Best Keto Foods and Snacks


The Keto diet, or ketogenic diet, has become very popular recently. This is because it is a very effective way in shedding fat. If you’re looking to try this diet, our best keto foods below will help you get started.

A keto diet is a low carb diet. In doing so, it forces the body to look for alternative sources of energy because of the lack of carbohydrates from food.

During this state, which is known as ketosis, the body uses up the extra fat stores. This allows you to get rid of stubborn fat and lose weight in the process.


Best Keto Foods to Get Lean

Deciding what to eat on the keto diet can be overwhelming. Many of the foods we regularly eat are not allowed.

In addition, not all those that fit into the diet’s guidelines are always healthy for you. Just because certain foods might be allowed by the ketogenic diet, doesn’t mean that these foods will meet your particular needs or supply your body with the proper nutrition.

To help you choose the ones that will, here is our list of the best ketogenic diet foods and snacks you can enjoy. Plus, we learn about their benefits.


Focus on Lean Protein

The keto diet is one that’s rich in protein.

To be more specific, lean meats are among the best choices you can make. After all, you’re going through this diet to lose fat or weight.


1. Meats

This makes wild game, such as bison and venison good options. The reason is that these meats are lean. In fact, they’re leaner than pork as well as most beef.

You can also go for grass fed beef if you aren’t a fan of game meats. When choosing beef, look for the leaner cuts like tenderloin in order to maximize the diet’s effects.

The latter is eaten often by people who are on the keto diet.


2. Fatty Fish

fatty-fish-salmonAnother healthy choice are wild caught fish. These include salmon as well as tuna.

These fatty fish provide rich sources of Omega 3’s.

They offer excellent benefits for your heart and are high quality complete proteins. This makes them good foods for the keto diet.


3. Poultry & Eggs

Of course there’s poultry. Chicken and turkey are among the staples in any weight loss diet because they’re very lean. With poultry, do pick the breast or white meat and skip the skin.

When it comes to poultry and eggs, choosing those that come from pastured sources are the best option. Do note that this is different from free-range.

Free range often means that while poultry has room to move. It may not be much room to move, but nevertheless they are allowed to do so. Also, such poultry may still be fed corn.

The reason that this is important is that these are sources of protein, iron, and omega-3’s are as close to their natural habitat and as natural food sources as possible. As a result, it reduces potential health problems in these animals.


4. Protein Supplements

If you don’t get enough protein from food. Or have a hard time doing so, you can use protein supplements to help you reach your daily requirements.

Whey protein is a great supplement to use on the keto diet. But, be sure to choose a protein powder that contains no added sugars or artificial sweeteners. Also, look for a product that does not use any chemical additives.


5. Healthy Fats

healthy-fat-avocadoHealthy sources of saturated fats on the keto diet include grass-fed butter, chicken fat, duck fat, and coconut oil. These fats are important in aiding our body’s cell functions.

Macadamia nuts, avocados, and fatty fish also provide important fats. All of which vital for brain function.

Healthy fats also serve as a source of insulation for cells. This helps improve their everyday function.

Having the sufficient amount of fats is also an important because it provides you with a source of energy for physical activity. Plus it will keep you feeling fuller longer.

As an added bonus, healthy fats also improve the appearance of hair and skin.


6. Vegetables

Vegetables are very important sources of nutrients. And the best vegetables for the keto diet include leafy greens. Some of these include those such as kale, spinach, and dark green lettuces. All of these are important sources of vitamins A, K, and iron.

  • Vitamin A is important for healthy hair, skin, nails, and vision.
  • Vitamin K helps prevent clotting disorders and iron is a very important blood builder.

The keto diet is rich in these foods. However, do note that the intake of starchy vegetables is kept to a minimum.

The vegetables you want when following this regimen are those that will provide you with good sources of fiber for your keto diet.


What to Drink on a Keto Diet

waterDrinks that are best for keto dieters are coffee and water. You can enjoy your coffee with cream or coconut milk, if you’re not a fan of black coffee.

Herbal teas may be also be consumed while on the ketogenic diet.

As far as condiments that are best for keto dieters, naturally derived sweeteners, such as stevia, may be used in place of refined, white sugar from time to time. But don’t do this too regularly.

Herbs and spices may also be used to add flavor to foods.

Bone broth, which is nutrient rich, is a delicious addition to soups and stews.

So once, again, staying away from chemically modified foods is best.

While there are many other foods that may be eaten on the ketogenic diet, these are the foods that are best when trying to stick with a very disciplined diet.


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