Best Speed Bag: For Punching Speed & Accuracy

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In boxing, using a combination of different types of punching bags helps develop various skills. The best speed bag improves a fighter’s timing, rhythm and coordination. It also helps them develop better hand speed so they can out punch their opponents while having a better rate of punches landed.

Compared to heavy bags, these offer a totally different type of training that helps build a good overall boxer.

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Listing of boxing speed bags you can choose from for working out

Whether you’re trying to improve your punching speed and timing or just want to take your stress out on a speed bag, the following are the products we recommend.

For each you’ll want to choose the size of bag that fits your goals, whether it’s the smaller bag to help you build accuracy and speed or the larger bag that lets you pound the hell out of it.


Everlast Elite Leather Speed Bag

Manufactured by one of the best known brands when it comes boxing equipment, this is a great option if you’re looking for something that isn’t expensive yet offers good quality. Among our speed bag reviews, it has a lower price tag and offers various sizes for beginners and intermediate level users.

The Everlast Elite Leather Speed Bag is made from leather of the highest grade. It also comes with reinforced lacing and welted seams which increases its durability. This also makes it less likely that it will become ripped after prolonged use.

The bag has been weighted and shaped to ensure that you achieve the perfect rebound when it is hit. It has been designed to recoil rapidly which can help you to improve your hand and eye coordination and improve your reflexes.

The small size of the bag means that you need to be quick when hitting it, so it is also useful for increasing the speed with which you are able to punch the bag. If the bag is to deflate it can easily be re-inflated with a pump.

When choosing this bag, pick out the size that suits your needs and fitness level:

  • Small: for advanced users; also the fastest moving; you aren’t going to be able to hit it as hard.
  • Medium: for intermediate users; combines speed with a smaller target.
  • Large: for beginners; it is the easiest to hit; also you can hit it the hardest to get rid of aggression.

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TITLE Boxing Gyro Balanced Speed Bags

Best Speed Bag: In our featured reviews, this is our top pick. It offers excellent balance and there are no soft spots. This way you get the expected rebounds each time you strike it. This helps with timing and rhythm.

The TITLE Boxing Gyro Balanced Speed Bag has internal balancing which means that it will rebound perfectly when it is struck. The shell is made from top grade leather and the seams are triple enforced which means that you can be sure of its durability.

You should not notice much wear and tear, even if the bag is used on a daily basis and it will not lose air. Replacement bladders are available if this does ever need to be changed.

The material is soft and this makes it easier on your knuckles when you are boxing. It is suitable for all levels of training and can help you improve your skills, particularly speed and coordination.

The one drawback with this one, at least for beginners is that there are no larger sizes. Offered in small, medium and large sizes, this bag doesn’t come in the bigger sizes, which is why some may call it a peanut bag.

The large size, comes in at 7” by 10” which is often a choice for someone who’s an advanced beginner or at the intermediate level.

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TITLE Speed Bags

These TITLE Speed Bags come in a range of five sizes so it is easy to find the perfect speed bag for your needs.

The larger sizes are better for beginners. If you’re at this level, choosing the size 10 (10” by 12”) bag or the size 9 bag that’s 8” by 11” are the best options.

Sizes 7 (7” by 10”) and 6 (6” by 9”) are for intermediate boxers while the smaller bags, including the size 5 one that’s 5” by 8” are designed helping more experienced boxers to really improve their skills.

The rebound of the bag is very accurate which means it is returned quickly and can help you increase your speed. It retains its shape, even after heavy use and the air will not need to be refilled all that often.

It has several features that increase the durability of the bag including triple stitching, handles that are reinforced and welted seams. The inner bladder is designed to have a long life, but can be replaced if needed.

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Pro Mex Professional Speed Bags

This is another small bag that is excellent for working on your speed as well as stamina. It is a good alternative to the Title Gyro Balanced bags above.

The Pro Mex Professional Speed Bags are professional quality bags that come in a choice of three sizes. They are made from goatskin leather which provides a long lasting finish and also means that the bags will rebound rapidly.

You are able to tell that it has been well made with quality materials as soon as it is put up. It holds air well and the stitching can also hold up to heavy use.

Air can be added and removed from the bag, and if you are a beginner then you may choose to have it under inflated at first.

It is very well balanced which allows you to maintain your speed when you are hitting the bag.

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Speed bags are a great way to improve your skills as boxer. They help you improve hand eye coordination and well as quickness, all of which are crucial is making it in the ring.