The Best Soccer Rebounder for Improving Your Game

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Best Soccer Rebounder

If you or your kids dream to be the next Lionel Messi or Alex Morgan, then being able to practice on your own even when you’re away from the pitch or your teammates is a must. The best soccer rebounder lets you work on your dribbling, receiving and passing skills in your own back yard.

It’s a simple to set up device that uses a durable netting. This allows the soccer ball to rebound back to you after each kick. Using it you not only work on your kicks but also train your reflexes to react and adjust quickly when the ball caroms off the net to any direction whether for a grounder or to the air.

Our reviews below cover different styles and sizes including more compact ones and also larger sized units. Plus one that offers professional level game speed rebounding at the end.

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Compilation of the soccer rebounders for training on your own


Best Soccer Rebounder Reviews

Franklin Sports Adjustable Soccer Rebounder (6 ft. by 4 ft.)

Best Affordable Soccer Rebounder: For kids who are into soccer as well as adults this is a great way to practice your kicks and ball control. The rebounder allows to you practice fielding as well as passing when you don’t have anybody to practice with.

Measuring 6 feet wide and 4 feet high this is a compact unit that lets you train from close to medium range. It is made with solid steel frame and comes with a 4 inch by 4 inch netting that has a target zone so you can work on your accuracy.

You can set up the device using the 4 galvanized ground stakes which keep the entire unit steady even when you kick the soccer ball to it. The face also allows for 2 adjustable positions, one on a 45° angle where you can practice receiving the ball in air after it rebounds from the net. You can likewise set it to the 90 degree angle for ground passing and ball control. The net rebounds nicely such that it trains you to be more prepared as well as improves reflex time.

Easy to assemble and light in weight the kids can easily bring it to the yard and back into the garage or storage area when they’re done with practice.

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Franklin Sports 12 x 6 Tournament Soccer Rebounder

This is a full sized version of the rebounder above, measuring 12 feet wide by 6 feet high. It uses a similar type of design that’s sturdy thanks to its 1.25” steel tube frame.

Practicing with this tournament sized goal lets you or your kids use a similar environment to that in the game. One added advantage is that it lets you practice on longer range kicks as you have a much bigger net to shoot at.

Like the smaller unit above, the net comes with a target zone which allows you to practice on aiming at a specific area at goal. While bigger, the net is set up such that the ball rebounds well back to you with each kick and not just stops there like a regular soccer goal.

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SKLZ Quickster Soccer Trainer


Equipped with two nets, the SKLZ Quickster lets two players practice at the same time. The two nets are set up separate from one another so the rebound on one net does not affect the other.

The 2 nets are sized differently. The bigger net is designed to rebound into the air as it had an angle to it. It also allows you to practice stronger kicks as well as your receiving abilities whether by foot, header or chest.

The smaller net on the other side of the device is set lower so that your kicks and rebounds will stay on the ground. This net lets you practice control and ground passing. It also lets you practice dribbling and then taking shot at goal or making follow ups.

While it may look at bit complicated from the image, setup is fairly simple and shouldn’t take anyone 5 minutes to complete. The nets are attached to the fiberglass poles which is what keeps them up. The pole assist the net in the rebound process as it bends easily.

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Tekk Trainer Rebounder Goal (for Soccer, Basketball, Lacrosse, Baseball)

For the Serious Soccer Player: If you’re a serious player who wants to practice at game speed and improve your reflexes, the Tekk Rebounder is the one to consider. As far as strength, durability, adjustability and rebound strength, this is the best soccer rebounder in our list.

It is built with heavy grade aluminum making it much more stable and solid. It has thick, heavy duty brackets that make it durable.

The net is also better designed and constructed such that whether you’re practicing your shooting, passing or heading the ball rebounds at game speed. This helps to react faster and learn to play against faster opponents. We also like that it is adjustable, allowing you to change the angles at which the ball rebounds to you so you learn how to receive from different angles.

Most of the other rebounders above are great for kids and recreational players, but if you play competitively or have goals of playing college soccer or even further, it may be a good idea to invest in this.

That said, you do have to pay for quality, which is why this is more expensive. It is also heavier and not as portable as the others, though still very easy to set up.

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