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Those who want to be able to comfortably run indoors often need a machine that offers a large enough running track so that they can take long, full strides. The best treadmills running give you that ability as they are wider and longer than their cheaper counterparts.

These cardio machines are great for the home because they aren’t overly expensive as those that cost over $1000 but yet offer a lot of the features and performance capabilities similar to the treadmills found in commercial gyms.

Aside from the larger running space, you can expect digital controls, numerous workout programs pre-programmed into them and a wide range of resistance levels and speed options. Better yet most of then now come with shock absorption systems so the impact of each foot strike isn’t as stressful on the joints as running outdoors.

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Compilation of treadmills that offer a balance of cost and performance


Best Treadmills for Running Reviews

LifeSpan TR 1200i Folding Treadmill

This is our top pick in our best treadmills under $1000 reviews as it offers a combination of comfortable running area, solid build, shock cushioning and sufficient belt speed for intense running.

Offering a roomy 20 inch wide by 56 inch long belt, the TR 1200i gives you enough length to take full running strides and is wide enough to run comfortably without having to be wary of falling off the sides.

It runs on a powerful 2.5 continuous horsepower motor which a durable 2 ply belt. The motor allows it to offer variable speeds of between 0.5 mph all the way to 11 mph, if you can run that fast consistently. It likewise lets you adjust up to 15 incline levels should you want to do uphill training.

We love that it comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame as well as the motor so you know you’ll always have it. It is also surprisingly quiet even at above average speeds which is something that isn’t always the case specially with larger motors.

This is a foldable treadmill, though unlike the smaller, less expensive units, it isn’t able to fully fold flat whether horizontally or vertically. The running deck does elevate up to lessen its footprint when not in use.

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Nautilus T614 Treadmill

If you’re looking for something that costs less but offers a similar sized running area, more horsepower and faster maximum speeds the T614 fits those specifications. This is another solid choice as it comes with all the things you need to get a good run at home with less impact forces on the joints as running outside.

The T614 is equipped with StrikeZone cushion system which acts as a shock absorber so that you experience softer landings each time your feet strikes the deck surface. This makes it easier to go on longer workouts sessions regularly and not feel any aches or pains during that period.

With a 2.75 CHP motor, it only lags behind the ProForm Power 995i below when it comes to HP. The more powerful drive system allows the belt to go up to speeds of 12 mph, which matches that of the 995i below for the unit’s with the highest maximum speed in our list.

While it doesn’t offer the same lifetime warranty of motor and frame as the TR 1200i above it still offers an impressive 10 year warranty of both which should be ample time to get return on investment on the unit.

Rated for users who weigh as much as 300 lbs. it comes pre-programmed with 22 training workouts and the ability to set the incline from 0% to 12%.

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Horizon Fitness T101-04 Treadmill

Value for Money Treadmill: If you want to get good value for your money without spending to the limit of the $1000, the T101-04 is one of the best options around. It offers a similarly sized running track of 55” by 20” as the TR 1200i above and is equipped with a solid 2.25 continuous duty horsepower motor.

The motor allows you to set your running pace from between 0.5 mph to as high as 10 mph. This enables you to use it for brisk walking, jogging as well as spring training. As far as variety and settings as concerned 30 built in programs are included as well as incline capability that goes as high as 10% elevation.

We like that it includes a variable response cushion system on the running deck that helps reduce the impact on joints. The shock absorption technology helps make working out on this treadmill less stressful on the joints compared to training outdoors on the asphalt.

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LifeSpan TR200 Compact Treadmill

Best Compact Treadmill: At this price range, it isn’t easy finding something that’s very compact. So if you want something with a lot of features that still has a small footprint, it isn’t always easy. One of the few exceptions is the TR200 from LifeSpan.

This comes with a lifetime frame warranty and measures 60.5” long, by 30.5 inches wide and 51.5” tall with the handle and control panel extended. What’s great about the unit is that it completely folds down to a flat package for storage.

The handlebars, front console and uprights all fold in various ways such that they all fold towards the treadmill’s base. As a result, when fully folded down, it measures only 11 inches thick making it fit easily under your bed or furniture. A twist lock at the bottom of unit ensures that all the components are secure when folded.

One thing of note is that this doesn’t come with as powerful a motor as the others in our best treadmill under $1000 reviews. The smaller motor limits the unit to speeds of between 0.5 mph to 6 mph. This makes it ideal for use a walking and jogging treadmill, and less so as a running treadmill. You can however take leisurely runs of between 5 to 6 mph if you wish.

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ProForm Power 995i Treadmill

Powerful motor, large running track: Equipped with the most powerful motor among our top picks in this class range, this treadmill runs on a hefty 3.0 continuous HP drive system. The motor’s power sets it above most of the others giving you enough of a consistent motion as well as belt speed that goes as high as 12 mph.

With one of the most intuitive user panels around, its wide layout and well labeled buttons make it easy to push on the controls while you’re running on the machine.

As far as features are concerned this has some of the most impressive in this price range including:

  • a 350 lb. maximum user weight capacity,
  • lifetime warranty on both frame and motor
  • 30 built-in training apps including speed and incline workouts
  • a roomy 20 inch by 60 inch belt size
  • ProShox cushion system to limit impact on each foot strike to save knees, ankles and hips

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