Best Gas Edger Reviews

When it comes to making the front lawn look neat and tidy, one of the most effective tools available is the best gas edger. These let you make quick work of unruly grass growths that stretch out over the lawn’s boundaries and into the sidewalk or driveway.

While you have a choice of using electric units as an alternative, these give you more power to take on larger plots as well as stubborn weeds or grass.

With one carefully maneuvered pass, you can reclaim extra space in the cemented pathways from the grassy growths and make your front lawn look much more presentable.

Our Picks

Below we’ve listed down our top picks. The quick list should help you quickly see which products are reliable and efficient in giving the edges of your lawn a nice, neat trim look. For additional information on the products, we’ve included reviews of the items underneath.

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Why Use an Edger?

Sure, you can use old fashioned grass shears. That’s if you’re willing to manually crouch down and cut the grass on your curb. You can likewise force your grass trimmer to cut through weeds and work around concrete edges to get the final result.

An edger however, makes keeping your lawn a lot more convenient. Not to mention neater and more professional looking. They work great on sidewalks, curbs or even driveways.

Additionally, they’re great in keeping manicuring the borders and edges of lawns, flower beds and gardens.

Here’s a great video on how to properly and safely use a gas edger to landscape you front or back yard.

Now that you know why an edger is a valuable addition to your yard tool shed, here are some reviews of the top products you can choose from.


Best Gas Edger Reviews

McLane 801 5.50GT 9-Inch Gas Powered Lawn Edger

Equipped with a strong 3.5 horsepower engine from Briggs & Stratton, this is a very easy to use lawn edger.

The unit works well if you want to manicure your sidewalks as well as trim any excess grass or weeds to tidy things up.

The unit uses 9 inch blades giving you the ability to make quick work of even grass that has been left to grow for a while.

One of the things we like about this unit is it don’t not produce as much noise as other similar units. It is however, being a gas edger, still noisier than the electric models.

For those concerned with emissions, the 801 model is CARB compliant which means it meets California’s safety standards.


McLane 101-4.75GT-7 9-Inch Gas Powered Lawn Edger

This unit, when compared to the 801 just above, comes with a smaller frame. It also uses slightly smaller wheels.

It runs on a good sized 4.75 gross torque engine that allows you to quickly edge your sidewalks as well as lawn.

This 101 model works well for homeowners in that it is light yet comes with the ability to go through tough grass as well as weeds. You are able to control the depth of the blades with a single lever making it easy to control.

The 7 inch wheels are designed to be easily replaceable in case they wear out over time and use. If you’re mostly going over flat surfaces these smaller wheel do a great job. On rougher terrain or where you need more ease in maneuvering, then the larger 8 inch wheels of the 801 may be more your style.

The one other difference is their emission rating. Unlike the 801 which is CARB compliant, this 101 model isn’t. This makes it not available for those in California.


McLane 4G-7-P Gas Powered Lawn Edger

For those looking for a bit more power, then this 4G model also from McLane gives you that. Powered by a GX 120 Honda engine, it is easy to control.

The Honda engine gives you a reliable machine that easily starts and is likewise powerful thanks to its 4 horsepower ability.

Built by the same manufacturer, as the other 2 edgers mentioned above, this one operates very similar except that it comes with a more powerful motor, and one from Honda.


Mantis 7225-15-02 2-Cycle Gas-Powered Tiller/Cultivator

If you’re a fan of multipurpose tools, then this Mantis creation is something you’ll appreciate. In essence this is a tiller and cultivator that comes with an add on edger.

This is a lightweight unit that uses 4 tilling blades under its 9 inch wide path. The unit also comes with an extra kickstand at the back so it stands upright balanced when you’re not holding it.

Operating on a 2 cycle engine do tilling work as well as cultivate just by inverting the blades.

For edges, the edger attachment makes quick work as you can easily control with the comfortable handlebars. The controls are within finger reach so you can flick the switch or press a button for different functions.



A good gas edger offers a combination of power and distance. They’re great in taking care of different grassy or weedy areas around the home. Whether it’s your driveway or sidewalk that needs some grass trimming. Or, you want to make your front or back lawn and garden have nice professional looking edges, this is the tool you want to have.

It will save you a lot of extra physical work as well as time.