Best Pellet Smoker Reviews

Alongside the more popular grills and smokers, the best pellet smoker can hold its own. This kind of BBQ grill may not be as widely known or used as the other kinds.

But, make no mistake, it comes packed with cooking, grilling and barbecuing ability.

If you aren’t aware, pellet smokers don’t use gas, nor do they need charcoal to cook food. Instead, they use pellets. Hence, the name.

In this article and review, we take a closer look at this cool BBQ smoker and the top products available on the market.

Our Picks

Below is a list of the pellet grills we like for smoking BBQ. Each of the products make use of wood pellets giving you a different flavor profile compared to propane and charcoal grills. To learn more about these items, we’ve included reviews underneath our top picks.

Should you need to check out a few more products to help you decide,

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What is a Pellet Smoker/Grill?

Pellet smokers, also called pellet grills by some is basically a smoker. So in essence, its purpose is to let you smoke meats and make BBQ.

But that’s where a lot of similarities end.

Using Pellets

These devices are relatively less known. But are gaining popularity. Basically, they look like offset barrel smokers. Except that the firebox on the side is replaced by a hopper.

This hopper is loaded with wood pellets that are about an inch long and ¼ inch thick. It is these pellets that are used as the fuel source.

Temperature Control & Convenience

What’s great about the pellet grill/smoker is its convenience. They let you “set it and forget it”. At the front side of the smoker’s hopper you’ll often find a temperature controller. This lets you control the internal temperature much like that of an oven.

In fact what makes these units great is they somewhat work like large convection ovens.

So all you need to do is set the temperature digitally. This tells the grill/smoker how much pellets to use to maintain that temperature. After that, just throw the ribs, brisket, or chicken in the tray and wait.

That’s it. Because you can control the temperature, you’re able to automatically adjust the level of inside the smoker as high or low as you want.

Cooking Versatility

Depending on the model and make of the pellet smoker you get or have, you can either smoker and grill or do a lot more.

Essentially, these devices are meant to be smokers. But, because of how they’re built and how they keep heat internally, they’re also great for grilling, searing, slow cooking, roasting and barbecuing.

The convection oven style heat also lets you bake and cook pizza if you wish.

They’re also much easier to maintain because there’s not charcoal to clean afterwards. There’s also no need to watch the LPG gauge to see if gas is low.

All you need to do is load up the wood pellets, set the temperature control to the level you need, and insert your food to BBQ, grill or bake.

Then it’s all about waiting before your food is done.


How a Pellet Smoker Works

To give you a better visual understanding of what happens within these grills work, here’s a quick video on the different parts of a pellet smoker. It also includes how the process starts from beginning to finish so you can imagine how smoking a brisket or grilling a piece of steak goes using it.

Next up is our reviews of the top products available on the market.


Best Pellet Smoker Reviews

REC TEC Wood Pellet Grill

One of the best pellet smokers around, food can be grilled to perfect with the REC TEC Wood Pellet Grill.

This unit comes with its very own Smart Grill Technology built into it. This technology helps you adjust the temperatures of the grill so you do not under cook or over cook your food.

The pellet grill is built for durability. It comes with a strong stainless steel frame, smoke stack and handles.

This grill even comes with a towel ring so you can always have one near by to clean up after messes. Or, just to grab a hot plate with ease so you do not burn yourself.

There is also a shelf below to place your grilling tool upon for easy access when you need them.

Best of all this cooking unit uses only natural pellets to help heat it up and add flavor to your food.


Traeger Junior Elite Pellet Grill with Digital Thermostat Controller

When you want a grill with 292 square inches of cooking room the Traeger Junior Elite Pellet Grill just might be the one for you.

This is especially true if you are a serious BBQ chef who wants to be able to cook many different ways. Traeger is known for its excellent pellet smokers. Their designed not only let you smoke BBQ, but also grill, bake, roast and slow cook in the grill.

This unit comes with a temperature controller that is digital. This feature is there to help you adjust the heat level internally. This is so you can cook up your food just the way you like it.

The Traefer Junior Elite also comes with a cooking surface as well. You can use this and place pots and pans upon it. This feature lets you cook in a variety of ways.

With this steel constructed hard pellet grill, not only can you cook up food on it, but you can bake, roast and smoke meals with it as well.

Best of all, it comes with an automatic ignition starter. This device lets you get to grilling or smoking right away. Also included is its built in drain system for grease to help keep the food you grill clean and healthy.


Camp Chef PG24 Pellet Grill and Smoker BBQ

The PG24 from Camp Chef is a BBQ grill and smoker unit. It comes with digital temperature controls to make cooking, smoking or grilling easier.

The temperature probe also ensures you get the proper doneness for meats.

This is a great tool for anytime you want to do some serious grilling.

This Camp Chef pellet grill and smoker offering is the outdoor cooking device you might just need if you want to be able to smoke or grill with one device without using the traditional grill or smoker.

We like the amount of space you get with this unit. Its 560 cubic inch cooking surface allows you to be able to load up a feast for you love ones in little time.

Best of all, the grilling rack is removable, which makes this grill super easy to clean up after your done cooking with it. You could even use the unit’s very own cleaning system feature which it comes with to get the grill cleaned up quickly. This means no more scrubbing the grill with a brush for you.

With this natural hardwood pellet grill your food will come out flavorful, tender and moist.