5 Best Lightweight Wheelchair Products for Mobility and Travel

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When you need to be able to move from one location to another, the best lightweight wheelchair allows you to easily lift it into your car or SUVs’ trunk. This makes traveling much easier than with the heavier, bulkier models.

Modern lightweight wheelchairs come with strong, durable frames that make them safe and secure for the patient. They are also more compact because you can fold the back rest and collapse the frame to a very small package.

All the products we’ve chosen below not only have easy to control steering, but are also very stable. We’ve also listed only those that are easy to transport.

Our reviews cover all devices that weigh 26 lbs. or less.

With the lightest only weighing 15 lbs.

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Collection of lightweight wheelchairs that make lifting and traveling more convenient


Best Lightweight Wheelchair Reviews

Drive Medical Lightweight Steel Transport Wheelchair

  • Wheelchair weight: 26 lbs.

Best Lightweight Wheelchair for the Money: Lightweight with a folding backrest, this wheelchair is ideal for transport and when you need to be able to go places. It fold into a smaller frame compared to many similar models and comes at a more affordable price too.

Available in 17” and 19” seat widths, this device is narrower than the standard wheel chairs. The design makes it easier to navigate and turn as well as get through slim doorways and walkways.

This chair comes with a 250 lb. weight limit and uses heavy duty 8” casters. It folds up to a smaller 33” long by 10.75” thick footprint. The height is still relatively standard at 39”. This makes it easy to push the chair without the caretaker having to stoop down all the time when doing so.

This unit comes with a durable seat that’s designed for safety as well as comfort. Wheel locks are also fitted so ensure that safety when getting on and off the device. This way there’s no chance that the chair will slide or roll away.

Lightweight, foldable and very affordable. This is one of the top choices when it comes to travel wheelchairs.

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Medline MDS808210AB Aluminum Transport Chair

  • Wheelchair weight: 23.5 lbs.

Offered in blue and red colors, this is another lightweight travel wheelchair. Designed to make transport and mobility much more convenient, it is equipped with a folding back rest and a lightweight aluminum frame.

The frame is designed to be durable and supports up to 300 lbs. Its low 23.5 pound weight makes it easier to load into the back of the car or airplane during travel. The smaller size and folding ability also makes it easier to store away.

For added safety, the seat includes a safety belt. The seat itself made from durable upholstery so there’s no risk of tearing or breaking away at any time. One final safety feature are loop brakes on the push handles. This makes it easy to stop the chair, instead of using your arms and bodyweight to pull it back.

As far as seat dimensions go, there’s enough space with the 19” wide by 16 inch deep nylon upholstery. The device comes with comfortable foot rests that can be folded up as well.

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Drive Medical Fly Lite Ultra Lightweight Transport Wheelchair

  • Wheelchair weight: 19.8 lbs.

Among our best lightweight wheelchair reviews, this one come in with the 2nd lowest poundage. Weighing just 16.8 lbs. without the foot rests attached, this makes it easy to carry the device when loading it to your vehicle or in the airplane.

With the foot rests attached it weighs a total of 19.8 lbs. which should be about the weight it will be pushed, without the patient in it. It is equipped with 4 wheels, with the 2 casters in front being revolving.

The rear wheels are slightly bigger at 8” compared to the smaller 6” front wheels. And while this setup means more effort in getting the chair moving, the light weight and makes it easy to push once it gets going.

The chair’s frame is built using durable, but lightweight aluminum. This provides both support and safety. You also get to choose between a couple of plaid colors or just plain black for the seat’s upholstery.

Supporting up to 300 lbs. this is a compact, easy to transport and push wheelchair that’s ideal for mobility and traveling.

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Medline MDS808200SLRR Ultra Lightweight Transport Wheelchair

  • Wheelchair weight: 15 lbs.

Lightest Weight Wheelchair: If you’re looking for the lowest weight possible this is it. At 15 lbs., this is as low as you get without sacrificing safety. The unit comes with a simple frame and a fold down back.

Together they make it easier to fold the device for transport when you want to load it into your car or SUV. It features rolling 8” wheels on the rear and parking brakes.

While this may be an ultralight travel wheelchair, it still offers solid carrying capacity. Supporting up to 300 lbs. in weight, it comes with a comfortable seating area that measures 19 inches wide by 16 inches deep.

The foot extensions swing away making it easy for the patient to step in and out of the chair. For added comfort, a cup holder and soft arm rests are also included. The chair comes with a built-in safety belt should you need to use it.

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A combination of light weight, stability and smooth ride, the device above are easy to use both for the patient and also the caretaker. They make transporting the device much easier because of the lightweight frame as well as the folding features.