Best Foosball Table Reviews: Competitive Fun & Games

No game room or home entertainment area is complete without the best foosball table. This game will let you and your kids, or friends enjoy hours together.

Not only is it fun it allows you to spend more time with them to bond and the get to know one another better.

Our reviews below cover a number of different foosball tables ranging from the full sizes units all the way to the smaller, more affordable tabletop units that you can easily carry around.

Depending on how much space you have for it, you can select the type of game table that fits you game room.

Our Top Picks

Listed below are products that make our top list. They offer different features with some being smaller than others. This lets you find one that suits your wants and room’s size.

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Best Foosball Table Reviews

Hathaway Playoff Soccer Table, Black/Green, 4-Feet

Best Foosball Table: For a fun time with friends or something you can have at home for the kids to enjoy, this is our top pick when it comes to selecting a foosball table.

This product comes with very nice aesthetics making not only fun to play but also pleasing to the eyes. It is well built and allows for smooth play.

The table itself includes a playing surface that’s 40.5” long and 23” wide. The field is built on a ¼” thick MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard). MDF is denser than plywood making it a good solid surface to use on this unit.

The Hathaway Playoff Soccer Table is made from thick MDF and this makes it very durable. The L shaped legs are also reinforced and it has full panels on either end.

The steel rods are chrome plated and have ergonomic handles which may them easy to grip and keep hold of during play.

Each team has thirteen players with a three goalie configuration. The figures themselves are molded so they can stand up to even the most vigorous play.

The ball is returned at the end of the table where the goal is scored. The grass surface is very life like and the ball glides easily across this surface during play.


Playcraft Sport Foosball Table

Offered in 2 different sporty designs, this foosball table can be purchased in black or red, each with their own football themes. The unit comes shipped in a package so you will need to do the assembly.

The entire table takes a bit of time to assemble because of all the small components. In all you can expect anywhere between 1 to 2 hours if you have some tools on hand. Without tools it may take between 2 to 3 hours to have it fully set up.

The Playcraft Sport Foosball Table comes complete with three foosballs, so everything that you need to get started is included and you can begin playing immediately, once assembled.

The strong and sturdy MDF construction means that the table remains solid during play, with not unwanted wobbling or moving. This table is perfect for fast actioned play and designed to handle that.

This is also due in part to the chromium steel rods. These rods also have slide bearings and this enables them to rotate smoothly which helps improve play as well as pace of play.

At the back of each goal there are manual slide scorers so it is easy to keep track of the goals that have been scored during the game. The size of the table means that while children are able to play on it, it is still not too small for adults to enjoy as well.


Sport Squad FX40 Foosball Table

Compact, Portable Foosball Table: One of the problems with most foosball tables is that they a big and cumbersome. They’ll take up an entire area of the room much like a desk would.

If you want to enjoy playing foosball with friends without the burden of the weight and size, this smaller, lightweight options is worth considering.

The entire device measures 40” long and is 20” wide. It stands only 8” high and weighs under 20 lbs. This makes it something you can easily move or bring with you anywhere as well as store away quickly.

The Sport Squad FX40 Foosball Table is designed to be played on a tabletop which makes it very portable and easy to store. You also have the option to attach legs if you wish to make it a more permanent fixture.

The steel rods are chrome plated and also feature rubber grooved handles which allow you to get a strong, firm grip. This lets you have full control of the players as well as remain comfortable while holding the handles.

The score can be kept on the manual sliding scorers and the ball can simply be taken directly from the goal when play needs to restart.

The players are made from durable plastic and have been molded strategically to ensure that all passing and shooting can be done with a large degree of accuracy.


Hathaway Primo Soccer Table, Brown, 56-Inch

This is a larger, more solid table compared to those below. It is meant to be a more permanent fixture in your game room, although it’s still movable. To move it though, you’ll need to transport over 100 lbs. of wood.

This table is also higher than those above. It’s playing area measures 46” long and is 26.75” wide. The surface rests on 3/8” thick MDF making it very solid.

The Hathaway Primo Soccer Table is made from solid MDF which is used to form a cabinet that has an Espresso finish. It comes with large stabilizing leg levelers, and these are independent of the legs themselves for greater stability.

This ensures no extra movement or the table sliding even during vigorous play when you’re turning and hitting the handles with force.

The playing surface is also cross supported which helps to keep the surface level for accurate play.

The players are all counter balanced and this means that you are able to control the ball better. The players are mounted on steel rods that are chrome plated, and also come with E-Z spin bearings, allowing them to spin better.

The ball will be returned at the side of the cabinet when a goal is scored and can be easily accessed by either player.



The best foosball table lets you enjoy time with those you’re closest with. These game tables are fun and help you develop your reaction time as well as reflexes. They also let you build better hand eye coordination as well as quickness.