Well Rested: Best Inflatable Travel Pillow for Flights and Road Trips

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Any time you’re away from home, getting a good night’s sleep or even a nap can be difficult. The best inflatable travel pillow gives you a way to enjoy something that you’re comfortable with. This allows you to get better quality rest.

Our inflatable pillow reviews below cover a number of different types of products. So depending on what you prefer you can go get them.

Our first type covers those that are designed for the road. They’re smaller and easily used when you’re riding on cars or airplanes.

Should you need something that’s more comfortable, we’ve also included camping and backpacking pillows. They are slightly bigger but offer more support and comfort. They’re also made for use in the recline position so you get the best sleep possible.

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Compilation of travel pillows that will let you inflate and deflate when you need to


Travel Pillows for Cars and Airplanes

Travelrest – The Ultimate Travel Pillow

Unique in its design, this is not like your regular travel pillow. When fully inflated the device is shaped like a curved tube instead of the traditional rectangular pillow. This makes it easier to rest on during sleep.

The design also eliminated that bothersome need to push against the pillow to keep it in place behind your head.

What’s great about this device is it is inflatable. It takes a few breaths and from a flat rolled fabric turns into a good sized comfortable pillow. Surprisingly it only takes about 3 to 5 puffs to get it inflated.

For storage or carrying, the small deflated size, allows you to insert it into a side pocket of your bag or luggage. When deflated and rolled up, it measures 9” long, and 2” by 3.5”. It weighs just 7 ounces so it doesn’t add anything to your carrying weight.

This pillow offers lateral support so you can rest your head and body to a side. It is also designed to prevent neck strain.

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AirComfy Travel Pillow

Best Inflatable Travel Pillow: As novel as the the Travelrest above is, our top pick is this AirComfy product. Shaped like a standard pillow, only smaller, this lets you rest your head back against he headrest and relax in an upright position.

One of the features we like most about it is that you don’t need to blow on it to inflate. It is a self inflating pillow which makes everything much more convenient. The added benefit of this feature is that you can easily adjust the size and firmness of the pillow.

All you need to do is open the air valve to release the extra air if you want it to be softer. For a firmer feel, just inflate it more.

Comfortable, it has a nice exterior feel and comes with a headrest strap. The strap, while it may look unconventional, really makes resting on it much better. There’s no need to balance the pillow and it stays in position throughout.

It comes with a carry bag that has a clip on. This lets you carry it outside your pack or bag, instead of stuffing it in with your clothes and other carry on items.

Finally, the design of the pillow also allows it to double as a lumbar pillow. You can just position it on your back to relieve any discomfort.

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Lewis N. Clark Adjustable On Air Neck Pillow

If you prefer the travel neck pillows, then this is the one to get. These are the original inflatable travel pillows because you can just insert your neck through them and sleep in any position you want.

This is another pillow that easily inflates with a few breaths. It also has an push button that makes adjusting the softness very easy. When fully inflated, the pillow measures 7 inches wide and is 3 inches thick. This provides for enough cushioning as well as size to let your head lean against it.

The U-shaped design removed the need for any headrest strap or balancing of the pillow. Since it is placed around your neck, wherever direction your turn your neck, the pillow will always be there to offer support.

The fabric used with this adjustable travel pillow is washable. This makes cleaning easy without having to do anything special.

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Camping and Travel Pillows

Sea to Summit Aeros Pillow Premium

Two of the 3 pillows above are uniquely designed for upright seated use. Depending on the type of travel or trip your going on, you may want something with the ability to double as a pillow you can lie on.

This Sea to Summit Aeros Pillow is an inflatable product that’s made for outdoor adventurers. It can be used for camping, backpacking or when you have to sleep away from home. You can use it in the car or train as well.

The advantage of this type of outdoor pillow is that they come with different type of fabric. This particular product has an exterior that’s designed to be durable yet soft.

The pillow has a curve surface that is contoured for your head. It works well for those who sleep on their backs as well as side sleepers. You do get to choose between the regular size and large size.

Easy to inflate and deflate, all you need to do is pull the corresponding tabs to do either actions.

One thing to note about these inflatable camping pillows is that they are larger in size compared to the pillows mentioned above. The regular size Aeros pillow for example, measures 14 inches wide, 10 inches high and 5 inches thick.

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YOUR Pillow! by SHO – Self Inflating Pillow

When you want to get good sleep on the road, using the smaller upright pillows often don’t do the trick. This is where the Sea to Summit Aeros and this pillow come in. The YOUR pillow is a self inflating pillow that’s designed for camping and outdoor adventures.

However, you can of course bring it along on long airplane or train rides to help you get the best sleep possible. When deflated it is very compact, making it easy to bring with you. It’s self inflating mechanism also removed the need for blowing into it. Though your can custom fill it to get the exact firmness you want.

The pillow is 19.7” long and 11.8” wide when fully inflated. This gives you ample head room to turn and still be comfortable. It also cleans much easier than the smaller travel neck pillows since all you need to do is wipe it with a damp cloth to clean.

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When choosing among the products in our reviews, consider where you want to use the pillow for. Your travels may be just on a road trip or a plane ride so a smaller neck pillow may do. But if you want something that offers more reclining sleeping comfort then going with the bigger options to the latter part of our reviews will suit your needs better.