Best Home Elliptical: Burn Fat with Low Impact Cardio

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When it comes to choosing elliptical machines, finding the balance between cost, features and performance is crucial. After all, not everyone has an unlimited amount of cash. The best home elliptical machines offers the a good combination of the 3 factors.

What to Expect with Good Home Elliptical Trainers

  • One of the best features of elliptical trainers at this price is the long stride length. Majority of the products between $500 and $1000 will have a stride length of around 20”, which lets most of us use our natural gait so the overall motion is comfortable. Cheaper units are much shorter.
  • Another advantage of this price range is the wide range of workout programs built-in to the systems as well as the large variety of resistance levels to choose from. This isn’t always the case with those that cost under $500.
  • We also like that almost all of the machines at this price category offer some type of deck shock absorption system. This helps lessen the impact felt by our joints so we can train longer and workout more regularly without feeling any aches or pains from joint wear and tear.
  • Finally, there are the extra features. These vary significantly but they come in things like modern digital user interfaces, MP3 connectivity, stereo sound, ability to export workout statistics and many more.

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Compilation of elliptical trainers that fit in this price range


Best Home Elliptical Reviews

Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine

With a good sized 20 inch stride length that rolls on rails, the Schwinn 430 offers a precise striding motion that’s not only smooth but also lets you extend your legs for each step. The unit also has level adjustment that allows you to choose between 6 incline positions.

With 20 resistance levels to pick from you can start at your current fitness level and increase the difficulty level as you build your stamina and strength. The high quality front driven flywheel also provides for quiet operation even when you do intense workouts.

Apart from the 20 resistance level options, it also comes with 22 workout programs, including beginner and advanced hear rate training programs. All settings can be controlled by the high tech panel which includes a dual window LCD monitor and one touch buttons that will let you change speed as well as workout settings.

This unit is built for users who weigh up to 300 lbs. and has 2 sets of handlebars, one of which is static with built in heart rate sensors on the grips.

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Nautilus E614 Elliptical Trainer

Designed for comfort as well as performance, this is a mid-priced elliptical trainer that offers many of the same features that the Schwinn 430 has. They have the same number of resistance levels, as well as the number of training programs available. Both units also offer the same 20 inch long strides.

The E614 offers 9 profile workouts, 8 heart rate programs and a couple of fitness tests along with custom and quick start modules. This allows you to switch between different types of training to mix up your routine as well as make more gains.

It also offers a sealed acoustic audio speaker system for keeping yourself entertained while your workout. A 3 speed fan also lets you cool down.

We also like the additional interactive features that Nautilus has added this elliptical. These include the Nautilus Connect which allows you to track and monitor your progress and performance. And then there’s also the ability to use the data with MyFitnessPal.

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Nautilus E616 Elliptical Trainer

Equipped with the most built-in workouts programs, 29 in all, and also the most levels of resistance at 25, the E616 is hard to beat if your priority is to be able to experience a wide range of training routines as well as intensity levels. The motorized incline mechanism also saves you having to get off the foot pedals and adjust the elevation angle. In all you can select between 0 to 11% adjustment in the ramp incline.

This treadmill also has the interactive features present in the E614, like the Nautilus Connect website and ability to interface with the MyFitnessPal nutrition app. One extra feature that makes this connectivity better is the presence of a Bluetooth, which isn’t available on the E616. This allows you to transfer your workout data much easier to your digital devices.

Measuring 71.5 inches long by 26.7 inches wide and 63.2 inches high, the device weighs a hefty 173 lbs. which represents the quality frame and components that are used to construct it. The sturdy construction allows it to be very stable even when you do high intensity workouts.

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Horizon Fitness EX-69-2 Elliptical Trainer

Rounding out our best home ellipticals is the EX-69-9 from Horizon Fitness. This is another solid unit that runs on a good sized flywheel. The flywheel allows it provide users with smooth striding motion that’s quiet as well.

One feature that we like is the low step on height of the foot pads. At 10 inches it makes steeping on the machine as well as getting off of it easier. The low foot pad height also allows you to use it where some of the other similar machines won’t fit due to the ceiling not being high enough. The EX-69-2 fits 7 foot ceilings as long as you’re not over 6′ tall.

Like those above, it comes with a length 20 inch stride which allows you to use your natural walking or running strides when using the device. Where it does differ is the number of programs (10) as well as the resistance levels (20) and its 5 manual incline settings.

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