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When the electricity goes out, doing things we’re used to can become difficult. The best propane generator helps keep our lights and other electrical appliances running even when black outs happen.

This kind of generator is often compared to the more conventional diesel gas generator. And while they work similar to restore temporary power, they’re quite different because of their fuel source.

In this article and our reviews, we explain the how using LP generators can benefit you. And which products to consider when you’re in the market for one.

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Benefits of Propane Generators

Propane generators or LPG generators use LPG or propane tanks as their fuel source instead of gasoline.

If you’re wondering whether this kind of generator is for you or not, here are some of the biggest advantages of using a propane generator.

It Burns Cleaner

One of the biggest pluses of this kind of generator is it burns more cleanly. This is especially true compared to gasoline powered generators.

Because of this LPG has less of a negative impact on the environment. Also it produces lower levels of emissions. Additionally, there are less fumes that come of out the exhaust and into the air around you.

They Offer Varying Sizes

These units run on LP tanks. The tanks can be purchased in different sizes depending on your needs. Thanks to this versatility you can use these devices both for powering the home as well as a job site.

They also allow you the advantage of being portable so you can take them with you if you need to.

Propane Can Be Stored for a Long Time

Another benefit of these generators comes from its fuel source. You can store propane for long periods of time without them going bad. They are stored within their tanks making it easy to keep track and keep the LPG.

This makes them ready to use anytime. And you don’t know when emergencies will arise. Also during emergencies and crises, you may not be able to get gas from your local station for one reason or another.

Easy to Operate

The LPG tanks are very easy to attach using the generator’s fittings. This makes it easier compared to loading gasoline.

They are also very easy to start and stop quickly as well. This makes them ideal if you need to use them every now and then.

Run Quietly and Less Maintenance

One of the best things we like about propane generators is that they run much quieter than your regular gas powered generator. They also require less maintenance relative to other types of generators. This is because of their cleaner fuel usage during operation.

They Cost Cheaper

From the cost perspective, propane generators are cheaper than diesel powered generators. This makes them more affordable when it comes to initial purchase.

Do note however, that on a operational basis, LP tanks or propane in general comes out more costly as a source of fuel. So you’re ahead on the initial purchase, but the “refueling” to operate the unit will cost more compared to gas powered ones.


Best Propane Generator Reviews

Sportsman GEN4000LP Portable Generator

  • Starting watts: 4,000
  • Running watts: 3,250

The Sportsman GEN4000LP is a great solution of unexpected power outages that can occur anytime. It keeps you from being left with no electricity.

And we all know that electric power is essential for keeping food fresh and running other helpful appliances that make your daily life easier.

This unit is a portable generator. It gives you 4,000 watts of power starting up. And, 3,250 watts during operation.

This unit runs on a 6.5 horsepower OVH motor. The propane power gives you electricity on those days when a power outage occurs.

Ths GEN4000LP comes with a standard gas grill style LP tank, which holds enough fuel to supply you with 10 hours worth of electricity.

Best of all it comes with an engine shut off switch so you can turn it off quickly if something unfortunately goes wrong. The unit also comes equipped with overload protected outlets to help keep your electronic devices safe. This safety feature also helps keep the generator from becoming damaged.

With this generator, you can run up to 3,250 watts continuously for 10 hours with ease.


DuroMax XP4400EH Dual Fuel Powered Portable Generator

  • Starting watts: 4,400
  • Running watts: 3,500

If you prefer having the flexibility of being able to switch between gas and propane as your power source, then the DuroMax XP4400EH is a great choice.

This is a portable generator that offer dual fuel capability. It has an electric start mechanism that makes starting up simple, quick and easy.

The unit comes with a maximum AC output of 4400 watts which occurs during start up. Meanwhile, it supplies 3,500 watts during running operation.

This DuroMax model is equipped with 120 volt 20 a 30 prong outlets, a 120 volt outlet and a 240v 30 a twist lock outlet.

It even comes with a voltmeter, an engine shutoff switch breakers and power outlets so it can be used with ease when electricity is needed fast during a power outage.

However, this generator weighs about 128 pounds. This can make it wieldy should you need to move it from one location to another. It can be a bit heavy to move around in grassy areas, but it does roll around on its wheels on pavement and gravel areas with ease. The wheels on this generator are sturdy and so is the metal frame.

Overall, we like the XP4400EH because of its ability to run on both propane and gas power. This flexibility and convenience is always good to have so you can choose fuel source as needed.


Generac 6000 Propane Powered Portable Generator

  • Starting watts: 3,750
  • Running watts: 3,250

If you want a 3,250 watt powered generator that runs on the cleaner emission propane power, the Generac 6000 is a good option.

This is another portable generator and one that is good to use to help get electricity where you need it most. However, it does not come with a propane tank, but you can get a standard 20 to 30 pound one to fit it easily.

This generator does come with covered outlets to protect it from the harsh elements of Mother Nature. And, it also has circuit breakers to help protect your electronics and generator from overloading with too much power.

The Generac 6000 propane generator moves with ease on sturdy wheels. So, you should be able to get electricity to your home with ease when it is needed.

Best of all, since this device runs on liquid propane it burns cleaner, which is much safer for the environment.