Use the Best Vacuum for Thick Carpet for Thorough Cleaning

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Thick carpets are not only a beautiful addition to the home but their very comfortable to walk on with or without shoes. Having the best vacuum for thick carpet makes sure that they are kept clean and tidy so you can walk, sit or lie on them when you want.

With these types of surfaces, it also becomes important that you choose the right type and model of vacuum cleaner. Not only with these items be able to thoroughly clean your threads and fibers but also prevent any damage on them. This ensures that you enjoy the lush, soft thick fibers.

Our picks below cover the vacuum cleaners for dense carpets. They have the suction power and the right type of brushes that will help lift dirt and pet hair so you get complete cleaning.

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Compilation of vacuum cleaners that will suck all the dirt and gunk from thick carpeting


Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Rewind Plus Bagless Upright, UH70120

Affordable Choice: This is a very affordable thick carpet vacuum cleaner. This device comes with good suction power as well as a rolling brush that will help remove more dirt from your carpeting.

Keep in mind that the products in our reviews list here are meant for thick carpets. If you own premium, delicate carpets like shag, you’ll want to choose more suction only style cleaning tools.

This machine runs on Hoover’s WindTunnel technology. This is a cyclonic system that allows the device to not require any dust bags. Instead it uses a dirt container that’s much easier to maintain since you won’t need to replace them.

For your thick carpeted surfaces, you’ll also want to adjust the height of the cleaning head to fit the pile height. This ensures that you don’t drag on the threads or get them stuck under the machine as you’re cleaning.

Equipped with a stretch hose that goes as far as 8 feet, you can clean various surfaces above the floor. It also comes with a number of accessories you can attach to the hose to make cleaning more efficient.

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Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright (NV356E)

Best Vacuum for Thick Carpet: Among the products in this review, this is our top pick. The reason it is our top pick is because of its high performance suction power. Plus, you don’t lose suction ability even as the container gets full.

One other reason that makes this our top choice is its lift away feature. The ability to pull out the canister, gives you many more cleaning options. Like most of the other machines in this review, you can use this Shark vacuum as an upright device. You can likewise use the stretch hose during upright mode. This gives you a total of 3 methods of using this vacuum cleaner.

When it comes to thick carpeting, the floor tool comes with motorized rolling brush. The brush can be turned on or off with just a switch. When cleaning dense, thick carpeting, you’ll want to turn the brush on to help jar loose all the particles stuck underneath.

But if you’re dealing with soft, premium carpets or rugs, we recommend turning the brush off and using just suction. This keeps your expensive threads safe from damage since the bristles can get stuck or pull out some fibers if you have the brush running.

With great maneuverability, this is a lightweight machine we like not only for dense carpets but also hard floors like tiles.

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Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Pet Rewind Bagless Upright Vaccum, UH70210

This is an upgraded model of the WindTunnel T-Series Rewind Plus by Hoover above. The unit comes with extra features including attachments to the hose that make it do a good job on picking up pet hair.

It also comes with an additional easy to turn on and off, foot pedal that control the brush rolling mechanism. This lets you easily switch the brush bristles to spin or stop depending on the floor type you’re cleaning.

For high pile, thicker fabric flooring, you’ll also want to set the height adjustment to the higher positions. In all there are 5 positions to choose from. This lets it accommodate low pile as well as high pile carpets.

The ability to turn off the roller also makes this a good choice for delicate floors and carpeting. This lets you use it on hardwood as well as premium carpets or shag, without damaging the surfaces.

Equipped with a stretch hose, a good sized dirt cup container and easy to roll rubber wheels, this is an all around machine for home cleaning.

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Oreck Magnesium Bagged Upright Vacuum, LW100

Lightweight Vacuum for Carpets: This is one of the very few under 10 lb. vacuum cleaners with the ability of cleaning high pile and thick carpets. Normally, lightweight vacuums are underpowered for this job which is why they are often chosen for small apartments or compact areas.

This Oreck Magnesium upright vacuum is an exception. It provides impressive suction ability despite its light frame. The device comes with a high speed brush roll that spins at a high number of revolutions per minute. This helps loosen up more dirt so that the motor doesn’t need to work as much to pick up debris from the threads.

Unlike those above, this is a bagged vacuum. As such you do need to replace the dust bags when the get full. This does cost more over time but is also ensures that there are no dust particles recirculating back into the air once you’ve collected them.

This is one of our top choices in terms of durability. Compared to competing brands you won’t have to worry about needing to replace this machine for many years to come even under a lot of use.

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Miele Dynamic U1 Jazz Upright Vacuum, Canary Yellow

This may not be the prettiest looking machine, but once you look under the hood, you’ll realize otherwise. Backed by German craftsmanship and engineering, this is another very durable machine that’s built to last.

The device offers solid suction power, comes with an extension hose and attachments and an electro brush mechanism under the cleaning head. The brush along with its high performance motor allow it to be very effective with thick rugs and carpets.

The electro brush system also automatically adjusts to the height of your rugs and carpets so it cleans them thoroughly whether they’re low or high pile. This also gives you the benefit of getting consistent suction on different surfaces.

For more versatility, it also allows you to choose between 4 different suction strengths. This lets you pick the proper one that lets you pick up both dirt and pet hair without having the machine’s nozzle get stuck to the carpeting because suction is too strong.

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Final Words

Our choices above cover reviews of products of the upright variety. They offer more suction power that’s necessary for lifting the embedded debris and dirt from thick, dense carpeting and rugs. Plus they have the necessary rolling brushes needed for the job.