Best Sprinkler Controller Reviews

For anyone who wants to be able to control how much watering their lawn or garden gets, the best sprinkler controller is a must.

These devices take your old fashioned garden sprinkler and turn them into complete watering systems. With a good control unit, you’ll be able to set everything from how much watering to when and how long.

Plus, you don’t need to keep track of when your plants need watering. It does it for you.

Our Picks

These are our top choices when it comes to water sprinkler controllers. The units vary in features as well as cost.

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Best Sprinkler Controller Reviews

RainMachine Touch HD-12 Smart WiFi Irrigation Controller, 2nd Generation (6.5 inch)

The RainMachine Touch HD-12 comes with Wi-Fi capability. This is the second generation version of this particular irrigation controller.

One of the best features of this unit is it can make use of weather data and control your sprinkler accordingly. The HD-12 can be tied to the best weather prognostication on earth and adjust sprinkling accordingly.

This means you can be environmentally responsible and get your property watered as well. Plus, it costs you nothing extra.

Tax dollars pay for N.O.A.A.’s National Weather Service, which the rain machine uses to get weather reports specific for your address.

  • As a result, if it’s raining or too cold the sprinklers will not run.
  • If it is exceptionally hot, the sprinklers will run more.

The sprinklers can likewise be divided into zones. And, you can program the controller to run the sprinklers according to a wide array of choices.

For those who don’t totally trust modern technology, the RainMachine Touch HD-12 Irrigation Controller will not fail you if the internet goes down. It will water according to historical weather statistics for your location.

This ensures your lawn gets the proper amount of water it needs. Not too much, not too little.


Rain Bird SST1200O Simple To Set Indoor/Outdoor Timer

A Rain Bird SST1200O is housed inside a case which can be tightly sealed. This makes it possible to set this sprinkler controller device outside if desired.

This gives you the flexibility of positioning the control unit where you feel most comfortable using it, or wherever’s most practical for you.

This Rain Bird product can also be programmed to control 12 different sprinkler zones. The amount of water can be adjusted so shady areas will receive less water than sunny ones.

This saves you money and helps conserve water for the environment. Plus, it helps prevent over or under watering on your grass and plants.

Additionally, the manner of how water is applied to the lawn can likewise be adjusted.

So, for example, if zone 5 were a sloped part of your lawn, the Rain Bird could be programmed to have the sprinklers spray in such a way that run offs were avoided. This gives you the versatility of being able to handle uneven surfaces should your lawn or garden have them.

Finally, the unit is able to tell when it is raining. And if so, it stops sprinkling. It will also automatically protect itself against lightning strikes and power surges.


Orbit Watermaster 91922 Twelve-Station Sprinkler System Timer with Remote Control

If you like being able to control devices from a distance and not having to go to the controller each time you want to change a setting, this is what you want.

The Orbit Watermaster 91922 is two sprinkler controllers in one. A remote control device accompanies the main unit.

You can use the remote to program a single sprinkler or all of them at once.

This is handy if a repair to a specific sprinkler is needed because you will not need to return to the main unit in order to reprogram the repaired sprinkler.

The remote can control sprinklers 300 feet away. This gives you the freedom to check and make adjustments anytime and anywhere you’re within the vicinity of your lawn or garden.

The addition of a remote makes this product the best sprinkler controller in terms of convenience.

After you use the remote the Orbit Watermaster 91922 resets the sprinklers to their previous programmed settings.

The main unit and the remote are both simple to operate. Some of the programming options you have with the Orbit Watermaster 91922 include the days on which watering will occur, the duration and the frequency of that watering.


Rain Bird SST600I Simple To Set Indoor Timer, 6 Zone

The Rain Bird SST600I was built with safety in mind.

If it detects a short in one of the six sprinkler zones that it controls it will shut down. It also is able to protect itself against lightning strikes and other power surges.

There is no need to reprogram it after a power outage because it will save the previous settings.

It is our top choice for homeowners who are looking for something more economical, yet functions like the higher priced models.

It is about half the price of some of the other units in our list. But gives you excellent features and performs very well.

The Rain Bird SST600I can be programmed to turn off or delay watering if it is raining. The sprinklers can be set to run when and how you want them to run.

Plus, you can choose completely different options for each zone because you program them independently. In total, you can select varying programming for up to 6 zones.