The Best Knee Scooter to Get Around While Recovering

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Mobility can be an issue when you have a leg or foot injury. During those times as well as when you’re rehabbing from surgery, the best knee scooter offers a good way to get around without the hassle of using crutches.

Unlike crutches, using these knee mobility devices is more convenient. They have large steerable rolling wheels that make getting from one place to another much easier. The handlebars and brakes also let you turn or stop quickly.

If you don’t want to be slowed down by a foot injury, getting a good knee walker makes all the difference. You cover more distance in shorter time using less effort.

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Compilation of knee scooters you can use for better mobility


Drive Medical DV8 Aluminum Steerable Knee Walker Crutch Alternative

Best Knee Scooter: Those recovering from foot injuries and lower limb surgery will love the convenience of this device. It is well constructed, and rolls very smoothly.

The unit comes with a soft, comfortable leg pad that has horizontal and vertical channels. This allows you to position your leg into either channel, so you can use 1 or 3 different leg resting positions. The resting channel also secures your leg so its stays stable throughout the ride.

The unit comes with brakes on each of the handlebars. This lets you easily stop the scooter whether you’re on the left or right side of the unit. It also lets both left and right handed users use their dominant hand in doing so for more control.

With an adjustable handlebars, knee seat height, a solid frame and good sized wheels it makes being mobile easier than crutches or walkingcanes, for any of various injuries, including sprains and fractures.

The DV8 has:

  • a weight capacity of 300 lbs.,
  • its handles go between 33” high to 37.5” high.
  • Its knee pad also offers a lot of room for you to rest your leg on.

For an idea, its dimensions are 14.25” long, 7.25” wide. You can set the height of the knee pad from between 17.5” to 21.5” high.

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Steerable Knee Scooter Knee Walker Turning Leg Walker Crutches Alternative

Our doctors will often tell us to stay off our injured leg to give it time to heal. This is true for mild to major sprains as well as when we have to have it on a cast. During this time however, we all know we have a number of options to stay mobile, including crutches.

In terms of mobility and speed of getting around, this steerable knee scooter makes movement much more convenient. It features are double bar frame for extra support and stability, as well as a rear disc brake that lets you park the device in place.

It is rated to support up to 300 lbs. in weight, and weighs just 22 lbs. itself making it easy to lift up and into a vehicle when needed. This folding knee scooter also allows you to fold down the handlebar to make it smaller during transport. You can likewise remove the knee pad/seat it reduce its size.

Among the difference between this knee scooter and the Drive Medical DV8 above it that this comes with only one handlebars hand brake. The brake is situated on the right side handle. While this is a minor issue, left handed individuals need to get used to this set up.

Here are some more specifications:

  • Designed for individuals who are: 5’0” to 6’6” tall
  • Max. Weight Capacity: 300 pounds
  • Length of the scooter: 31.5” long
  • Height of handlebar: 33” to 43” high (adjustable height)
  • Height of the knee support pad: 17” to 22.5” (adjustable height)
  • Dimensions of the knee pad: 12.5” long, 6.5” wide

It also comes with an additional large carry basket in front of it. This lets you put all your belongings for easy carry.

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All Terrain KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter Knee Walker

Knee Scooter with Big Wheels: For more durability and stability, you may want to get this all terrain knee scooter. The device comes with extra large off road tires that are 12 inches in diameter. This gives them more traction, and ability to go through non-flat surfaces easily.

If you need to get through sandy surfaces or areas made from rough asphalt or with small rocks, this is a better option as it not only absorbs more of the impact from the bumps but also offers more durability.

The steering handle is quipped with a brake mechanism to make turning around corners easy. It also offers a lot more weight capacity that other knee walkers with a 400 lb. user weight limit.

The device is built to fit different sizes of individuals ranging from those who are 5’0” tall all the way to 6’5” tall. The adjustable knee pad and handle bar height lets you be more comfortable as you can adjust it to fit your build.

This is another folding scooter that allows you to pull down the upright post. This makes it a smaller item to bring around in the vehicle.

Here is a more complete look at its specifications:

  • Weight capacity: 400 lbs.
  • Scooter weight: 27 lbs.
  • Knee pad dimensions: 12.5” long, 6.75” wide
  • Adjustable handlebar height: 35” high to 47” high
  • Adjustable knee support height: 19” high to 22.5” high

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Roscoe Knee Scooter with Basket, Burgundy (ROS-KSBG)

Offered in 3 colors, burgundy, balck and white, this unit offers a low profile frame with the support bar closed to the ground. For added user stability, it also features 4 wheels instead of the more common 3 wheel set up.

The 4 wheels offers more stability during turns so you don’t find yourself and the scooter tilting to one side when you turn in that direction. It also comes with good sized 8” wheels that make it easier to move.

This knee scooter allows you to be more mobile during injury recovery or rehabilitation. It also lets you use less effort to get around compared to other walking supports like crutches.

The height adjustable knee support and handlebars make this something different individuals can use. You can set them high or low depending on your body structure and what’s comfortable. It also supports up to 350 lbs. in weight and comes with a large carry basket in front so you don’t have to carry any bags or items as you move about.

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