Best Garment Steamer for Fabrics and Clothes

Anyone who prefers not using an electric iron can turn to the best garment steamer to “iron” your clothes. These devices, use steam to get rid of wrinkles so your clothes look neat and straight.

Much easier to use and come with less risk, a number of these devices are also very portable allowing you to bring them with you when you travel. That way you’re always wearing neat, wrinkle free clothes to your meetings, sales calls or appointments.

Our Picks

Below is a list of our top picks. The products we’ve selected are those that are very effective in straightening out not only clothes but also other types of fabrics and garments.

If you didn’t find anything from our selection that matches your needs,

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Handheld / Portable Fabric & Garment Steamers

PureSteam Portable Fabric Steamer

If you want something that is compact for both home and travel use, this is a good option to go with.

It is small enough to pack with you so you can always give your clothes a final steam before going out or meeting with prospective clients on a business trip.

The unit is also very easy to use with very few settings and almost zero learning curve.

The PureSteam Portable Fabric Steamer by Pure Enrichment is a compact hand held garment steamer designed for use at home and convenient for travel.

The nozzle is designed to deliver steam evenly and consistently to any piece of clothing, upholstered furniture or window curtain. This lets you use it on different pieces of garments and fabrics, not just clothes.

An eight foot electric cord is long enough to make an extension cord unnecessary in most situations.

Purchasers will appreciate the attention to their safety. One of these safety features come in the form of the automatic shut off mechanism. This system operates when the steamer overheats or runs low on water.

This way, when either of those situations happen, the device automatically shuts off to prevent it from getting damaged.

This PureSteam portable device is powered by 110 volt current and turns water to wrinkle eliminating steam in two minutes. It continues to produce steam for ten minutes. And is also comes with a two year warranty and satisfaction is guaranteed.

Together, these features make it among the best garment steamers around, especially if you need one for travel.


Gideon Handheld Portable Fabric Steamer

Another compact, portable option when it comes to steaming your clothing or other garments is this product.

A Gideon Portable Handheld Fabric Steamer eliminates wrinkles in clothes, curtains, drapes, bedding and upholstered furniture.

This is another relatively small unit that measures 8” tall when the top cap is in place. As far as footprint goes, it has the dimensions of 3” by 4”, making it convenient to store or easily fit into a suitcase.

This makes it suitable for home or travel.

The unit is designed and guaranteed to be spill and drip free. This makes it easier to use as you don’t have to worry about the water dripping down from the nozzle. This Gideon steamer can be used on all types of fabric.

It also comes with a well marked reservoir that has a holding capacity of 5 ounces of water. The markings give you an idea of how much fluid is left and when it is time to refill. The 5 oz. limit however, does make it slightly smaller in terms of water capacity compared to some of the other similar products.

The steamer is ready for use in less than a minute and will produce steam for 8 minutes. If the unit overheats or is running low on water it automatically shuts off for your safety.


Full Sized Fabric & Garment Steamers

PurSteam PS-910 Heavy Duty Powerful Fabric Steamer

Best Garment Steamer: The smaller handheld garment steamers above are great for portability and ease.

In terms of producing steam that help iron out your clothing and get rid of the wrinkles, they don’t match up with the bigger units like this one.

The PS-910 by PurSteam is not a handheld steamer. It comes with a full sized canister unit and a hanger for your clothing.

The water tank, which rests on the floor, holds 54 fluid ounces. The bigger size allows you do steam more items of clothing as well as other fabrics and garments. In total, it produces steam in as little as 45 seconds and continues to do so for an hour.

At the top of the adjustable vertical rod, which is attached to the tank, is a collapsible hanger on which shirts or pants can be placed for any wrinkles to be eliminated by the steam. This makes it more convenient to use for articles of clothing.

A steam nozzle and a pant press attachment fit on the end of the steam hose to facilitate wrinkle elimination. Meanwhile, a drain plug at the base of the tank permits emptying the water reservoir.

PurSteam demonstrates its confidence in this product by offering a five year warranty. And the innovative design and strong warranty make this one of the best garment steamers available.

Depending on your use and preference though, you may prefer a smaller portable option like those above.


Steamfast SF-407 Fabric Steamer

The Steamfest SF-407 Fabric steamer is another floor model garment steamer. It has a very similar design to the Elite steamer above in terms of concept and operation.

This product comes with a 40 ounce capacity removable water tank. The large tank lets you do a lot of steaming at one time. It also has built in castors for mobility.

The SF-407 can be ready for use in as little as 45 seconds and will continue to produce steam for 45 minutes.

Meanwhile, a clothes hook at the top of the telescoping garment rod provides a convenient place to hang clothing items. To help you during use, attachments include a fabric brush and clothes press.

This steamer can be used on any fabric as it is gentle on delicate ones but strong enough for heavier materials. The steam cord is approximately 4.3 feet long and the power cord 6.2 feet.



The best garment steamer is a good alternative to having to iron your clothing. They’re very effective, and more convenient to use. The next time you have any wrinkled piece of clothing, don’t forget to use this type of steamer.