Best Evaporative Cooler Reviews


The summer is a great time to go outdoors because the plants are blooming and vibrant. However, the weather can get really hot and humid during this time. Having the best evaporative cooler is a great way to cool down your home’s indoor or outdoor temperature so you can relax better.

Evaporative coolers fall somewhere in between air conditioners and electric fans. They offer a lot more cooling ability compared to fans. But only use up a small fraction of what air conditioners do.

This makes them a good alternative to both the cooling solutions mentioned.

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Here’s a quick summary of our top picks when it comes to evaporative coolers. We’ve included a few labels to help guide you on which items we like most and which are affordable. Plus, we’ve also put up reviews further down below for good measure.

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Best Evaporative Cooler Reviews

Honeywell CO25AE 52 Pt. Indoor/Outdoor Portable Evaporative Air Cooler with Remote Control

For those hot summer days when you don’t want to turn on the air conditioner because you’re trying to save one electric bills, this is a good alternative.

It offers a lot more cooling capability compared to electric fans. Plus, it’s energy expenditure is a fraction of what air conditioners use.

The Honeywell Portable Evaporative Air Cooler offers an energy saving alternative to effectively cool indoor and outdoor spaces. This is especially true during those hot summer months.

It features a convenient remote control. This way you can keep doing what you’re doing and just change the settings even if you’re on the other side of the room.

Also, the unit comes equipped with a large fifty-two pint capacity. This large size allows it to effectively cool down up to a three-hundred square foot space. That’s a very big room or the entire living space if you’re staying in an apartment.

This cooling solution also has an easily to control interface in the form of an LED control panel. This lets you switch and modify between four speeds. It also lets you adjust the humidification level as well as set the eight hour timer.

To save you from having to check and re-check water levels, there is also an alarm for when the unit becomes low on water.

This Honeywell evaporative cooler has an air throw of up to 9.3 yards. This strength levels allows you to use the device outside in dry heat to keep yourself cooler. It also makes it great for use in your garage while working on your car or motorcycle. Or for while you’re entertaining in the backyard beneath a gazebo or on your porch.


Portacool PAC2KCYC01 Cyclone 3000 Portable Evaporative Cooler with 700 Square Foot Cooling Capacity

If you want something that offers even more cooling power, this product is a good choice. It comes with a larger area of coverage, going up to 700 square feet in cooling capacity.

This more than doubles the amount of floor area cooled by the Honeywell cooler above in our reviews.

The Port-A-Cool Evaporative Cooling Unit offers state of the art technology for the best evaporative cooler available.

This unit features a 5.6 amp motor and pump. This gives it good power along with offering high energy efficiency. As a result it is able to provide optimum cooling abilities. This makes it an excellent tool in cooling down large living spaces, or outdoor open spaces when you’re relaxing or entertaining guests.

This cooler can lower the temperature indoors by up to thirty degrees Fahreheit. This makes a big different during those hot summer afternoons, especially if you live in areas that often hit the 90’s or 100 degree temperature levels.

Unlike many coolers, this unit features a large water tank that will run for about four to five hours. Better yet, it also gives you the option of hooking it up directly up to a hose for longer continuous use. For us, the long run time ability, goes a long way.

This evaporative cooler also comes fully assembled. As such, it allows you to begin using it right out of the box. There are also four coaster wheels on the bottom. This way you can easily place this cooler where needed by simply pushing it around.


Luma Comfort EC220W Evaporative Cooler

Another good cooling solution for medium to large sized rooms or areas is this device.

The Luma Comfort Evaporative Cooler has a powerful blower design. This feature is what allows it to efficiently cool areas up to 650 square feet. This is just shy of what the previous product in our reviews is capable of. But, it’s still a good amount of space.

The unit is constructed of durable UV protected ABS plastic. This material makes it an excellent choice for use in hot and dry environments. This is true even where the sun is often intense and quickly breaks down plastic items.

This cooler works by increasing the humidity in the air, which also makes it great for those hot dry areas, like in the American South West. It also features a large 10.6 gallon tank so you don’t have to keep refilling it after short periods of time.

Plus, you get three fan speeds to push the air through water saturated cooling pads. These pads are located on three different sides of the cooler. Together, they provide for efficient cooling capabilities to your indoor and outdoor space.


Honeywell CL30XC 63 Pt. Indoor Portable Evaporative Air Cooler with Remote Control

This Honeywell Evaporative Air Cooler offers a portable and affordable way to help you and your family cool down when the weather starts going up.

It comes with the cooling power to lower temperatures for indoor spaces and even outdoor spaces. The Honeywell CL30XC also provides energy efficient cooling.

And, it has the capacity to cool down a space up to 320 square feet by about five degrees.

This cooling system comes equipped with a sixty-three pint capacity water tank. To convert, that’s 7.9 gallons. The water tank is also detachable for easier refilling.

The unit has four coaster wheels on the bottom. These fixtures allow you to easily position the cooler where you want. In addition, you get a remote control unit which lets you conveniently switch between the four adjustable fan speeds.

This offering from Honeywell runs at 252 watts on the lowest setting. As such, it offers you an energy efficient alternative to energy hogging air conditioners. Oscillating louvers also allow you to position air flow for effective cooling. Meanwhile, the built in carbon dust filter helps to purify air as it passes through the cooler.