Best Splitting Maul Reviews

When the cold weather comes along, preparing wood for fire can be a tedious and often dangerous task if you don’t have the proper tools or know how to do it. The best splitting maul saves you the time of having to go strike after strike without being able to split wood.

This is a long handled ax whose specialty is to split wood. It comes with a different shape and balance though because of the the larger shaped sledgehammer end.

This gives it that extra mass and force that lets the wedge go right through the larger pieces of wood.

Our Picks

These are our top choices for anyone who’s looking for a reliable splitting maul for working with wood.

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Below we review a few of the top options you can use to make the work of splitting wood much easier. They are all built to last and come with heavy duty construction so you can use them without worrying about damage.


Best Splitting Maul Reviews

Seymour SM-8FG 8-Pound 36-Inch Wood Splitting Maul

When in need of a durable, heavy duty splitting maul, look no further than the Seymour SM-8FG. This wood chopper comes with a standard 8 lb. head that is designed to be stronger than most other sledges.

It is crafted with optimum performance in mind with the blade edge being polished and sharpened to outlast most other mauls. Additionally, the maul is specially balanced to create heavier momentum and end power to the stroke.

This outdoor tool has a 36 inch handle that’s built fiberglass that won’t easily chip or splinter even in the coldest weather or harshest punishment. When it comes to synthetic handles, the Seymour is the best choice out there.


Truper 30958 8-Pound Splitting Maul, 36-Inch Fiberglass Handle

What sets the Truper 30958 apart from splitting mauls of lesser quality is its double injected fiberglass handle. Anyone who has ever cut firewood knows that a handle can be the most important part of a quality maul.

Don’t bother shopping around for a more aggressive blade, the Truper’s is designed to split through even the most stubborn piece of wood.

Any accidental over strike also won’t leave a mark on this durable tool since it has a special rubber buffer that’s designed to protect the handle from any potential accidental misuse.

Additionally, the handle is coated in a special rubber synthetic to guarantee better handling. Designed for both maximum efficiency and user comfort, the Truper 30958 is a great piece of equipment to have when you need to chop up larger pieces of wood.


True Temper Sledge Eye 1190400 Super Splitter

The light, 4-pound head equipped to the top of the True Temper Sledge Eye is perfect for anyone needing to work extra hard in preparation for winter.

The handle boasts a molded polypropylene exterior with a fiberglass injected core.

This gives it that added durability for powerful swing after swing. Because the head weighs less than standard mauls, the user will experience less fatigue while swinging repeatedly.

But don’t let it fool you, the blade is specially manufactured to split better than most other maul blades before it.

Winning the race with both ergonomic qualities and great design, this splitting maul is the perfect choice for new or seasoned wood splitters.


S.A. Wetterling 32K Large Splitting Maul

For those looking for a more traditional splitting maul, the S.A. Wetterling 32K is an excellent choice. This splitting maul is a bit geared for more heavy duty work compared to the competition.

This S. A. Wetterling wood chopper comes attached to a 32 inch long handle that’s made from hickory. This gives it that added striking power.

Heavier than most modern mauls, it comes with an 8.6 lb. head which is constructed to get the job done.

This is considered the best splitting maul by those who use it. It also comes packaged with a leather blade cover to keep the the blade sharp and ready to go at all times. If it’s power and guaranteed splitting that you are looking for, this is the best tool for the job.



If you need to split a lot of wood, a good splitting maul is a great tool to have on hand. These tools are as strong as they get. This lets you save your effort and let the maul do its work.

In some cases, it’s a better option than using an ax which has a much narrower wedge. The wider size of the maul makes it easier to split wood as it breaks each piece wider apart.