Best Steam Mop Reviews: Clean and Sanitize Floors Fast

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Cleaning floors can be a chore specially if you have pets and kids who can make a mess. While regular mops can do the job, they’re very manual intensive. Our best steam mop reviews offer a better alternative that not only cleans messes but also sanitizes the floors so that germs and bacteria are eliminated.

One of the nice things about today’s steam mops is that they are very convenient to use and clean. They are designed to use the optimal amount of steam of that they dry quickly and don’t leave small puddles of water anywhere.

Better yet, they offer different levels of steam so you can use the low settings on more delicate flooring and high settings to clean stubborn messes on hard surfaces like marble or tile.

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Compilation of steam mops that will clean up wet or dried messes, so you floors stay pristine


Best Steam Mop Reviews

BISSELL Powerfresh Steam Mop, Blue, 1940A

Easy to use and lets you clean up dirty floors as well as get rid of fluids that have stuck and dried on your floors, this steam mop is a great way to remove household bacteria specially when you have very young kids who play on the floor.

The unit doesn’t use chemicals making it safe for children to walk, crawl or play on the floor. It also makes it safe for pets aside from sanitizing the surfaces. All you need to do is load the container with water from the sink and the internal steaming mechanism does the rest.

The unit uses steam to clean floors and has a swivel control head that makes controlling and navigating the mop around furniture as well as edges easier. At the bottom of the device are the microfiber pads which essentially do the cleaning since they pick up the dirt.

The pads are reusable and you’ll just need to put them in the wash so you can use them again. Note that because the mop does a good job, you’ll notice the pads become gray in color after you’ve gone through a substantial section of floor area. To get the pads back to white you may want to use bleach when cleaning.

This is an electric steam mop so you’ll need to have a power source nearby or at least an extension cord. The device lets you use 3 different settings (low, medium and high) from the milder control to on that’s make to get the dried spots and stains out from tiles.

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Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop (S3601D)

Made to be safe for all types of floors from wood to laminate to marble, the steam mop comes with a sleek, slim design that makes it easy to navigate across the room. It is also fitted with a large sized water container with a 500 ml capacity, so you can load up at the beginning and not have to worry about refilling the water during your cleaning session.

The device is equipped with an intelligent steam control system that allows it to deliver consistent amount of steam while in use. This lets you clean better as there is no spot that has too much moisture or too little.

The mop’s cleaning path is 12 inches wide which lets it cover more space on each passing. It also uses washable pads that are designed to pick up dirt and hold on to them. You can expect to use each pad for about 20 washes so purchasing extra may be a good idea.

During use, you can select between 3 different steam levels, which are dust, mop and scrub. All you need to do is set it to the setting your need and push it back and forth to cover the area you’re cleaning like a traditional mop.

  • The dust mode is the first option which is designed for use on delicate floors. They clean and sanitizing them and is ideal for light cleaning and steam dusting.
  • The mop mode is the 2nd option. It offers more steam and is made for tougher jobs. This is ideal for everyday cleaning and works well for marble, linoleum and tile floors.
  • Finally there’s the scrub mode which is made to get rid of spills as well as things that have been there for a while and now have become sticky or dried up. These messes need the most steam and this setting provides that. The scrub mode works well for hard, durable surfaces like tile and stone.

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Bissell 19404 PowerFresh Pet Steam Mop

Very similar to the Bissell 1940A Blue version above, this one comes with violet colored sections and it designed for homes with pets. Like the Bissell unit at the top of our best steam mop reviews, this one comes with a lightweight, easily to control body with a swiveling head to make it easy to push and turn corners.

The device is also equipped with odor neutralizers that help get rid of any pet odors that may been left behind. The fragrance discs also leave a fresh scent that is formulated for pets so it doesn’t cause them any harm or adverse effects.

With this pet steam mop all you need to do is load the water container and wait for the unit to heat up. Heating takes only a short wait and the tank lasts about 20 minutes or a little more. This makes it ideal for medium sized areas though you may need to refill if you’re planning to clean a good section of your home.

It is able to get rid of stains that have dried on floors as well as grout. You can use the flip down scrubber at the back on the unit to help loosen thing if they’re really stubborn.

We also like that it dries up very quickly so there are no wet spots left on the floor for any long periods of time. This quick drying feature also makes it something you can use on more delicate floors like hardwood.

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BISSELL Steam Mop Select, Titanium, 94E9T

With a unique cleaning pad shape that’s triangular, this unit comes packaged with 2 microfiber pads that are washable and reusable. One is a soft pad made for regular cleaning and one pad with scrubbing strips to get rid of more stubborn dirt.

Compared to the other Bissell steam mops above this has a slimmer profile with the weight at the bottom. The triangular microfiber pads also offer a bit of a different feel that takes a bit of practice specially if you’re used to using the straight flat cleaning paths.

The 3 sided shape does make it easier to maneuver around table legs and furniture as well as corners once you’ve gotten the hang of things.

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SteamFast SF-142 Multi-Surface Steam Mop

The simplest to use among our best steam mop reviews, the SteamFast SF-142 is shaped like a conventional mop in that all you have above the base is the pole attachment and handle. The telescopic pole is adjustable in length so you can set it to your preference. At the top of the base is the lid for the water container which you can fill with tap water.

Once you’ve filled the device with water and adjusted the handle height, you can turn it on and use it to clean and sanitize your kitchen, bathroom and living room. It comes with a foot operated on/off pedal which is different from many of the other steam mops in our reviews that use hand switch controls.

It delivers consistent steam so you don’t end up with any water build up or spots on floors. It does a great job for regular cleaning and will get rid of grout though you’ll need to do a few passes.

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