Best Pool Cover Pump Reviews

To make sure that your pool’s cover doesn’t overflow with water or get nasty all over, the best pool cover pump is needed.

While it may look like an excess accessory, these devices help in keeping your pool and pool cover in good condition during the colder months. By getting rid of water that’s accumulated on the cover, it helps prevent the cover from sinking or taking too much weight.

Also, a dry cover is easier to take off come summer time. It’s also worth mentioning that it is much safer as well to the people involved in the process.

Our Picks

The list below covers our favorite products when it comes to pumping out water from your pool’s cover. These products offer varying features so you can find something you need. We’ve also included reviews of pool cover pumps underneath to give you more details on these products.

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What is a Pool Cover Pump?

Pool covers are necessary if you live in an area where you don’t have the sun out the entire year round. These specialized covers protect your pool and the water in it from insects, debris and dirt.

Just as importantly it keeps rain out of it as well as keeps it enclosed during the winter time when the pool won’t be in use for a prolonged period. In addition, pool covers help prevent water from evaporating. And, they help keep the pool’s temperature to better levels.

Pool Cover Pumps

Unfortunately, one downside of pool covers is that the longer they stay on, the more likely they’ll fill up with water and debris. And when this happens, it can be difficult in taking them off come summer time.

Here’s where pool cover pumps come in.

These pumps are placed on top of water filled pool covers. They work by pumping out the water to leave your pool cover drier. This makes it easier to take the cover off later on.

These pumps work very efficiently and get rid of excess water quite quickly.

Having a pool pump cover saves you from laboring in taking off a pool cover that’s filled with water, which can get dangerous depending on how big your pool is and how much water is on the cover. It also saves you from having to call in professional pool services to do the job.

In addition, with these pumps you can pump water out every now and then instead of once per season. Doing so lessens the weight on the cover caused by the accumulated water, which can damage your pool’s cover.


Types and Features

When it comes to pool cover pumps there are manual units and automatic units.

  • Manual units – are cheaper. But, you need to turn them on and off manually. This means you need to monitor water accumulation as well as rain fall.
  • Automatic pool cover pumps – these have sensors that detect whether or not the cover needs to be drained from water. They work on their own and turn on and off as needed. For example, when it rains, they’ll work to pump out the excess water from the rainfall.

When it comes to choosing the pump, the bigger pumps will faster in pumping water out. Even the bigger models are compact and lightweight so, that shouldn’t be an issue.

One way to tell how much or how fast the pump works is its GPH or gallons per hour rating. This tells you how many gallons of water it can pump out in a given hour. The higher the GPH the faster it can do the job.


Tips on using Pool Cover Pumps

Here are some tips on these kinds of swimming pool pumps. The video also features some reasons why they’re useful and how to stay safe when removing your pool’s cover.


Best Pool Cover Pump Reviews

WAYNE WAPC250 1/4 HP Automatic ON/OFF Pool Cover Pump

With cooler seasons coming it is time to pack the pool away for winter and that means covering up the pool with a protective cover. However, some covers collect water on the top. This can make it difficult to remove and messy as well.

This is where the WAYNE WAPC250 pool cover pump comes in. This unit gets rid of the dirt as well as the excess water that has accumulated on your pool cover.

It can help prevent water from gathering on the top. And, also prevent issues that are caused by this, such as a sunk in pool cover.

This pump comes with a ¼ horsepower motor. It also is equipped with Wayne’s iSwitch technology. This technology is what allows the pump to turn on and off as certain water levels rise and go down. The automatic control lets the unit regulate itself so you can stay hands-off in the process.

Most importantly, the pump is energy efficient. And, it does not run on oil. As such, you end up saving money in operating it.

In addition, this clever pump system has a strainer to filter out debris. It is also equipped with an automatic freeze protection system to stop the electronic from freezing during colder temperatures. This keeps it safe and secure so it doesn’t become broken causing you issues with the pump or your pool.


Little Giant PCP550 Pool Cover Pump

If you are in need of a small pool cover pump then you can save some cash and go with this unit instead. This device is more practical for smaller pools because its size is appropriate for those.

The PCP550 pool cover pump has the ability to pump out 550 gallons of water per hour.

This Little Giant offering is a good bet for helping keep your pool cover in good shape and clear of extra, unwater water and debris during the cooler months.

It has the ability to filter out debris. And, has a long 25 foot electrical cord along with a ¾-inch garden hose connection. Together, these two accessories help to make draining water from pool covers fast and easy.

They also save you the trouble of looking for extensions either for the electric cord or for where to dump the water.

However, do note that this pump isn’t energy efficient. And, it can freeze up during colder weather. This makes it not too ideal if you live in very cold climate areas.

That said, it works wonders at keeping water off your pool cover in milder temperatures. Best of all, you don’t need propane or oil to run this pool device.


Little Giant 500500 1-AA-18 Submersible Cover Pump

This product is another offering from Little Giant. The 500500 1-AA-18 is a submersible unit that helps pump water from your pool cover.

When you are in need of a submersible pool cover pump that won’t become damaged when the water goes above it, this swimming pool accessory cleaning product is the one to use.

The unit comes with equipped with its own 18 foot long electrical cord. This length helps you so you can plug it in to your closet outlet. Also, an epoxy coated aluminum housing helps to keep the water from getting into the pump.

The pump even has a ¼ inch MNPT outlet with a garden hose adapter. Together, these components allows this pump to drain 170 gallons of water per hour.

Most importantly, you do not have to worry about this pump becoming clogged up with debris. The reason for this is because it has a filtration system that keeps it out.