio, weight loss or toning. The heavier weight vests like those that are 40 lbs. or more are more suited for weight and strength training.

People like using this vest because it isn’t as cumbersome as some of the other units. It is shorter both in length and width so the garment does not overwhelm you or become an hindrance during exercise movements.

The vest itself measures 14 inches from top to bottom. This is from the top of the shoulder till the lowest point. From side to side it measures 12 inches. This makes it much easier to wear. Horizontal straps likewise enclose it so you can adjust it to fit the shape of your body.

The exterior of this weighted vest has a camouflage design and the front and rear faces of the vest are lined with pockets. Unlike the ZFOsports unit above, this device requires less work when loading the weights as it only comes with 8 bags, each of which weigh 2.5 lbs. also.

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MIR – 50 lbs. (Short Style) Adjustable Weighted Vest

With a hefty capacity and yet more compact that the others we’ve covered so far, this is something you may want to consider if you don’t like a full vest. The shorter design gives your body more free space and room to breath.

Remember, you’ll be sweating after a few minutes of training or workouts so any added layer adds heat. With the shorter top to bottom length of 11 inches, this only runs to the middle of your torso, or just below the chest. The shorter length also makes it fit snug better than larger ones that require more straps to keep in place.

The bag set up and design is just like the ZFOsports 40 pounder above, though you do get more weights this time, totaling 50 lbs. The other difference is this one included spare pockets. The extra pockets allow for as much as 60 lbs. of weight so you can scale up the poundage as you get stronger.

With this type of weight, it is ideal for weight lifting so you can do weighted dips or pull ups, or workout without weights and just use the vest plus your body weight. It is also suited for fireman and military preparedness training and other types of jobs that require you to haul a lot of weight using your body.

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SELF Adjustable Weighted Vest, 8-Pound

Using a different design, this is a smaller device that lets you run or do exercises without having an entire piece of clothing layered over your torso. The vest uses a life jacket style design except that it does not fully close in front. A secure strap locks both ends together.

All of the others above are worn like t-shirts where you insert your head into the hole in the clothing. This design gives your body more freedom to move as well as more ventilation, making it more comfortable to wear and use. Its design also reduces that bouncing feeling when an entire piece of weighted clothing goes up and down as you jog or run.

Do note that the unit only allows up to 8 lbs. in total, though you have the luxury of being able to adjust the amounts lower than that by taking out some of the weights from the pockets.

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ZFOsports – 60 lbs. Adjustable Weighted Vest

The heaviest among our best weight vest reviews, this is similarly made to the ZFOsports 40 pounder as it is longer than the short style 50 pounder from MIR. With a total weight limit of 60 lbs. this is something a serious trainee uses.

Note that as the weights get heavier, the vest will tend to bounce more if you’re using it for jogging or running. This happens because there is more moving mass and weight which follows your up and down movement as you run. This makes the entire piece of clothing move more.

This is ideal if you plan on getting stronger and want something where you can increase the poundage on a year from now and it will be able to accommodate it. This high weight capacity and its adjustable nature lets you start at very low weights and work your way up without having to buy a new weighted vest as you get stronger. For this device, the weight packs are each 4 lbs. so you can adjust poundage by that increment.

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