Breathe Easy: The Best Personal Humidifier Reviews

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Depending on where you live, how you feel or the way the weather behaves, you may experience breathing issues due to the environment. If you have the sniffles, cough or cold, the best personal humidifier will help clear up the mucus and congestion.

Our picks and reviews below look at some of the long running devices that you can use to get breathing relief. We’ve also included one to two products that are small enough so you can bring it with you when you need to travel away from home.

This way, no matter where you end up you can get a good night’s sleep with easy to breathe air.

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Compilation of personal humidifiers that are compact and easy to move


Remedies Cool Mist Humidifier + Aroma Diffuser – 7 Color Cozy LED Light

Best Personal Humidifier: Shaped like a tear drop this is a home appliance that easily fits into any room. It has a simple yet nice design.

This is an ultrasonic cool mist humidifier. It helps add moisture into the air to help young kids and adults who are suffering from colds and flus. The device releases refreshing cool vapor that helps loosen the secretions so you can breathe better.

It operates very quietly so you can leave it in the baby room or bedroom. The device also has a nice 7 light color feature where you can set it to different LED night lights.

Depending on how much vapor you want you can adjust it to produce more or less using the control knob. This drop shape appliance also comes with an automatic shut off system that turns the unit off when the water in the 2.8 liter tank reaches low levels.

Very simple to operate, easily adjustable and with safety features, this is our top pick for personal use humidifiers.

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TaoTronics Humidifier Ultrasonic Cool Mist

Full Setting Controls and Adjustability: If you want to be able to get full control of how long your humidifier runs and what specific humidity to keep the room at, this is the product to get.

This offers more features as well a controllability compared to the item above. It comes with a digital screen which allows you to monitor the settings.

We like this product because:

  • You can set humidity: Unlike most of the others where you need to monitor the humidity with a separate device, this unit comes with humidity control. You can set the level from between 40% to 95%. The ideal level is often between 40% and 55% for indoors.
  • Timer settings: You can set the machine to run for a specific time period. After that it shuts off automatically. This lets you use it for sleep and then tell it turn off on its own.
  • Adjustable vapor levels: you get options of low, medium or high mist modes. It also lets you select the mist angle.
  • Sleep mode LED: the night light feature lets you use it for sleep or have it turn off in sleep mode. This lets you get shut eye without the light.

Very easy to clean and effective for dry skin and colds, we love that it lets you have full control of the humidity so you can put it at a specific percentage. This gets rid of the guessing or trial and error.

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Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier with Auto Shut-Off

Warm Mist Humidifier: This product is the minority when it comes to our personal humidifier reviews. Unlike the others in our list this is a warm mist humidifier. So unlike the rest you don’t get the cool refreshing air coming out from the device.

The reason that it is able to produce warm air is that it is equipped with a heating element. This warms the water which then causes steam.

If you live in an area where the climate is cool or your room tends to stay cold, this is a much better option compared to the cool mist humidifier. It will bring up the temperature as well as help you breathe easier.

You can likewise use steam medications like Vick Vaposteam so the vapor that comes out is medicated. This will help clear up the nasal passages and throat area.

This Vicks product comes with a 1 gallon capacity. It has a built in shut off system that automatically engages to keep you safe. The water container capacity allows the device to operate up to 12 hours when filled full.

Compared to cool mist humidifiers, these are cheaper in the long run as you don’t need to replace and buy filters. They do however use a bit more electricity since they run on the heating element to create steam. Nevertheless, they are very inexpensive to use.

Note that while these help with breathing and clearing up nasal passage ways, they aren’t recommended for use with young kids and toddlers. They use warm water and are also become warm to the touch. This can cause your child to get burned if they accidentally touch the device or tip it over.

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Portable Travel Humidifiers

Air-O-Swiss AOS 7146 Travel Ultrasonic Humidifier – Cool Mist

Best Travel Humidifier: This is a portable humidifier that lets you bring it with you when you’re on a trip or vacation. It comes with the humidity producing vapor the units above.

This lightweight humidifier comes with a 1 gallon water capacity. The device runs up to 24 hours on one gallon.

Very lightweight and compact you can pack it into the carry case fit into your luggage. The device also comes with a transcontinental AC adapter as well as switchable plugs so you can use it on different wall power sockets around the globe.

The device only consists of the humidifier. It does not have its own water container. This is what makes it compact and light. Its spout fits your regular store bought water bottles. This makes things simple as you go out and grab a bottled water and plug it into the device.

When using this device, don’t use too large a water bottle or a glass bottle. The base of the unit isn’t too wide so it can tip over with heavier weight. A good way to prevent tipping would be to lean it against the wall or squeeze it in between other items of furniture so it won’t tip over.

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Vicks Vul520w Filter-free Cool Mist Humidifier, Mini

No Filter Humidifier: If you prefer not having to buy or replace the filters on your humidifier, then this Vicks product is an option. Do note that is doesn’t have as big a water tank capacity as the others, so it doesn’t run as long without needing a refill.

The half gallon water capacity limits its run time to 10 hours per full tank. This is a bit lower compared with the other products in our review. However, that’s still quite a long period of time. On the lowest setting, you can squeeze out as much as 20 hours.

As you’d expect this is another very small device. This makes it more portable than some of the others. Its size however also makes it more ideal for smaller areas. This makes it perfect for use as a personal humidifier.

Designed to produce cool mist, you can adjust the amount of vapor being put out by the machine. The control knob lets you turn it up or down easily.

This is a mini humidifier that offers very low maintenance. It works well for smaller rooms as well as personal use to keep humidity levels at 40% to 60% to help get rid of viruses in the surrounding air.

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