Best Inversion Chair Reviews: Get Back Pain Relief

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Among the different methods used for inversion therapy including inversion tables and inversion boots, being in a seated position eases pressure on the legs. Our best inversion chair reviews take a look at 3 of the top products you can use to get back pain relief without being inverted from your legs down.

Advantages of Inversion Chairs over Inversion Tables

Inversion chairs offer inversion therapy while in a seated position and here are some advantages of being seated over the more traditional inversion table set up:

  • The seated position lets you get on and off the inversion chair much easier than on a table.
  • Because you are seated it puts less pressure on the legs. You entire weight isn’t supported by your ankles.
  • During transitions, the seated position makes it easier and safer to invert. It also allows you to be in reach of the side handles for full control of the speed and degree of inversion.
  • Most chair don’t turn all the way through and stop around the 70% angle. This is less intense compared to a 100% inversion and it allows for more balance and less instability as far as blood flow and blood pressure are concerned.
  • Finally, being seated offers that extra lumbar support. This lets you use better posture throughout so yor spine and pelvis are aligned.

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Compilation of inversion chairs that make getting on and off easier during inversion therapy


Best Inversion Chair Reviews

Health Mark IV18600 Pro Inversion Therapy Chair

This inversion therapy device lets you stay securely seated on it even when inverted. This position makes it it much easier to get on the machine as well as get off of it since you just take a seat and strap on the safety belt.

The seated inversion goes all the way down to 70 degrees at its maximum though it has an adjustable belt cable you can attach to limit the angle of inversion. This way you can slowly increase the angle as you get used to it.

With a maximum user weight capacity of 300 lbs., it allows individuals of different sizes to get back pain relief whenever they need. No more going to the chiropractor for adjustments.

To the sides of the seats, there are support handlebars you can hold onto when inverting. This lets you fully control the speed and distance at which you invert. It also allows you to pull yourself up at any time. You can of course elect not to hold on to the handlebars and just raise your arms and let physics and gravity do its work.

Being able to stay seated all throughout the therapy session makes it much more convenient. Plus it also takes out the stress that the feet and ankles can feel when you’re on a regular inversion table since the ankle locks are the only things holding you suspended with that device.

One last thing we noticed about sitting on the device is that doing exercises like inverted crunches and side to side twists is that it is much easier to perform these exercises while strapped to the chair instead on when there’s no seat included.

Its features along with its fixed seated position makes this the top choice in our best inversion chair reviews.

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Stamina Seated Inversion

Best Affordable Inversion Chair: This is one of the cheaper inversion therapy systems available. The lower costs makes this a more practical choice if you don’t want to spend a lot of money or are on a budget but still want back relief.

The unit is made with heavy duty steel frame and is fitted with padding on the back rest as well as on the ankle supports. These help make the entire therapy session more comfortable while you decompress your spine.

Unlike the Health Mark earlier in our reviews, the seat does not stay fixed in its original position throughout the entire motion. It starts out as an inversion chair and as your start tilting, the chair slowly flattens out. By the mid way point of the inversion the seat will have already totally flattened out converting itself into a regular table.

The main advantage of this device over the regular inversion tables is that it allows you to easily get on the seat and off the device as well. It also makes securing and removing your ankles from the supports much easier since you’re seated down while you insert or remove your feet into the supports.

With a maximum user weight capacity of 250 lbs., it offers a good amount of stability as well as safety for anyone using it. It takes up a space of about 3 feet by 3 feet when in use and has rubber stoppers fitted at the base of each leg to keep it from sliding while you tilt yourself.

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Body Power IT9910 Seated Deluxe Inversion System

Priced between the first two inversion chair reviews, the IT9910 also uses a chair at the beginning of the process that gradually flattens out as the angle of inversion increases. The device does have a 300 lb. limit so it holds more than the Stamina unit above.

This chair style inversion device also comes with additional safety features, 2 of them in fact. It has the usual safety strap that you can hook on the chair’s frame to limit your angle of inversion. But it also adds as safety bar that you can slide between the legs to make sure that the level of tilt stops at the point your want.

The unit turns to almost a full 180 degrees and can be folded when not in use. However, even when folded the device is still sizable.

We like that the device has large oval handles on the sides that are easy to grab on to when you’re turning. It also has very comfortable padding that allows you to fully rest against it without feeling any discomfort.

With a solid construction and good stability during inversion, this is a great option if you have knee or ankle discomfort or have had prior injuries to these areas such that the regular inversion table isn’t a practical option.

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