Best Wedge Pillow: Sleep Support for Back and Neck Pain

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To take care of back pain when you’re lying down in bed, sitting up or reading, the best wedge pillow offers a comfort, support and pain relief.

These work very differently compared to regular sleeping pillows. They take a triangular shape so you can lay your back on the incline while sleeping.

Doing helps relieve the pressure on the back as well as eliminates the curve in our cervical spine area that occurs when we use regular bed pillows. This helps get rid of neck and shoulder pains that can happen during sleep.

Below, we review the top products that offer pain relief so you can get better sleep.

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Collection of wedge pillows for better sleep and rest


InteVision Foam Wedge Bed Pillow (25″ x 24″ x 12″)

Best Wedge Pillow: Designed for anyone wants to be able to sleep more comfortably, this pillow lets you prop your head and shoulders up to get a better night’s rest. The device provides more support than regular pillows that may sag or squish down after a while.

The high density foam material keeps you in position without giving way. This offers extra support. For comfort, a 1” memory foam layer sits on top of the core foam. This allows the pillow to conform to the shape of your upper back, neck and head, giving you extra comfort.

Ideal for individuals who suffer from acid reflux and other digestive problems, it also assists those with breathing issues so you can sleep through the night without issues.

This pillow measures 25 inches wide, 24 inches deep and 12 inches high. This offers a wide enough coverage so you can sleep on your back or turn to your sides if you’re a side sleeper. It’s length also allows the pillow’s incline angle to be gradual making it gentle to the upper back and neck area so you don’t bend forward.

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InteVision Foam Wedge Bed Pillow (26″ x 25″ x 7.5″)

Low rise wedge pillow: Should you prefer something that isn’t as steep as the 12 inch high wedge above, this offers a much lower incline at 7.5”. The smaller angle makes it easier for some people as their heads aren’t as propped up as when using the 12” high wedge.

Choosing between the 2 heights really comes down to preference. It’s like whether you like to sleep with 1, 2 or 3 pillows under your head. One thing we noticed with the 7.5” wedge is that the gentler incline is easier to get used to. The lower angle also doesn’t cause as much sliding downward.

The one other advantage of this lower angled pillow is that you can add your favorite pillow over it if you wish and it won’t be too high.

This product uses the same components with that above. The core foam is not as thick since it doesn’t go up as high. As with the other items in our wedge pillow reviews here, you can use it for sleeping, placing under the knees or to prop your legs up. All of which can help in relieving back strain and tired muscles.

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InteVision Ortho Bed Wedge (8″ x 21″ x 24″)

Best Wedge Pillow for Legs: Elevating your legs has been shown to provide a number of health benefits including relieving stress from the lower back and providing pain relief. If you have varicose veins, suffer from water retentions or swelling of the lower extremities, this wedge pillow will help.

The 2 pillows above in our reviews are what most people call 3 in 1 pillows. They can be used for sleeping, for propping your legs up as well as a back rest for reading. If you’re main purpose for your pillow is foot elevation, then this works better than those pillows.

The reason for this is that is has a trapezoid shape where you get an angle that flattens out. The flat surface makes it easier to rest your calves and feet on compared to a straight full wedge.

The advantage of this device compared to just rolling up pillows under your legs is that this allows for a more firm support. Unlike regular pillows, it won’t sink down after a short while. This lets you keep your feet propped up for relief.

This cushion uses high density foam so you get the support. It also has an upper memory foam later that makes leaning on it comfortable. The pillow measures 21 inches wide, 24 inches deep and 8 inches high.

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Acid Reflux Wedge Pillow (32″ x 30″ x 7″) by MedSlant

This is another product that can help those who suffer from GERD, sleep breathing issues and snoring. It is wider and deeper than any of the other pillows we’ve covered in this review measuring 32 inches by 30 inches.

The large area of coverage lets you turn and roll to find the best sleeping position for you. Its length along with the gradual angle also allows you to rest your entire upper back onto the bottom of the pillow.

This helps prevent acid reflux or other digestive problems from happening. It also allows for better breathing so you don’t end up waking up in the middle of the night or walking others up. This bigger pillow comes with a microfiber cover that can be removed from the foam cushion for washing.

Note that the pillow is more expensive compared to those above. This is in part due to the larger size. But other reason it that it uses an isofresh memory foam top that is hypo-allergenic. This helps not only in preventing sagging but also in neutralizing odors.

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Mabis Healthcare DMI Foam Wedge Pillow (7″ x 24″ x 24″)

Cheap Wedge Pillow: For those looking for something that is very inexpensive, this is one of the cheapest products available. With a square shaped base of 2 feet by 2 feet, the wedge goes up to 7 inches at its highest point.

Unlike the other pillows above, this one does not come with a memory foam top layer. This is why it costs less than the others. As a result it is a bit firmer to rest on. This works well if you like resting on firmer pillows. Or, if you plan on placing your favorite pillow over it when sleeping.

The pillow comes with a zipper cover that’s made with polyester cotton. The cover can be put in the washing machine for cleaning. Do make sure to remove it from the pillow before doing so.

As with the other full wedge pillows above, this does an excellent job in helping provide relief for neck and shoulder pains. It also helps give back relief. You can likewise use it under your knees or feet to help with knee and foot issues.

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Get One to Get Better Sleep

If you’ve been having problems sleeping because you don’t feel comfortable with regular pillows, wedge pillows may be worth a try. They keep the spine aligned during sleep so there’s less pain and discomfort.