Best Log Splitter Reviews

When you have a lot of wooden logs to take care of, having the best log splitter is a great convenience. And while you do have a number of log splitting tools to choose from, this kind of machine is the most ideal when you have a lot of logs to split.

They let you do the work with little manual effort on your part. Plus, they’re more efficient so you are able to do more in less time.

Our Favorites

Below is a list of the top products to consider when you’re looking for something to make splitting a good number of wooden logs easier. We’ve included the weight capacity of products to give you an idea, as well as help you find the one that suits you faster.

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Types of Log Splitters You Can Choose From

Splitting Maul

This chopping tool looks like an axe but has a head that widens towards the back. As such the wedge is thicker than that on a regular ax. And this makes it better for splitting wood.

The wider wedge helps divide the wood as the maul is driven into the wood. Splitting mauls weigh about 6 to 8 pounds on average.

The biggest advantage of this splitting maul is its price. It’s very inexpensive. Plus, it’s very easy to bring with you anywhere.

These log chopping tools are great if you have a few pieces of wood to split. But,since you’ll be doing the chopping manually, it can get a bit more difficult once you get to a good number of logs you need to take care of.

Also, they’re not the best option when trying to chop big, thick logs. Essentially, you won’t always be able to get the maul through the bigger pieces of wod.

Manual Log Splitters

These are better if you have bigger pieces of wood to split. Manual log splitters come with hydraulic jacks similar to that used to lift cars when changing a flat tire.

This log splitter is set up lying flat with the log placed on the splitting mechanism. From there all you need to do is pump the handles. Each time you pump the jack pushes the wood into the wedge, until it splits in half.

The biggest advantage of this device is that it can handle a lot of logs with less effort. Plus, it also can split logs that are of good size. Depending on the product you get you can get anything above or below 10 tons. That’s a lot of weight, and something that the splitting maul won’t be able to do.

It costs more than a splitting maul. So you can get about 5 mauls for one of these devices. At least as far as cost is concerned.

Unfortunately, these devices are slow and take a longer time to split one log. So, while you may be saving on effort, they aren’t ideal if you have a pile of logs to work on.

Also, there’s a lot of bending and picking up the logs to set onto the splitting mechanism.

Gas or Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter

These are the products we featured above and in the reviews below. These are our top choices when it comes to doing the most amount of work with the least amount of effort.

These devices go anywhere from the smaller 5 ton splitters to the larger 25 ton or more units. Which one you choose will depend on the size of the logs you are dealing with.

But the best part about these machines is that all you need to do is positing the log onto the wedge. Then press on the lever. After that, the machine automatically, pushes the wedge through the wood to slice it in half.

There’s no log lifting and no manual chopping. Plus there’s the speed of the device and the amount of power it offers. You can take large logs and slice them open in just a few seconds.

On the downside however, they do cost considerably more than the other devices mentioned above.

So, these make most sense if you’re dealing with a good number of wooden logs.


Best Log Splitter Reviews

Powerhouse XM-380 Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter, 7-Ton

Long, large logs require a woods splitter to chop them up into burnable logs that are easy to handle. With the Powerhouse XM-380 you get more work done with less effort.

This unit comes with a 7 ton splitting ability. It run on a hydraulic mechanism so the machine does the work for you. The unit runs on electricity so you do need to plug it in.

However, there’s no dealing with gas for operation which many like.

With this device, you can split logs up to 20 ½-inches long and 12-inches wide with ease. This 104 pound electric log splitter is also portable. It can be towed into the area you need it in for splitting logs with ease.

This electric splitter runs on a 3 horsepower 3HP motor. It delivers 2500 watts of power and gives you 3500 RPM, 7 ton capability. As mentioned, because it runs on electric power, you will never need to fuel with gas or have to fuss over starting it with a pull starter.

Instead, all you have to do is switch it on and it will start immediately for you. This makes it so you can begin chopping up that wood immediately for those colder months.


Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter, 7-Ton

If you are looking for a one handed operating wood splitter this is a good option.

This offering from Boss Industrial comes equipped with a 2 horsepower electric motor. It gives you no problems during startup thanks to the easy start push button.

The ES7T20 is another electric powered log splitter that’s very easy to use. And, according to its users, it’s among the nicest one’s they used.

The unit, like the one above, also comes with 7 ton log capacity. This lets you handle good sized pieces of wood. It is designed to handle chopping up logs that are up to 20 inches long. However, logs with knots are difficult to chop into smaller logs using this machine.

Also, it does work best when it is chopping up knot logs that are under 16-inches long.

This heavy duty log splitter makes splitting wood into smaller logs easy and fast that way you can be ready to use it on those cooler days when you need warmth quickly.


Champion Power Equipment No.92221 Gas Powered Log Splitter, 22-Ton

For serious log splitting, this is something you may want to get. It does cost more than the smaller units but it also gives you the ability to handle large pieces of log.

The Champion Power Equipment 92221 comes with a 22 ton capacity. As you would have guessed, it is gas powered. This makes it different from the other splitters mentioned earlier in our reviews.

The unit is also bigger in size. It is however, towable by a trailer. It comes with a 2-inch ball hitch and DOT approved tires.

This Champion Power Equipment gas powered log splitter is the one to use if you have a lot of large pieces of wood to work with..

It is powered by a 196cc OHV engine with a cast iron sleeve. And the unit is equipped with a 2 Stage hydraulic pump that can split large logs into halves or smaller chunks with ease.

Do note that you will have to refill it with gas to keep it operating properly.

We do however, like it a lot because you can operate this splitter vertical or horizontal for whichever way is easier to chop up the logs needed to create firewood for the cooler months when heat is needed.