Best Low Fat Dog Foods


Dogs, like humans, need fat in their diets. It’s why you’ll often see some type of healthy fat like fish oil or Omega-3 in the ingredients. But in some cases the best low fat dog foods is what your vet may prescribe.

If your doggie is like ours, they like to eat. And eat a lot.

They sit beside you at the dinner table attracted to the aroma of food. If that goes uncontrolled, soon enough you’ll see fido get wider. This caught us by surprise the first time we had a dog.

The surprise came when the vet told us that it was time to go on a low fat, low calorie diet.

Most of the time, it is their weight that calls for the need to go ow reduced fat diets. However, some medical conditions like stomach sensitivity can also make this occur.

Our Favorites

If, for whatever reason, your pooch needs to cut down of fat in their meals, the list below are the best products to get that done. The dog foods in our list all have low fat content making them a good solution.

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Best Low Fat Dog Foods Reviews

The Honest Kitchen Zeal Grain Free Fish Dog Food

  • Fat Content: 8.5%

If your dog is overweight or has been recommended by the vet to lose a few pounds, this is a good option to have.

The Honest Kitchen’s Zeal dog food is one of the best low fat dog foods on the market. This USA made product makes our top reviews list because of the ingredients and their quality, along with the low fat percentage.

This fish recipe is made for sensitive adult dogs. And, it and contains healthy ingredients such as haddock, pollock, eggs, sweet potatoes, apples, and more. This makes it something that suits dogs with sensitive stomachs as well.

The ingredients are all from real and natural sources. The Honest Kitchen prides itself in using only healthy, and whole food in making their food for dogs.

This product is 100% human grade. And, it is also FDA approved. This ensure that you only give your dog the safest and most high quality food to eat.

This grain free fish recipe dog food provides a variety of health benefits to dogs. There are high levels of protein. Plus, it is low in fat. In addition, your dog receives Vitamin D & E, and more with each serving.

In order to prepare this dog food, all you have to do is at water and wait three minutes. Once this is complete, your pooch will be able to enjoy this delicious, natural, and healthy low fat dog food.


Premium Edge Healthy Weight II Weight Control Formula Chicken Flavor Adult Dry Dog Food

  • Fat Content: 8%

Next on our low fat dog food reviews is another excellent choice for losing weight or controlling body fat.

Premium Edge’s Weight Control Formula is a chicken-flavored, dry dog food that is designed for the needs of adult dogs. The purpose and main use of this product is to assist dogs in maintaining an ideal body weight.

Not only does it help maintain body weight, it also promotes a healthy immune system, skin and coat management, and works better for pets who often suffer from digestive issues or have sensitive stomachs.

Some of the healthy ingredients that are found in this formula include real chicken, protein, glucosamine, chondroitin, and antioxidants. For an ideal weight management control system for your dog, try Premium Edge’s weight control formula offering.


Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food

  • Fat Content: 10-12%

Compared to the 2 products mentioned above in our reviews, this one contains a bit more fat. However, it is still a relatively low level compared to many other varieties available.

The Wellness CORE natural and grain-free dog food is a dry dog food formulated with reduced fat. This means it intentionally has lower amounts of fat included in the formula compared to regular food.

This makes it ideal for adult dogs that are older than one year old. It is also well suited for those that are overweight or have certain condition that require them to cut down on weight or fat.

Its main purpose is to promote weight loss and weight management. At the same time however, providing nutrition to your dog.

The grain free recipe uses 100% natural ingredients. And, it has high levels or protein. Also, it is free from artificial flavors, preservatives, and colors.

Other worrisome ingredients such as soy, corn, wheat, and meat by-products are left out. This not only makes it healthier overall, but also eliminates a lot of the sensitivities that regular chow may cause dogs with sensitive stomachs.

The product offers a variety of other benefits besides weight loss and management. Among them, is that it helps maintain bone and joint health, helps promote healthy skin and coat, and can boost a dog’s immune system.

There are a variety of mouth-watering flavors that your dog will love. These flavors include ocean recipe, original recipe, puppy recipe, wild game recipe, large breed recipe, and this one – the reduced fat recipe.


Weruva Dog Food, Paw Lickin’ Chicken, 14-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12)

  • Fat Content: 2.5%

This offering from Weruva shows us one of the reasons why many vets will tell you that canned dog food are better than kibble. However, they can be more costly over time because of the volume that dogs need to consume on a daily basis.

When you’re looking for really cut down of fat, whether for some medical condition or your dog needs to go on a diet, this is one of the lowest fat dog foods available.

This Weruva dog food is a grain-free dog food that is designed for adult maintenance. This dog food is created with natural ingredients that are so natural that humans can eat them. Yes, you read that right. But we don’t recommend doing so.

The purpose of this dog food is to help maintain a healthy body weight. It helps by minimizing the amount of fats and carbs in the food recipe. But, still having and maintaining high levels of protein and other nutritious ingredients. This way, your dog loses weight and fat, but doesn’t lack the nutrients they need or get malnourished.

This recipe is a chicken breast and gravy flavored dog food. Very importantly, it does not contain any antibiotics or added hormones. The absence of these substance ensure only the highest quality food for your dog.

Some of the healthy and nutritious ingredients include Vitamin E, A, B, and D, Calcium, fatty amino acids, and more.

In order to feed your dog nutritious and natural dog food, as well as to satisfy their taste buds, Weruva’s Paw Lickin’ Chicken dog food is a perfect choice.