Best Spinning Bikes for High Intensity Cardio Workouts

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Initially built for cyclists to train when they could not get outside to ride, the best spinning bikes are now a very popular way to burn a lot of calories in a short period of time.

These indoor cycles are designed like outdoor road bikes and less like the traditional upright stationary bikes that we’ve known. The advantage of this is that it allows riders to pedal at much faster paces and switch between high speed pedaling and the slower, more demanding uphill climbs.

They are also constructed to take more abuse much like how to cyclist leverages their weight on the bicycle to make it go faster or climb up elevations.

Our top spinning bike reviews below list down the products that are worth considering.

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Compilation of spin bikes that will let you burn away the extra fat and calories


Best Spin Bike Reviews

Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

Best Spin Bike for the Money: When it comes to value for money and affordability, this indoor exercise bike is among the best offers you can find.

It is relatively affordable and comes with many features found in more expensive units. The most prominent of these features is the heavy 40 lb. flywheel that often is available to spin bikes that cost closer to the $500 range.

It is well constructed so you can workout as intensely as you wish. This unit uses a chain drive system which makes it necessary to oil it every now and then. What you do get with the chain is that it simulates the riding feel of the outdoor bicycles which also use the same mechanism.

Built to support users who weigh up to 275 lbs. You can do all the workouts and exercises that spin classes do without holding back.

This unit comes with adjustable seat and handlebars though only the seat allows you to adjust both forward and backwards as well as up and down. The handle bars only move up and down.

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Sunny Health & Fitness Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike

For Smooth & Quiet Riding: This is a slightly upgraded model of the Sunny Health & Fitness spin bike above. It comes with many similar features including the same pedal thread size, adjustability of the seat and handlebars and 275 lb. user weight capacity.

The most prominent changes, aside form the paint color, are the flywheel and the drive mechanism. This one is built with an even heavier 49 lb. flywheel that makes it ride very smooth. It is also belt driven as opposed to the chain drive system used in the model above.

In this setup, a rubber belt replaces the chain making produce less noise. While most good quality indoor cycles still run quietly with a chain driven system, the belt makes it very quiet.

Also constructed on a heavy duty steel frame, it feels very stable even when you ride out of the saddle. The tension adjustment knob also lets you change the resistance level so you can change pace and speed.

Weighing over 100 lbs., the bike has transport wheels on the front side of the base frame. When pulled down you can roll the unit to make transporting it easier. As for size, it measures 50 inches in length, 20 inches wide and 44 inches high.

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Sole Fitness SB700 Exercise Bike

Spin Bike with Cycling Computer: If you’re looking for something closer to the ones you’ve used in the fitness center, this fits the bill. It isn’t as high end as some of those indoor cycles are but it definitely starts getting closer to them.

One of the biggest advantages of this bike over the other spinning bikes in our review is that it comes with a cycling monitor. Most mid-priced spin bikes along with lower end ones often aren’t equipped with a bike computer, so you either need to attach your own.

This display on this unit is a 3” by 4” LCD that has a nice blue back light. It also tracks your calories burned, distance traveled, time of the workout session, your speed and RPM.

Built with a compact footprint of 40 inches long by 21 inches long, it takes up little space in your room but offers big features. Made with a heavy duty steel frame it weighs nearly 150 lbs. This gives it the stability when you ride on it without the wobbly feeling. The sturdy frame also allows for more weight, with a maximum capacity of 300 pounds.

Another nice feature is that both the seat and the handlebars allow for vertical as well as horizontal adjustment. This makes it easy for different users to get on it and adjust the bike to fit them comfortably.

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Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle

Gym Quality Bike: One of the coolest looking indoor bikes around, this exercise cycle offers all the things you look for in a spin bike. It is made with high quality materials and components that make it comparable with those you’ve ridden in the gym.

Equipped with a comfortable seat and a smooth ride, this device lets you pick between the black and gray colors models. It comes equipped with a bike computer that not only tracks your workout statistics but also shows you the current gear you’re using. The computer is backlit and can be attached to a heart rate monitor.

Like the SB700 above, this product uses magnetic resistance making it very quiet and smooth to ride. However, it is fitted with high quality Shimano dual platform pedals.

Excellent quality and performance this is our best spinning bike pick if it weren’t for the high price tag. It has all the features you look for when looking for an indoor cycle.

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