Best Hammock Stand Reviews

Best Hammock Stand

The best hammock stand is something everyone can use for relaxation. Whether it’s for your backyard or one you want to take with you on a trip, these will let you hang comfortably anywhere.

Choosing a stand for your hammock can be a bit trickier because you need to make sure the size matches your hammock. You also need to ensure that it is sturdy and stable, capable of handling your weight.

Here are some great options to choose from. They are our top picks based our research. Below the list you’ll find reviews for each of the products.

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Best Hammock Stand Reviews

Best Choice Products Hammock Stand 15′ 

Best Hammock Stand: When it comes to just chilling and relaxing on your backyard, and getting away from the stresses and hassle of everyday life this is our top pick.

This stand is built solid giving you a strong and stable structure to hang your hammock and rest.

  • From hook to hook, it measures 14 ft. & 6 inches long.
  • Total dimensions: 15.4 feet long and 4.1 feet tall.
  • It has a base footprint of 6.5 feet long and 3.9 feet wide.
  • Total weight capacity: 400 lbs.
  • It weighs 55 pounds.

This hammock stand from Best Choice Products comes with a solid steel build. Its frame is constructed with 12 gauge heavy duty steel that is 2 inches in diameter.

Do note that the device does need a bit of assembly but the task involved is straightforward and basic which should take just a few minutes.

This product fits single, double or extra wide hammocks. Best Choice Products has some products that are designed to fit this stand so you can purchase them if you don’t already have your own hammock.

While the distance between hook to hook is nearly 15 feet, you can use chains or heavy duty rope attached to the ends (to extend it) should your existing hammock not reach the hooks. This stand is designed for hammocks that are 80” in size though you can use various sizes that suit your preference.

Easy to assemble, solidly built and very stable, this is our top pick in our hammock stand reviews.


Vivere 15BEAM-BLK Heavy Duty 3-Beam Hammock Stand, 15-Feet, Black

Available in 2 color options, namely black and oil-rubbed bronze, this is another heavy duty hammock stand that lets you sway and relax in your backyard.

This unit, like the one above, will require assembly. No tools are required however, and you’ll be done with setting it up in around 5 minutes.

The device comes with:

  • A 450 lb. maximum weight capacity.
  • Has dimensions of 180” long and 48” by 48” when fully assembled.

This product is also a 15 foot hammock stand, though it is designed to fit any spreader bar hammock that’s between 10 feet long and 15 feet long.

It comes in an all black color with a smooth powder coated finish. The frame is also constructed with heavy duty steel tubing that allows it to hold a good amount of weight, enough for 2 adults. This gives you something sturdy to lie back and relax on.

If you’re looking for a hammock that’s comfortable and fits this stand, Vivere offers a number of well made hammocks with fabrics that are strong and comfortable. It also produces a wheel kit for this stand should you want to be able to move it easily.


Best ChoiceProducts Space Saving Steel Hammock Stand 9′, Portable with Carrying Case

Affordable Hammock Stand: Should you be looking for something that’s more affordable and doesn’t take up as much space, this 9 foot hammock stand may be a more practical option.

This product is ideal for anyone who doesn’t have as much free space in their yard. Or wants to save on space to keep the yard open for the kids to run around in.

It’s also a good option if you want to set it up in a patio, or balcony. Yes, we’ve seen a few people do that, though we don’t encourage it for obvious reasons.

Due to its shorter length, it is also lighter making it easier to move around should you wish to reposition it. In total it weighs 26 lbs. making it easy for 2 people to move.

Do note that the smaller size also means it is lower to the ground compared to the longer stands above. This means that your hammock hangs lower as well, which may or may not affect its comfort, especially when getting up.

The entire unit, when assembled, measured 115 inches long and 48 inches wide. It has a capacity of 450 lbs.

This is another solid and very stable stand. It has a basic design. It supports hammocks that are 9 feet in length, though you can go up to 10 feet long (rope ends).


Best Choice Products SKY330 Hammock C Solid Steel Stand

Compact Hammock Stand: Those who prefer sitting on a hammock chair than lying down, or don’t want to take up that much space in their yard can opt for this hammock chair stand.

This product is a hammock C stand, which is set up to fit hammock chairs as well as various styles of air chairs.

Instead of the horizontal design featured in the stands we’ve featured above, this has a more vertical structure.

Due to this design, it doesn’t take up as much floor space. It also means that suspension position is seated up instead of lying down.

This hammock chair stand offers a maximum user weight capacity of 300 lbs. When fully assembled, it stands 7 feet tall from top to base. This gives you a lot of room to sit comfortably.

The hammock chair will be suspended from above via a hook. This allows you almost a full 360 degree rotation should you want to turn and look in various directions.

Built with heavy duty steel, its exterior is powder coated and made to be resistant to rust. This lets you leave it outside.

This stand takes up a floor area of 42” by 27”, and weighs 55 lbs. Note that it doesn’t come with any chair so the item only includes the frame.