Get Fit! Best Mini Trampoline for Cardio and Fun

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Having the best mini trampoline at home gives you the liberty of enjoying a fun, fat burning workout any time. While not as popular for cardio as some of the other exercise machines, these offer the benefit of low impact exercises.

Jumping and bounding on rebounders not only helps you lose weight but they also strengthen your muscles as well as build stronger bones. All the while you don’t put as much impact stress on your joints because you’re bouncing on a softer, more accommodating surface.

From beginner to advances you can use any of the indoor fitness trampolines below to start your training routine. Start by getting your balance and marching then gradually move to jogging and rebounding.

In no time you’ll be an expert rebounder.

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Compilation of small trampolines so you can workout and play indoors


Stamina 36-inch Folding Trampoline

Built for indoor or outdoor fitness, this mini trampoline can be folded and taken apart should you want something that isn’t left fully assembled in the middle of the room. The jumping platform, the frame and the legs can be detached from one another making it easy to store them away.

This unit comes with 6 legs to make it more stable so that wherever you land there is enough support under the frame to hold the weight. Measuring 36 inches (3 feet) in diameter you have enough space to jog or jump side to side. The size does however limit use to one adult user at a time.

This is one of the best mini trampoline options for rebound training and weight loss. The cardio workout will let you shed pounds without having to put your joints to the impact of running or jumping on harder surfaces like the floor or asphalt.

In terms of rebounding ability, you’ll be able to get a good amount of air under you thanks to the 30 resistance bands that attach the rebound surface to the frame. Each of the bands are 2 inches thick.

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Stamina InTone Oval Jogger

For more workout variety and balance assistance, you can opt for the InTone Oval Jogger, also made by the same manufacturer. Unlike the Stamina model above, this one comes with a handlebar setup that lets you hold on to something while jogging or rebounding. This is a great way to get started as you won’t need to be afraid about balance.

Another difference with this device is that it does not come in a circular shape like most trampolines. Instead it is oval in shape. This design difference has to do with the bar since you won’t be moving too far back while holding on to the bar. So it gives you the space from side to side to move along the path of the handlebars.

Included in the packaging is a DVD workout video you can follow to. Also included is a mini electronic monitor that can be used to track your workout. It registers the number of bounces you’ve made, how long you’ve worked out, calories and also your jump rate for each minute. This can help you see how much exercise you’re getting.

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JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 250

Best Mini Trampoline: If you’re going after quality, then this is it. Solidly constructed and built with a maximum user weight capacity of 250 lbs. the device lets you rebound with peace of mind knowing that the frame, bounce surface and cords are built for durability.

For structural stability this isn’t foldable. So while it does take up more room and you can’t fold it down it does offer more safety and stability even when you’re doing intense workouts.

This rebounder is 39 inches wide in diameter and around a foot high off the ground. The added height ensures that your feet won’t touch the floor even when jumping vigorously. The compromise however of the higher height is that it may not be suitable for low ceiling homes, specially if you’re tall.

Keeping the rebounding surface attached to the unit’s frame are 30 EnduroLast 2 cords. These cords are rated for 1 million cycles allowing you to consistently enjoy your rebounder for a long time. If you like being able to hold on to a handle while doing your rebound exercises, you may want to purchase the additional bar which fits with this unit.

The one drawback of this exercise device is the cost. It costs considerably more than the others in our review here since you’re paying for durability and quality.

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Pure Fun Mini Trampoline

Offered in sizes of 40 inch and 38 inch diameters, this is very similar to the the Stamina mini trampoline at the top of our reviews. It does offer a wider surface to workout on as you get an extra 2 or 4 inches depending on the model you pick out.

Another difference between this unit and the first indoor trampoline above is that this one uses springs for its rebounding ability and not the resistance bands. Springs offer more bounce and are able to lift you higher. They are however more prone to breaking and you can also land on them should you veer towards the sides during your jumps.

Designed for users who are 220 lbs. or lighter, this device can be used at home to burn calories or strengthen muscles. The gravitational forces exerted on the muscles and bones during rebounding have been shown to improve muscle strength as well as build bone density.

This device is 8.5 inches off the ground. You may want to measure whether or not you have enough room to jump if you have low ceilings.

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