Best Table Tennis Table for Fun and Competitive Ping Pong

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Playing ping pong can be a fun way to enjoy time with family or friends when you’re at home. The best table tennis table offers a way for an entire group to enjoy physical activity that lets them converse and be social at the same time.

Today’s ping pong tables have come a long way from the flimsy wooden tables used decades ago. They are now more advanced and use a lot of features to give players consistent and true ball bounce.

The build of the tables have likewise improved with more layers being used on the table tops providing for more durability.

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Compilation of ping pong tables so you, your friends, and family can have fun together


Indoor Table Tennis Table Reviews

JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table

Unique in its design, this JOOLA ping pong table comes in 2 halves that can be locked together at the center. Each of the table haves can stand on its own as they are built on high quality undercarriages.

This lets you use each half separately when not using it for game play or fold them up to save on space. Both half tables come with their own set of wheels and can be folded upwards.

To use them for game play, just lock the two tables together to form the whole ping pong table.

This is an indoor table which means that it should not be used outside nor kept in the outdoors where the elements like dust and rain can get to it. Like other indoor tables, it provides a higher bounce that outdoor tables and is what the competitive players use.

This is among the more affordable quality units that looks good and also allows you to fold it up. The feature lets you train by yourself by folding up one of the halves.

The table top is layered with a 3.5 inch fiberboard that allows for consistent play and bounce.

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STIGA InstaPlay Table Tennis Table

The STIGA InstaPlay solves one of the more troublesome issues when it comes to TT tables, the assembly. Some of the more complicated ones like the outdoor tables can be confusing to set up.

To make it more convenient the InstaPlay, as its name hints, is a ready to play table. It comes fully assembled, which does make the package shipment bigger and heavier. But once it arrives you can quickly lock the two halves of the table together and start playing, no assembly required.

Like the JOOLA table above, this is designed for indoor use and shouldn’t be left outdoors because it is not made to take on the humidity or changes in climate or weather. Leaving it outside for long periods of time can cause damage to the table top and make it deteriorate faster.

The unit comes with a 66 inch net and posts that are easy to set up. The table top is 0.75 inches thick that offers a true bounce. On the underside, there are 2 inch aprons that provide support, and wheels that can be locked into position.

The STIGA InstaPlay also separates into 2 halves that fold up vertically allowing you to store them against the wall to take up very little space when not being used.

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Outdoor Table Tennis Table Reviews

Kettler Outdoor Table Tennis Table – Axos 1 with Outdoor Accessory Bundle

Made with German craftsmanship, this is an outdoor table that has the ability to withstand the elements. This allows you to keep the table outside the home so you don’t have to use up any space inside your home.

The unit uses double layer coating that allows it to be UV resistant to the sun’s rays. It is also weatherproof allowing it to not deteriorate even when left under the rain, wind or dust.

In its underside, it is equipped with ALU-TEC Climate Control which allows the table to keep its shape and form despite the changes in environment and temperature that may cause material to expand or contract.

This Kettler outdoor ping pong table uses a center folding system that allows for play back and solo play. This lets you fold up one side of the table to vertically and lock it in place so you can practice by yourself.

Made for tournament play, it fits the specifications of international competition at 9 feet by 5 feet.

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Kettler Match 5.0 Weatherproof Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Weighing 114 pounds and measuring 108 inches in length, 60 inches wide and 30 inches high this is a folding outdoor table tennis table that allows you to play competitive ping pong without leaving the home.
The unit uses an aluminum composite top that’s designed to be weatherproof. It is also fitted with a climate control undercarriage that controls expansion and contraction when the climate changes allowing it to stay durable and keep its tournament size accurately.

The unit is set on 4.5” castor wheels, 2 of which have locking systems to fix the table to its position during play.

When not in use, you can easily fold up both sides of the table with a press of a switch. Then lock them in their upright position using the Dual Lock Safety mechanism so they don’t accidentally open up. An adjustable net is also included along with paddle storage and ping pong ball holder.

The unit is very well constructed and built to be very durable.

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