Best Smith Machine Reviews: Lift More Weight at Home

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Sometimes we just want to be able to lift without being burdened by having to focus on balancing the weight. This is one reason gym machines are popular. The best Smith machine lets you do that plus execute the exercises closer to the motion of lifting free weights, which isn’t always the case when using exercise machines.

On a Smith system, whether you’re doing bench press or squats, you are able to use almost the same motion that you would normally use when lifting the bar. The only difference is the guided carriage does the balancing of the bar for you. This lets you focus squarely on moving the weight, so you can lift heavier for muscle.

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Compilation of smith machines you can use in your home gym


Deltech Fitness Linear Bearing Smith Machine

Offering a good sized 700 lbs. of capacity, this unit uses an Olympic bar to let you do your lifts. The bar itself it 70 lbs. so you can work with that or use it for warm-ups. This machine’s frame is built on solid steel with the Smith system running of linear roller bearings. This lets the bar’s carriage slide smoothly up and down across the rail.

We like that it is wide towards the rear of the unit as the extra supports act as stabilizers that keep the entire unit solid and steady while you lift. The rear supports are also fitted with plate pegs so you can store your weight plates there instead of piling them on the floor.

One extra feature of this unit is that it has a chin up station at the front top portion of the unit. This lets you work your pull ups as an added workout.

Like the others in our reviews here, this is a sizable machine which makes it reliable. It measures 49 inches deep, 86 inches wide and 81 inches high. The 11 and 14 gauge steel tube frame gives it support at the proper points.

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PowerLine PSM144X Smith Machine

Best Cheap Smith Machine: This is the cheapest item in our best Smith machine reviews. It easily costs half as much as many of the other units. The unit is constructed with heavy 12 gauge steel for stability and is fitted with a smooth gliding carriage so there’s not jerking motion when you lift.

The unit spans a floor area of 76 inches wide and 45 inches deep and 80 inches high. It will be shipped in multiple packages including instructions on how to assemble the entire equipment.

The PSM144X offers 14 different positions to lock out with and safeties that are adjustable so you can set them before doing your lifts. This allows you to be able to lift on your own without a partner or spotter.

A good complement to this Smith machine would be an adjustable bench so you can use it for bench pressing as well as other seated barbell exercises.

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Valor Athletics Smith Machine

Fitted with linear bearings this Smith machine smoothly glides as you do all your different workouts. It can be used for just about everything ranging from squats and deadlifts to the military press. If you add a workout bench, you’ll be able to work your bench pressing as well.

The linear bearings help make the Smith system’s carriage move smoother up and down the vertical bars. The knurled bar meanwhile easily rotates to allow you to hook to the lockout points anytime you want to during your lifts.

The entire unit comes in 5 boxes and when fully assembled measures 80.5 inches tall, 53 inches from front to back and 73.25 inches from the ends of the bar. The posts are 49.5 inches apart which gives you a nice 4 feet from the left to right side to lift.

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Body Solid Series 7 Smith Gym Package w/ 400 lb. Weight Set

Complete Home Gym: Those looking for a complete home gym with weights included will find what they want in this unit. It comes with 400 pounds worth of plates that are rubber grip as well as the bar so you can get started right away.

It comes with all the gym equipment you need to sculpt and build the physique you want. The Smith system lets you workout without worrying about balancing the bar so you can use your max weight lifts. The Smith system offers 20 different lock out points.

You can likewise squat or bench press with free weights as this gym comes with 14 racking hooks outside the Smith system. The gunrack setup lets you lift with free weights when you feel like it.

To make it complete the unit comes with a cable and pulley system with a weight stack that’s loaded with 210 lbs. It attaches to the lat pulldown apparatus and a pec deck so you can likewise enjoy a similar experience of the commercial gym at home.

This is a solid home gym that measures 64 inches wide, 78 inches from front to back and 84 inches high. Built with a 12 gauge main frame steel that’s 2” by 3” it offers both stability and durability in terms of construction.

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Body Solid Series 7 GS348Q Smith Machine

If you want the setup of the Smith system in the Body Solid Series 7 above but don’t want the rest of the home gym portion, you can get that with the GS348Q. This offers the sliding bar that runs on linear ball bearings as well as the gunrack system for free weight lifts.

The specification and configuration are the same as the unit just mentioned so you get a welded 11 gauge and 12 gauge steel frame that’s 2 inches by 3 inches thick. It also offers 20 points for locking out as well as the 14 free weight racking levels outside the posts. The outer rack comes with safety catches that are 17 inches long.

Because it doesn’t include some of the other apparatus, it is much cheaper as well as smaller in size, with dimensions of 64 inches wide by 66 inches long. It is 83 inches tall.

Note that unlike the Smith Gym Package, the GS348Q doesn’t come with any weights. So you’ll need to purchase them separately.

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