Best Power Tower: Get the Physique You Want From Home

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Looking for a way to get a full upper body workout at home? Consider the best power tower. This is one of the lesser known gym training equipment. But what it lacks in popularity it offers in its ability to let you perform a large number of exercise.

Depending on the type of power tower you have, you may be able to do as many as 20 different exercises and often even more with this one equipment. You can use it with or without weights as it lets you leverage your own body weight.

Covering everything from core exercises to arm and back workouts, you can build a formidable upper body with abs to boot with just one piece of equipment.

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Compilation of power towers you can pick up for your home or gym


Weider Power Tower


  • Physical Dimensions: 57 inches long by 41 inches wide by 84 inches tall
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.

Solidly constructed, this power tower is tied for having the highest maximum user weight load among our best power tower reviews. Able to hold as much as 300 lbs. of weight it gives you the options of adding extra resistance to your body weight.

This allows you to load up a dip belt or put on a weighted vest for your pull up or dip workouts when bodyweight training just isn’t enough anymore.

Among the features we like about this piece of equipment is that it offers good padding on the forearms when doing vertical ab exercises. It also has sufficient foam padding on the grips making it easy to focus on the exercises.

The slimmest among out 5 top power tower reviews, this unit lets you save some floor space in your home gym.

Included in the Weider Power Tower are a vertical knee raise station, push up and pull up stations at the rear or the unit, and a set up for doing dips.

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Stamina 1690 Power Tower


  • Physical Dimensions: 49” in length by 42.5” in width x 81” high
  • Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.

The cheapest among our power tower reviews, the Stamina 1690 allows you to enjoy a full upper body workout at an affordable price.

The structure and design of the unit also makes it the least space consuming as it has a number of open spaces between the uprights.

The unit is built on solid supports and is fitted with non-slip rubber caps at the base to keep it in place while your workout. It allows you to do a wide range of exercises including sit ups, push ups, dips, pull ups and chin ups, as well as knee and leg raises.

One thing to note about this tower is that it does now come with forearm supports for when you do the knee raises. It is the only one where you won’t be able to rest your arms on supports when doing vertical ab exercises. All the other picks in our reviews here include them.

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Body Vision PT600 Power Tower


  • Physical Dimensions: 42 inches long by 43 inches wide by 85 inches tall
  • Maximum Weight Limit: 250 lbs.

To save on space, you may want to consider the PT600 by Body Vision. The device has the smallest footprint, in terms of floor area it occupies among our top 5 picks.

The reason it is able to do this is it places all the workout stations and their handlebars on the front side of the unit. By placing the pull up bars right over the knee raise station, which in turn is over the push up bars, it is able to reduce the overall size of the equipment.

Cushioned padding are located on the knee raise station so you can rest your forearms while training your abdominal muscles. It also includes a back padding that lets you rest against the frame.

The pull up station also allows you to do regular and wide grip pull-ups and chin-ups as they’ve placed foam padding on the sections of the bar.

One thing to note with the push up bars at the base on the unit is that they are positioned for neutral grip and not the more common pronated grip.

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XMark Power Tower with Dip Stand and Pull-Up Chin-up Bar XM-4446


  • Frame: 14 gauge, 2” by 2” steel frame
  • Physical Dimensions: 54.5 inches long by 48 inches wide by 86 inches high
  • Maximum Capacity: 275 lbs.

Among the best value for money options we’ve found, the XMark XM-4446 is built to be sturdy and wobble free. The unit comes with a 14 gauge steel tube frame that’s 2” by 2” thick.

This makes it ideal for repeated, daily use and something that you may want to consider if durability is one of your main concerns.

One other feature we like about this home gym is that they’ve installed thick high density cushions on where your forearms and back will rest while doing knee ups, leg raises and other ab exercises. The pads are 2.5” thick giving offering more comfort making it easier to just focus all your attention on doing the exercises.

As you’d expect, the thicker frame makes this the biggest unit in terms of size and bulk. It also happens to be the tallest at 86 inches high. As for user weight limit, it stands in the middle of our group being rated for 275 lbs.

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Bowflex BodyTower


  • Physical Dimensions: 50 inches long by 50 inches wide by 77 inches high
  • Maximum Capacity: 300 lbs.

The tallest among our 5 best tower power reviews, this Bowflex home gym ties the Weider Power Tower for being able to accommodate the most weight with a 300 lb. capacity.

With a design that’s unique and distinct from the conventional horizontal bar and pull up station, it boasts of being able to let you do over 20 different exercises with it. The unit comes with an exercise cheat sheet that will guide you on what workout you can do for each body part.

Constructed on a heavy duty steel frame that’s commercial grade, this is a solid piece of training equipment.

One of the most unique features about the BodyTower is that while it comes with a horizontal bar, you’ll be doing most of your ab and leg lift exercises using the slings that are provided. They offer a different feel to the knee raise station because you’ll be resting on the back of your upper arms instead of the forearms when doing exercises with it.

One nice addition though is that it also includes hand grips you can clip onto the horizontal bar. This lets you perform horizontal pulling exercises like bodyweight rows.

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