Best MMA Gloves

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Every serious mixed martial artist needs the proper equipment for training before getting into the ring or octagon. The best MMA gloves will serve you well both in training and the actual match itself.

For them to work properly, these gloves should not only be comfortable and lightweight so you can quickly move and strike. They should also offer good protection for your knuckles so you don’t damage hand.

Our Picks

Here’s the list of the top products you can use for mixed martial arts. Many of the gloves are used by pro and semi-pro fighters so you know they’re ring proven. For additional information, we’ve included reviews further down below.

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Best MMA Gloves Reviews

Combat Sports Pro Style MMA Gloves

If you’re looking for budget MMA gloves that don’t have low quality, then the Pro Style MMA Gloves from Combat Sports are definitely worth a look.

The affordable price they come at makes them a good choice for beginners as well as anyone who enjoys getting high value for a low cost.

The gloves come with plenty of padding to protect your hands. Plus, you get wide straps for wrist support.

The mixed martial arts gloves will keep your hands protected no matter how tough a workout you put them through.

We also like that you are able to personalize your look for training. These gloves come in a range of colors to suit any preference. You can choose the more traditional black color. Or, mix it up a little with the brighter ones like neon yellow, electric blue, or pink.

All in all, there are 8 colors offered. This way, you’re not stuck with standard black ones.

Just be aware that they can run a bit small, size-wise. So, it may be safest to go a size up when ordering. Also, do use the manufacturer’s sizing chart on the product page to find the right measurement for you.


Everlast Pro Style MMA Grappling Gloves

Another excellent option in the budget range are the Everlast Pro Style MMA gloves. The Everlast brand is probably better known for their boxing gloves and training products.

However, since the rise of MMA, the brand has extended its range of products to suit mixed martial artists as well.

This pair of gloves are designed for grappling as well as some striking. They offer similar levels of padding and wrist support as the Combat Sports gloves featured in our reviews above.

These Pro Style MMA gloves from Everlast,are another pair that will keep you protected at all times.

Unlike the Combat Sports gloves though, these run slightly large. So do keep this in mind when ordering. They are sized for hand wraps which explains why they are sized slightly larger. If you feel you fall in between sizes, go with the smaller size.

While they only come in two color options, black and red, they are nicely made and give you that professional look in the octagon.

The product comes with synthetic leather. And, you get Everlast’s very own EverDri moisture absorption technology. This feature will make sure that you feel comfortable even during a grueling workout or sparring session. It also means that they are made to last you a good long while.

Do keep in mind to wear them with hand wraps. That’s because they are designed to be worn with them. And unless you have very wide hands, the gloves may slip a bit without the wraps.


Venum Undisputed MMA Gloves

This is among our favorite products if price isn’t an issue. They come from Venum which makes high quality products for combat sports including boxing and mixed martial arts.

If you’re interested in a more premium set of MMA gloves, the Venum “Undisputed” MMA gloves are a pair you should consider.

Venum is a well-known and respected MMA brand. And, the quality of their gloves reflect that. While you pay a bit more for the name, you’re also getting excellent quality and craftsmanship.

These MMA gloves are constructed with premium leather. They offer extreme shock-absorption. And, they also claim a unique clamping wrist-strap, which does, admittedly, offer some support benefits over more traditional ones.

As with Everlast, there are only two color choices. This time you get to pick between the black with white trim, or white with black trim gloves. Both color designs are very visually striking. And, that will definitely catch people’s attention the moment you put them on.

Overall, if you’re willing to spend a little more, these gloves will definitely give you an enhanced experience over more budget ones. And, they will likely survive more hard use.


Hayabusa Ikusa MMA Gloves

Saving one of the best for last, we have another well-known MMA brand. This comes in the name of Hayabusa. The brand is not so well known outside mixed martial arts.

But for anyone training in MMA, you’ll hear the brand mentioned often when it comes to gloves.

Hayabusa’s Ikusa MMA gloves are another premium pair. And, they’re probably the best MMA gloves that are widely available.

Of course, the judgement does come with some subjectivity because each of our hands feel differently. Plus, MMA fighters use different styles that suit different types of gloves.

This product are officially regulation-weight. So, training with them feels like the real thing. They also offer the advantage of being used in actual competition. And not just in training.

As with Venum, they have a claimed unique wrist-support system. It uses a different design. Though you do get a similar better result. The wrist support system does provide significant support and protection for your wrist.

Even better, they seem to have some of the best durability around. This is true even after consistent, heavy use. They are able retain their exceptional build and stitching quality.

Again there are only two colors available for this model. They are the black and white colors. But, as with Venum’s Undisputed gloves, both colors are very visually appealing.

Honestly, if you’re involved in MMA or a striking sport, you’re probably already familiar with Hayabusa and their reputation for quality. But if not, do yourself a favor and get a pair of these gloves. You won’t be disappointed!