Best LED Lantern Reviews

Having a good portable lighting solution that doesn’t rely on electricity is always handy. They’re so valuable during emergencies when the lights go out during the night, and offer a great way to light up a campsite when you’re out in the wilderness.

Whichever is the case, best LED lantern is a good choice to have as non-electric lighting solution. These devices run on battery power and use LED bulbs that don’t get hot or pose a fire hazard. This makes them safer to carry around.

Our list of the top LED lanterns available below not only offer high degrees of brightness, but also a ton of very useful features specially if you’re an outdoorsman.

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Collection of LED lanterns that offer high lighting power and multiple features


Streamlight 44931 The Siege Lantern

Best LED Lantern: We love this outdoor lamp because it not only offers a good amount of lighting power but also has a lot of versatility to it.

Streamlight’s the Siege lantern is offered in 2 colors the green, which is the most popular one and a pink color. You also get to select from different styles based on battery power source. These are the units that use:

  • 3 AA batteries
  • 3 D batteries

While the 3 D batteries do cost more to replace when they run out, this is the model we prefer as it gives you that high illuminating power you need when you go out camping or when the power goes out at home and you need to check everything in and around your home.

The Siege lets you control how strong the lighting the lamp uses. You can choose between:

  • Low setting: 33 lumens
  • Medium setting: 175 lumens
  • High setting: 340 lumens
  • Red: 10 lumens
  • SOS setting: flashing red LED

For the most part you’ll be choosing between the 4 settings, with the low setting to save of power during regular use and the high when you need to check on things and see everything clearly. We like the red light as it makes it easier on the eye during the night so you don’t strain.

The SOS light is for when you’re looking for help. It flashes the red LED continuously in hopes of attracting attention from passersby or fellow campers.

At the lowest setting the D-Cell batteries offer as much as 295 hours of lighting.

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Supernova Ultra Bright LED Camping and Emergency Lantern

This is another great compact option that’s designed to help you light the area around you when you go outdoors during the night. It comes with a very rugged build as its engineers intended it to be able to withstand the rigors of camping, hiking, boating and emergency situations.

This unit is offered in 3 models with different lighting intensities, namely:

  • 300 lumens
  • 350 lumens
  • 500 lumens

It is priced roughly the same as The Seige and looks very similar to it even on the outside. Like the unit above this makes our best LED lantern reviews because of its lighting power and exceptional durability.

Like the Siege above, this lantern is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about using it when it rains or during emergencies like flooding.

While it isn’t as versatile in terms of features compared to the Siege, one area where it has the advantage is illumination. The 2 latter models above, namely the 350 and 500 lumen units offer more lighting capability compared to the highest setting on the siege.

When deciding between the 2 this will be your option should you need a higher amount brightness capability. Otherwise, we prefer going with the Siege.

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Rayovac SE3DLNACOM Sportsman LED Lantern

Cheap LED Lantern: If you were just to base this and the other 2 products above in our review solely on appearance you’d probably say they’re all alike. But while they all look alike, their LED brightness as well as features vary quite considerably.

Among our picks this comes in with the lowest price tag. This makes it a good budget option if you don’t need to high brightness of the other 2 above, or the extra features of the Siege.

This device is offered in 3 colors: green, orange and blue, with the green being the most popular one.

It uses LEDs which are rated to last up to 100,000 hours. This means it won’t require any replacing as far as the bulbs go. What do need replacing are the D-cell batteries, 3 of them. How long will depend on the setting you use the lantern at:

  • At high mode: around 40 hours of use
  • At low mode: around 90 hours of use

We love the full lifetime warranty on this unit.

As for brightness, this one doesn’t go up as high as the other 2 above, as it is rated for 240 lumens. This makes it more ideal for a regular use outdoor lantern. Aside from the high and low settings, it also has a strobe setting that lets the LEDs flash to attract others in case you need their help.

As with the others we’ve featured in our LED lantern reviews, this is a compact unit which makes it easy to bring on camping and other outdoor adventures. It measures 7” high and 3.5” on both sides of its square base.

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Coleman Twin LED Lantern

We love Coleman products because they offer a combination of affordability and durability. Plus the brand makes products that are very practical for anyone who likes spending time outdoors.

This unit, while designed for the outdoors makes for a good lighting solution during emergency situations whether it is a sudden thunderstorm, tornadoes, hurricanes or just getting snowed in with the power going out.

This is another high powered LED lantern that gives you exceptional illumination. At its high setting it offers 390 lumens of brightness, with its beam offering a ranges of as far as 32 feet.

To save on power, you can opt for the low setting for the most part. This brings down the brightness to 100 lumens which is still bright enough when you’re outdoors at night. This still gives you a very respectable 19 foot beam capability so you can see way ahead when walking.

Depending on the setting you use, the device’s run time also varies:

  • At low setting: it can go up to 299 hours
  • At high setting: it’s run time maxes out at 85 hours

This is a great all around portable lighting solution. When comparing with the others though, you’ll want to consider that this one, while using 2 bigger LED lights, is also larger physically. It has a bigger diameter and is also slightly taller than the others.

One other thing is that it requires a bit more batteries to run, in this case 8 D batteries.

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When night time comes, light is might. It’s what allows us to be productive after dusk as well as keeps us safe both at home and away from home. A good LED lantern is not only invaluable during emergency situations but also a necessity is you go out camping or hiking.