Best Toddler Scooter: Letting Baby Learn to Ride

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They aren’t as popular as they once was because of the many more technologically advanced toys in the market today. But the best toddler scooter offers a different perspective for young children as it helps them learn muscle coordination.

More importantly they learn to understand how to use the right and left sides of their body for different actions. This way they learn to coordinate their mental thoughts to actions, as well as control right and left feet so they do different things at the same time.

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Selection of scooters for toddlers your kids can use for fun and motor development

Our chosen scooters below offer a great way for kids to enjoy physical activity indoors as well as outdoors, something that isn’t as common today as it should be.


Micro Kickboard Mini Scooter

Best Toddler Scooter: Available in 7 fun colors this is a great way for kids to have fun, develop their motor skills and be more physically active. The unit measures 24 inches long, 9.25 inches wide and 22 inches high. It weighs under 5 pounds and fits kids under 44 lbs. in weight.

Set with 2 front wheels, it is more stable and easy to use for young kids. This helps them develop balance as learn to coordinate their leg movements. The scooter is designed for kids up to the age of 5 years old, as long as they fit under the weight limit above.

This allows your toddler to use the scooter as they grow. From inside the home and in your yard they can slowly make their way out to the sidewalks as they grow bigger.

The unit comes with high quality, durable, wheels that are meant not to break as well as offer a smooth gliding motion. It is low to the ground making it easier to control, as well as get used to for balance.

We like this unit not only because it looks really cool but it’s also designed with high quality construction that makes it sturdy and secure for your kids to use.

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Razor Jr. Lil’ Kick Scooter

From the well makers of adult scooters, Razor’s Jr. series is designed for younger riders. Like the Mini Micro above, this toddler scooter is another 3 wheeled unit.

The 3 wheel setup allows it to be more stable so that it will be easy for kids to get the hang of using these devices. This also works as a learning aid so they can easily develop their balance and single leg coordination.

Unlike the Mini Micro above, this one sets the 2 wheels to the back instead of the front. Having the single wheel in front makes it easier to navigate and turn compared to the two wheels. The 2 rear wheels provide balance which is why the deck is positioned closer to the rear. This makes it easier for young kids with the deck close to the 2 wheels.

One of the reasons we like the Lil’ Kick Scooter is that it is very sturdy. The unit is made with a steel frame build that’s welded together well. This ensures that children are safe while riding this device around.

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Razor Jr. Folding Kiddie Kick Scooter

Best Folding Toddler Scooter: For storage and easy to carry we like the folding ability of this Razor Jr. scooter. It comes from the same manufacturer as the item above, but has a number of different features.

This has slightly smaller wheels which makes it travel a bit slower than the Lil’ Kick above. While it does use a 3 wheel set-up as well, it offers a much broader and wider deck that makes balancing and riding much easier for young kids. This also makes it more stable from a child’s riding point of view as they have a bigger area to stand on.

The one major difference between the 2 is that this unit offers a folding feature. The folding feature allows the t-bar to fold onto the deck. This significantly reduces the size of the device when it comes time to store it away, for travel, or when they’re carrying it with them.

The unit is designed to support kids of up to 45 lbs. in weight and works best on smooth paved surfaces. This helps it roll smoothly and also avoids and unevenness or sudden bumps that may put your child in danger.

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Tackedoo Kids Scooter

For easy balance, this scooter is great for toddlers and young kids as it offers a very wide front wheel setup. The unit has a considerable wider wheel distance at 9 inches apart. This makes it offer more balance compared to other products, as most offer a narrower front setup.

Designed for kids up to 44 lbs. in weight, it offers an easy steering mechanism that makes turning and maneuvering smoother. The spring system allows the slim t-bar design to easily control the wheels so slight changes in the handlebars let your child navigate the scooter around objects easily.

This device comes with a 12 inch long standing deck that’s 4.25 inches wide. The deck is reinforced to ensure that it holds the weight while in motion without giving way or breaking.

This is a good choice as a first scooter for young children as it offers extra balance that makes learning to ride much easier.

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The toddler scooters above are all great options you can select from. They offer a great way for kids to burn off that extra energy as well as develop motor skills that will help increase their rate of overall development.