Get Comfy: Best Seat Cushion for Office Chair Use

Depending on the type of office chair you’re given, it may not always be the most comfortable. And even if you’re lucky to have a cushy seat it may not always be good for your back.

The best seat cushion for office chair use offers a combination of comfort, even if you need to sit for long periods, along with proper posture assistance. This ensures that all that time you spend seated behind your work desk does not wreak havoc on your health and back later on.

The reviews of the products below list seat cushions that help prevent back strain as well as reduce any sort of back pain either from getting tired or past back issues.

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Compilation of office chair seat cushions that will help you feel more comfortable even if you work long hours


Aylio Coccyx Orthopedic Comfort Foam Seat Cushion

Best Seat Cushion for Office Chair use: Designed to improve posture and reduce any pain on the back or the tailbone, this seat cushion is our top pick. It does not come in the traditional square shape and neither is it soft or fluffy.

Instead it is made to be firm, yet comfortable. The firm texture allows you to sit on it without it sinking all the way down. This keeps you in the right sitting alignment so your hips are right under your spine. This posture helps get rid of that dreaded slouch.

In doing so you can sit and work even for long hours without feeling back strain or pain. We do recommend that you get up and walk around, even for just a couple of minutes, every 30 minutes to an hour, since it has been proven that sitting straight for long periods isn’t healthy.

With a featured cutout tailbone section, this orthopedic foam cushion frees up that area so you never put any pressure on your tail bone. The foam seat surface is also contoured to the shape of the body. This guides you on where to sit.

The grooves help to keep you sitting straight upright, and making it awkward to slouch. This helps distribute weight evenly so no area of your body gets tired are an hour of sitting. It also fosters good back posture.

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Extra-Large TravelMate Seat Cushion (Size: 19″ x 17″ x 3″)

For Comfort in Large Seats: If you have a large desk chair, then this may be a better fit. Most seating cushions are made for standard sized chairs. However, we all know that depending on where you work and what chairs the HR department orders, you can get different sized seats.

This cushion offers a large 19” by 17” coverage. It has the same 3” thickness so you get a lot of support and comfort.

This more conventional in shape and design compared to the Aylio cushion above. It uses a square to slightly rectangular shape and is flat on the surface for the most part. The front section slopes down to make it curve for the legs. This makes it feel more natural when seated.

With a dense, core foam at the bottom, it offers support. The top layer is made with memory foam to add comfort. This lets you sit behind your office desk and work without feeling any strain or back pain even when you’re there for a few hours.

The thick high density cushioning also offers comfort so you don’t end up having to keep switching positions.

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Xtreme Comforts Seat Cushion for Back Pain

Designed to offer relief for various back pain related issues, this cushion can be used for office chairs, cars, trains, and airplane seats. While built for individuals who suffer from conditions such as sciatica, degenerative discs or herniated discs, this works very well for regular sitting.

It is similar to the Aylio seat cushion above in that it is made for orthopedic purposes. The seat’s purpose is not only to provide relief from any pain like a sore tailbone but also to restore the spine’s natural curve.

By sitting on the grooves it helps correct your posture so over time, the issues caused by any misalignment go away. One other benefit of using this cushion is that it helps balance the weight distribution. This allows for better blood flow as well as hip and spine alignment.

This device is made with memory foam so it helps adjust to the shape of your body. This helps make sitting comfortable. The high density cushion also keeps it from sinking down when you sit on it.

The cushion itself is enclosed in a washable cover. The machine washable fabric makes it easy to keep the product clean without ruining the cushion itself.

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Tushy Cushy Memory Foam Seat Cushion

Glad to say that for a product with a cute name, it does offer performance as well. Very affordable, it is built with memory foam that helps adjust to the contour of your body. This is one of the features that make it among the best office chair seat cushions around.

The Tushy Cushy offers comfort along with support. It works well for anyone who has suffered from back pain while seated as well as hip or pelvic discomfort. You can also use it to sit on floors when you need to do so.

The cushion can be used on metal, wooden or cushioned chairs. It does not slip nor move around with any of these surfaces.

By now you’ve probably noticed that many of our picks in this office chair cushion reviews are of the molded orthopedic style. We prefer this over the regular square, flat seats because they not only are firmer so you don’t sink down but also offer lumbar support. This plays a big part in the office where you sit for around close to 8 hours daily.

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