Best Electric Pole Saw Reviews

When your tree has branches that need to be cut that you cannot reach with a regular pruning saw, then the best electric pole saw may be your answer.

This saves you the money of having to call in a professional to do it, specially if there are only a couple or so trees that need to be pruned.

This is also very handy as it eliminates the need for you to get up a ladder with your chainsaw and cutting it down. Not to mention the risks that are involved with using a large power saw on top of a ladder.

Our Picks

Below is a list of our top picks when it comes to electric pole saws. We’ve also included reviews of the products underneath to give you more information about them.

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What is an Electric Pole Saw?

Pole saws are an extension of the pruning saw. The most basic type are manual pole saws. These are basically long poles that have a pruning saw at the end attached to them. What you do is hold the end of the pole and position the saw blade on the limbs you want cut off. Then start sawing.

Electric pole saws take the manual sawing out of the picture. This saves you the effort of having to pull the pole back and forth over and over when pruning branches.


Construction of this Power Tool

In terms of construction, instead of having a pruning saw on the end of the pole, electric pole saws allow you to attach, and in most cases detach a small electric chainsaw to it. This small chainsaw usually comes with a 6 to 10 inch long bar making it capable of cutting small branches and limbs.

This makes the process much easier since all you do is turn on the electric pole saw, position the chain saw on the limb you want to cut and let it do the work.

Today, there are corded and cordless models available. The cordless electric pole saws allow you to free yourself from having to use an extension cord or a power socket nearby, though they don’t pack as much power as the corded units.


Best Electric Pole Saw Reviews

Remington RM1015SPS Branch Wizard Pro

We kick off our top electric pole saw reviews with the Remington RM1015SPS. If you are looking for something that offers you a good balance of size and affordability, then this branch cutting power tool is a good choice.

It comes with a mini 10 inch chainsaw that you can attach to the end of the pole to prune larger branches. Remember when doing so, make sure to prepare the area first by clearing out everything from under it so the any limbs or branches that fall don’t hit any people or objects.

The added bonus here is that the electric chain saw portion of this pole saw can be detached which is why Remington calls it a 2 in 1 pole saw combo tool. When you have wood on the ground you want to take care of, you can use the 8 amp chain saw on its own without the pole.

All in, the pole measures 10 feet in length and is adjustable with a secure lock that keeps it in place once you’ve found the proper length for that particular job. This ensures that it stays locked in that length and not give way as you to the job.


Sun Joe SWJ800E 8-Inch Electric Pole Chain Saw

Now if you don’t need as large a saw as the Remington mentioned this SunJoe offering comes with a medium sized 8 inch chain.

The smaller top makes it less front heavy and easier to handle and control. It also makes it lighter to carry with you. This can make a difference if you have a large backyard.

Apart from size and weight, the other difference this SunJoe SWJ800E has with the Remington Branch Wizard Pro just mentioned above is this is strictly a pole saw.

The trigger of the saw is located down in the handle and the saw is installed in place on the top end of the pole. This means it won’t allow you to use the chainsaw end separate from the pole. This makes this item ideal for those who specifically want to use it for pruning branches.

The overall length lets you get up 15 inches high making it able to reach most areas you need to take care of. At $75, this is the cheapest electric pole saw in our reviews.


Earthwise 8-Inch Electric 2-in-1 Convertible Chain Saw/Pole Saw, Model CVPS41008

If you want something that’s in the same range as the SunJoe offering above, but prefer to have the versatility of being able to use the chain saw on its own without the pole, this Earthwise combination saw is one of the best options around.

This is another corded electric pole saw that uses a stable fiberglass pole. Together with the saw attached, it measures close to 10 feet in length giving you an extension of around 15 feet or a little more in terms of reach.

Of course this depends on how tall you are as well as how long your reach is.

The build of the pole allows it to be light in weight so you can easily control it. An extra add on that helps is that the saw comes with a button that allows you to adjust the cutting angle. In all you can switch between 3 different tilting positions for the blade. This lets you adjust as needed to make the job easier.


Best Cordless Electric Pole Saw

BLACK+DECKER LPP120 Cordless Pole Saw

Our reviews and picks above all included corded electric versions. These are great and definitely beat having to manually saw off any branches. But sometimes the limitations that the cord brings can be a hassle.

Here’s where the LPP120 from Black and Decker comes in. This is a cordless model that runs on a 20 volt battery.

On a full charge it is rated to cut around 100 branches. This is based on pine branches that are 1.5 inches thick.

The lithium ion battery gives you the freedom of not having to use power cord, or extension. It’s definitely more ideal if you have a huge backyard.

The pole shortens to 6.5 feet and can be extended up to 10 feet in full. The LPP12 is built for branches that are as thick as 6 inches in diameter give then the 8 inch long bar of the saw.