Best Dog Food for Dogs with Sensitive Stomachs


Much like humans, many pets are born with allergies, intolerances and sensitivities. Also, as they age, their digestive system isn’t as efficient, which means they need food that’s easier to break down and absorb. The best dog food for dogs with sensitive stomachs helps a lot in preventing tummy aches and discomfort.

Indigestion, bloating, gas and irritation are just a few digestive issues that dogs can experience. When this happens, they feel a lot of discomfort, can be nauseous, vomit, and have constipation or diarrhea.

To avoid these situations, accidents and messes, sensitive stomach dog food helps a lot.

What We Recommend

Our list below is a quick look at the products that are gentle on your dog’s gut. They don’t contain allergens as well as ingredients that can irritate your pet’s digestive system. Plus, they include limited number of ingredients to make digestion and absorption easier.

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Best Sensitive Stomach Dog Food Reviews

AvoDerm Natural Chicken Meal and Brown Rice Formula Adult Dog Food

Very similar to people, when dogs do suffer from gastrointestinal distress or discomfort, a simple diet is ideal. The lesser the ingredients, and the more natural they are the better.

One of the best dog food for dogs with sensitive stomachs is this product because it sticks to the basics. It does however, contain the proper nutrition so that your pet gets the right amounts of what’s important. And none of the extras or unnecessary ones.

AvoDerm’s Natural Chicken Meal and Brown Rice Dog Food contains protein as the main ingredient. It is free of wheat, corn, soy and animal by-products. These are some of the most common ingredients that can irritate a dos that has a sensitive stomach.

By eliminating them from the list of ingredients you also remove the risk of vomiting, diarrhea or stomach aches or bloating.

We like the fact that this dog food blend is all natural. Plus it offers the highest quality ingredients. It contains avocado which is a great for maintaining a healthy skin and coat, as well as improving overall health.

It also contains vitamins A, C and E along with B6 and folate. These are some of the vitamins dogs need to stay healthy. This formula also has antioxidants, which help to keep your dog healthy and vibrant.

This AvoDerm food offering is made to have the right balance of nutrients. And, it has a mild and easy to digest formula. This reduces the amount of work the stomach and intestines need to do to break down and absorb the food. And because of this, it cuts down irritation by a significant amount.

The features just mentioned makes this product a great option for dogs who can’t tolerate richer foods. Or, those that are on a special diet to avoid things like wheat and corn. It can also help eliminate various digestive issues.


Wellness Simple Natural Limited Ingredient Dry Dog Food

As mentioned earlier in our reviews, when stomach or digestive issues happen, it is often best to reduce the ingredients in meals. This is what the Wellness Natural Pet Food company does this this formula.

The Wellness Simple Natural dog food is grain free and has a small number of ingredients. This food is 100% natural so you don’t get additives or preservatives that are common culprits of stomach irritation.

The blend also contains flaxseed which works to help support a healthy coat and skin. Along with that, this dry dog food comes with gut healthy prebiotics and probiotics. These 2 food elements are known to be a great help for dogs with digestive issues. And not just for people.

The simple, balanced formula is suitable for all breeds. And, it is great for even the most sensitive stomachs. Aside from having all natural ingredients, another reason for this is that it contains no meat byproducts, soy, wheat or corn. It is also free of artificial colors and flavors.

This makes it perfect for any pet that has issues with allergies, food sensitivities, intolerances of certain ingredients and others.

Wellness’ Simple Natural blend is made from a single source of protein along with added carbohydrates that are easily digested.


Blue Buffalo Basics Limited-Ingredient Dry Adult Dog Food

This is another product that comes with a limited ingredient formula. This, along with its lean protein source and grain free recipe make it among our top picks in our sensitive stomach dog food reviews.

This Blue Buffalo Company offering is its Basics blend. By basics, it offers a simple formula dog food that is easily digestible for sensitive stomachs.

The formula is made from a limited number to ingredients. This feature has been shown by research to be very effective for dogs with intolerances to certain foods.

It contains a blend of veggies along with healthy protein. This way, even with fewer ingredients, you still get the essential ones to make sure your dog gets the proper nutrition they need.

This not only offers pets the proper nutrition but also aids with the digestive process. The fewer, whole food ingredients, make it easier for their sensitive stomachs to digest. This eliminates the messes or throw ups that often happen when they eat the wrong food or ingredients.

Blue Buffalo Basics is free of corn, wheat, soy, animal by-products, dairy and eggs. The protein comes from one source that is deemed to be very beneficial for dogs who have difficulty digesting certain foods.

Also, there are carbohydrates in the blend that are also easily digested. These carbs are needed to offer nutrients to benefit your dog’s overall health.


Hill’s Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin Dry Dog Food

This Hill’s Science Diet offering is a formulated for dogs with sensitivities to certain foods. This Sensitive Stomach and Dry skin blend contains nutrients that are easily absorbed to help with digestion.

It also helps build lean muscle and prevent excessive weight gain. These are some of the things we all want to achieve with our pets. This way they can enjoy good health and long life.

This mixture contains chicken, whole grains and vitamins. All on which work to help improve your dog’s health. The product is also free of artificial colors, artificial flavors and preservatives.

Hill’s Science Diet does hold a standard higher than the industry to ensure that the ingredients in their products are of the highest quality. As evidence to that, this dog food is all natural and contains no chicken by-product meal.

The gentle protein and carbohydrate combination in this blend is great for dogs who’ve had difficulty digesting foods with other ingredients. All the while, it is gentle on the digestive tract.

This makes it a great choice for helping dogs feel better overall and have more energy.